What is Business Administration? What Do Graduates Do?

Tercih 2021

Tercih 2021

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The Department of Business Administration is one of the most preferred license types in Turkey. What makes the department so popular is, of course, that it includes training for many professions. The department, which started education in Turkish territory for the first time in 1883 under the name of Hamidiye Commercial School, later turned into Marmara University Faculty of Business Administration. Then, the Faculty of Business Administration was established at Istanbul University in 1936 and the trainings continued until today. You can read what you wonder about this section, which dates back to the Ottoman period, in this article.

What is Business Administration?

business department
The department of business administration is a type of license in which individuals who have the ability to coordinate the accounting, marketing, production and management units of the companies are trained. Every sector and every company from A to Z needs an operator. In the light of the training it provides, this section aims to train operators. It has become one of the most preferred departments of today, as it is a profession with a wide range of influence.

How Many Years is the Education of the Department of Business Administration?

The department of business administration provides a 4-year undergraduate education. This period can be extended up to 5 years in universities with 1 year of compulsory preparation. In addition, students who study for 4 years are expected to complete their internship training during this period. The department accepts students from the Turkish-Mathematics field, that is, equal weight type.

What are Business Administration Courses?

The main courses taken in the department are:
● Basic Concepts of Law
● Introduction to Economics,
● General Business,
● Financial Accounting,
● Law of Obligations,
● Scientific Research and Report Writing,
● Computer Laboratory,
● Microeconomics,
● Statistics,
● Business Management,
● Organizational Design,
● Cost Accounting,
● Human Resources Management,
● Turkish Tax System,
● Marketing Principles,
● Production Management,
● International Business,
● Marketing Management,
● Linear Programming,
Management Information Systems ,
● Financial Statements Analysis,
● Capital Markets,
● Strategic Management
Apart from these courses above, students also take departmental elective courses. Courses such as Turkish, mathematics and history of revolution are also taught in the department.

What Do Business Administration Graduates Do?

The purpose of the Department of Business Administration is to train operators who can have a say in accounting, management, marketing and even human resources management of all companies in the business world. In line with this purpose, we can say that graduates of business administration can assign roles to themselves in many departments of companies. Operators aiming to make their institution stand out from their competitors can work in departments such as management, finance, marketing and human resources in public and private sector organizations.

How Much Salary Do Civil Engineering Graduates Get?

A Civil Engineer who starts working in the public sector starts with an average of 6500 liras. The higher the experience, the higher the salary. According to current data, a 25-year Civil Engineer working in the public sector receives a salary of 7500 TL.
With the agreement signed between SGK and TMMOB, engineers and architects working in the private sector should receive a salary of at least 3950 lira. However, bosses who do not comply with this agreement in the private sector employ engineers with salaries below or below the minimum wage.

How Much Salary Do Graduates of Business Administration Get?

Since the graduates of the department of business administration can work in many different fields in the public and private sectors, there is no clear salary range. However, we can say that the salaries of new graduates in the private sector are generally kept within the minimum wage level. The average salary scale is;
● 13 thousand in bank manager position,
● 4 thousand TL in the position of marketing specialist,
● 7 thousand TL in the position of marketing manager,
● 5 thousand TL in tax auditor position,
● 9 thousand TL for audit manager position,
● 4 thousand TL in sales specialist position,
● 7 thousand TL in sales manager position,
● In the position of business development manager, approximately 8 thousand
was recorded as.

What are the Challenges of Business Administration?

The department of business administration is one of the most preferred departments because it is a profession with a wide range of work. For this reason, the wide quota of our country’s universities and the high number of graduates from the management department increase the competition for qualified personnel. We recommend that individuals who will choose the department should develop themselves in subjects such as education and foreign language, and not be content with only undergraduate education.

Who Can Succeed in Business Administration?

The Department of Business Administration is a department that requires numerical intelligence as it is a department that accepts students from the field of Turkish-Mathematics and includes extensive accounting courses throughout the undergraduate degree. For this reason, people with advanced numerical intelligence will definitely be successful in the department. On the other hand, success in the department will be inevitable for those who have high persuasiveness, analytical thinking ability, and can closely follow the developments in the world and keep up with them.

What are the Job Opportunities of the Business Administration Department?

Graduates of the Department of Business Administration can work in many different departments in the public and private sectors, as we have mentioned before. Accordingly, in the private sector;
● Business management,
● Banker,
● Marketing management,
● Business development specialist,
● Business development manager,
● Brand ambassador,
● Sales specialist,
● Sales manager,
● Finance director,
● Accountant,
● Human resources officer/manager
while working in positions; they can work in public institutions such as district governorships, state tax offices, central bank and ministry of treasury and finance. Let’s just say that there is a KPSS exam requirement for working in the public sector.

What are the Foreign Opportunities of the Department of Business Administration?

For individuals who want to study business administration, they can study at very reputable schools in Europe. It is also possible for them to attend graduate programs in Europe. On the other hand, students studying in Turkey can choose their compulsory internship in companies abroad. Let’s also say that universities in Turkey offer the chance to study at universities in Europe within the scope of the Erasmus program. Do not forget that evaluating such alternatives will also help you improve your foreign language.

In Which Fields Can Graduates of Business Administration Specialize?

Graduates of business administration can rise to managerial positions in the private sector. In addition, individuals with entrepreneurial ideas can open their own businesses. On the other hand, people who take the KPSS exam and get a good grade can get a chance to be employed in the ministry of treasury and finance.

What is the Future of Business Administration?

The business department, whose general purpose is to guide the operation of companies, is one of the departments whose future will never be extinguished due to its wide working areas. For this reason, as businesses continue to be established around the world, successful operators will always be needed.
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