What is PDR Section? What Do Graduates Do?

Tercih 2021

Tercih 2021

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PDR department is an undergraduate in Turkish-Mathematics, that is, EA (Equal Weight) score type and has 4 years of education at universities. But in which areas do the individuals studying in this department gain expertise and why do you think they prefer this department? The answer is in our article. Here is the “What is the PDR Department?” with all the curious ones. We researched for you.

What is PDR Section?

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The PDR department, which stands for “Psychological Counseling and Guidance”, is a department that trains psychological counselors. In this context, individuals are given theoretical and practical training to meet their academic, professional, personal and social needs during their 4-year university education. The aim is to train specialists who can offer psychological help to people.
Guidance education took place as an independent course in Gazi Education Institute in 1953 for the first time in our country. Therefore, it is known that the foundations of the PCG department were laid in these years.

How Many Years is the Training Period of the PDR Department?

The PCG department, which accepts students from Equal Weight base points, is taught in universities for 4 years. In the first 2 years, basic course training is given in the department, and in the next two years, there are courses in which more detailed and practical training is provided. However, in some schools, due to the fact that the undergraduate language is English, 1 year of compulsory preparatory school can be given and the education period can be increased to 5 years. Individuals who graduate from the department also receive the title of “psychological counseling and guidance teacher”.

What are the PDR Department Courses?

The courses taken by the students studying in this department during their undergraduate education are as follows:
● Introduction to Psychology
● Developmental Psychology
● Physiological Psychology
● Introduction to Educational Science
● Learning Psychology
● Social Psychology
● Social Anthropology
● Psychopathology
● Resource Scanning and Report Writing
● Human Relations and Communication
● Counseling Principles and Techniques
● Professional Ethics and Legal Issues
● Statistics
● History of Science
● Special Education
● Measurement and Evaluation
● Vocational Guidance and Counseling
Apart from these basic trainings, elective courses are also offered to the students.

What Do PDR Graduates Do?

The aim of the department is to enable graduates to take place in society as psychological counselors and to provide services for this purpose. For this reason, we can say that the graduates of the department help adults and especially children in developmental age in their mental development. In this way, it is possible to say that PCG experts actually serve in society as a guide in the psychological distress and incompatibility of the people in question.

How Much Salary Do PDR Graduates Get?

PDR graduates can work in the private sector or government institutions with the title of “guidance teacher”. In this case, there is also a change in the amount of salary. We can say that a teacher working in a public school is paid about 5,000 to 6,000 TL. In the specialization studies carried out in private institutions, this figure varies between 3,000 and 8,000 TL. The expertise and experience of the person have an important place in PDR expertise, as in every business line.

What are the differences between PDR and Psychology Department?

of PDR psychology department The biggest difference between the training and education is the training of a counselor, not a psychologist. For this reason, we can say that the PDR department is included in the faculty of education.

What are the Challenges of the PDR Department?

It is known that memorization skills are frequently used throughout the department, due to the fact that verbal lessons are predominant. For this reason, those who do not like to memorize may suffer from this problem while reading the PDR section. On the other hand, the appointment process of graduates can be problematic. Unfortunately, one of the biggest disadvantages of the department is that individuals outside the field can also be appointed as guidance counselors. However, we still recommend you to improve yourself without despair. Remember that there is no reason why you should not be ahead of your competitors with your knowledge and expertise. ?

Who Can Succeed in the PDR Department?

Although the ability to read mathematical statistics and graphs is important, we can say that it is a type of undergraduate course with an emphasis on verbal course quality for the PCG department. For this reason, it is obvious that people with developed verbal intelligence for the department can be successful in this field. On the other hand, individuals who always love to read, research, learn and explore new things will definitely be successful in the PCR department. In summary, we think that the profession is quite suitable for people who both love to read and write and have developed the ability to understand, deal with and problem solve human psychology.

What are the Job Opportunities of the PDR Department?

PDR graduates can work in the fields listed below as “guidance teachers”;
● Schools affiliated to the Ministry of National Education
● Private education institutions
● MEB Guidance and Research Centers
In addition, with the titles of “psychological counselor” and “psychotherapist”
● In Private Psychological Counseling Centers
● At the Police Academy
● Police Colleges Psychological Counseling Centers
● Guidance and Counseling Offices
● In Children’s Branches and Offices
they can work. In addition, they can find employment opportunities in private companies as “human resources specialist”, “career and management consultant” and “educational consultant”. It is also possible for them to become academics if they wish.

What are the Foreign Opportunities of the PDR Department?

Unfortunately, the graduates of the PDR department cannot find a job opportunity in Europe, since equivalence is not achieved with their diplomas. However, this is not the case in America. At this point, if you are aiming for a career abroad, especially in Europe, you should choose the application programs for master’s degree. You can find detailed information about some schools abroad that offer Psychological Counseling Graduate Education Programs. from here you can reach.

In Which Fields Can PDR Graduates Specialize?

PDR graduates can obtain expertise in various fields according to the graduate departments they prefer. These; In general, there may be fields such as clinical psychology, educational psychology, social psychology, industrial and organizational psychology, health psychology, sports psychology, counseling psychology, developmental psychology and special education.

What is the Future of PDR Department?

We can say that the future of the PCG department is clear, as it includes many employments in both private and MEB-affiliated institutions. In addition, the fact that there are graduate opportunities abroad shows the PDR department among the preferred departments. In addition, as research on human psychology, individuals’ relationships with society and their behavior in society continue to be important, we think that there will always be a need for psychological counselors and mentors.
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