Tesla’s Phobias and Routines

“Money does not have the value that people set for itself. All my money is invested in experiments. With these, I make new discoveries and make people’s lives a little easier.”

This quote belongs to Nikola Tesla, the man to whom we owe our modern world, who introduced worldwide wireless energy, alternating current, remote control and the seeds of many ingenious ideas to humanity. As you can guess from his word, he is a personality who is devoted to humanity rather than turning his inventions into commercial value. I wanted to compile some aspects of Tesla that have not come to light.

Although he was perfectly human, he had many problems with humanity. He was romantic, but there was no room for love in his life. He even said a sentence on this subject:

“I don’t think there is any excitement for an inventor beyond seeing a fabrication of his brain succeed. Such feelings make one forget about food, sleep, friends, love, everything. It’s actually a pity because sometimes we feel very lonely.”
Nearly all minds belonging to the most important thinkers of our time have attachments. Tesla also had a few obsessions. He was an oddball with his disturbing, persistent obsessions. He had a lot of weird phobias, routines, and lots of prohibitions that kept him away from people. I want to share a few of them with you.
His first major obsession was finishing what he started. When he died, he did not leave any work unfinished, and whatever he started, he had to end for good or bad.

Secondly, Tesla had a different interest in the numbers 3, 6 and 9. 

He would put everything in his life equal to 3 and multiples of 3.

“If you only knew the glory of 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key in the universe.”
Everything he did should have been divisible by three.

If he was staying at a hotel, the hotel number had to be a multiple of three.
He used to clean his dishes with 18 napkins.

Before entering a building, they would circle the building 3 times.
In his younger days, he swam in the mornings and always made 27 laps because 27 was divisible by 3.
Tesla did calculations about things in the immediate vicinity, but based his decisions on results to make sure the result could be considered by the 3. That’s why he used to do everything in sets of 3.
Apart from these, he also had different phobias;
He hates jewels that shine like crystals, diamonds and pearls; The woman couldn’t bear the idea of touching human hair to see her earrings.
As he walked, he counted his steps, calculated the cubic particles of the soup bowl, the coffee cup, the food.
He was afraid of germs and felt he had to wash his hands constantly.

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