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Not everything goes as it started. When world-famous brands were at the beginning of their business life, they were dealing with the production of other products, not the products they are famous for today.

If you believe that world-famous brands hit the volley with their first products, you are wrong! There is no entrepreneurial adventure that ends up with a grandiose victory in a single attempt.

Business ideas are tested when they first hit the market, they fail, they evolve and gain a permanent place in the market thanks to the foresight of entrepreneurs. This is why failures are hidden at the beginning of every successful entrepreneurship story. While some of the entrepreneurs who take the step to start a business and work with all their might, excel in a short time, some need to put more effort. When you put in enough effort and the business idea is developed, the chances of success increase.

If you also act with the spirit of entrepreneurship and experience disappointing experiences from time to time, in this article, you can learn about the first products of world-famous brands and the difficulties experienced by today’s biggest brands when they launched their first products.

From electric rice cooker to airplane engine; from player cards to baby food; Let’s take a look at a journey from kitchen tools to steel bars and the surprising results of this journey.

BMW Was Producing Aircraft Engines

Today, BMW is one of the most preferred brands with its quality and prestige offered to its customers; He did not begin his commercial activities by producing cars. When the name BMW was first heard, this brand was producing aircraft engines. The brand, which has changed direction in line with the demands over time, is among the most admired car brands today.

Nintendo / Hanafuda Player Cards

Nintendo, the owner of the most played games in the world such as Mario, The Legend of Zelda and Pokemon, was producing Hanafuda player cards in 1889 when it was founded. Player cards produced by Nintendo, a Japan-based company, were very popular, especially among organized crime gangs. Now, the change of the company is obvious!

NESTLE / Baby Food

Nestle’s first product, which today has many products from candy to dog food, was baby food. Baby formula, which was easily digested and launched as an alternative to breast milk in 1867, broke sales records in a short time. Continuing to develop its product range in line with consumer needs, the company succeeded in becoming one of the largest food companies in the world.

Avon / Book

The Avon brand is now one of the most famous cosmetics brands in the world, and in the years it was founded, Avon was a brand that sold books. The founder of the Avon brand, David H. McConnell, started to present perfumes to the customers with whom he sold books, and then you know; The popularity of perfumes managed to surpass the books. In the following years, Avon entered the cosmetics industry. Currently, Avon with its quality products and reasonable price policy; It is one of the most loved cosmetic brands, especially by women.

Motorola / Car Radio

Motorola, which is one of the most preferred brands with its technology and mobile phones, was producing car radios in the first years of its establishment. The company, which produced radio from 1947 to 1973, succeeded in laying the foundations of the mobile phone in 1973.

Peugeot / Steel Products and Kitchen Appliances

Peugeot, which was founded in 1810 when the brothers Jean Pierre and Jean Federic entered the metal business, was a brand that produced saw blades, chisels, springs for clock mechanisms, steel strips, sewing machines, wire wheels, grinders and steel rods in the first years. Continuing to produce the world’s first food processor, Peugimix, in the 1960s, the company started to produce automobiles in 1897.

Samsung / Television

Exporting dried fish, noodles and local products in Beijing and Manchuria before producing electronics, Samsung first started producing black and white televisions in 1970. Having managed to transform from a black and white television manufacturer to one of the world’s technology giants, Samsung has managed to increase its product range over time by privatizing its activities.

Sony / Electric Rice Rice Maker

Sony, one of the first brands that comes to mind when it comes to television, sound systems, cameras, mobile phones and storage products; When it was first established, it drew a very different company profile from today’s. Not getting the response he expected from the electric rice cooker caused Sony to change the industry and stepped into the world of electronics.

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