Leonardo Da Vinci’s Job Application Letter

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Dilara Avlupınar

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We all apply for jobs, sometimes with high hopes and sometimes knowing that they will not be accepted. However, in order to be accepted for a job, besides being very successful/experienced, how well we explain ourselves is also of great importance.
At the age of 30, Leonardo Da Vinci sends the Duke of Milan a job application letter listing his talents. The letter of Da Vinci, whom most people describe as a genius, is as follows;
“My Glorious Lord,
I’ve studied the opinions of self-proclaimed war machines, and I believe I have ideas that no one else has. With this letter, I would like to reveal my secrets in these matters to Your Excellency, and discuss with you one-on-one everything I have described below, at the most convenient place and time for you.
1) I have ideas for bridge construction that is very light and strong, suitable for transport, resistant to wars.
2) I know how to drain the water from the trenches during the siege, how to build an endless variety of bridges, how invisible, covered, ladders and other means can be made.
3) I have plans to destroy forts that cannot be destroyed by the barbarian because of its well-protected and location. Even if it is on a rock or similar hard ground…
4) I know how to make very useful and easily portable balls that rain small balls like hail. The smoke of these cannons will cause great damage and confusion to the enemy.
5) I know how to build weapons and ships that are very suitable for attack and defense in naval warfare.
6) I have secrets to silently open tunnels and passages underground.
7) I have ideas for closed vehicles that are resistant to attacks and reduce troop losses.
8) In case of need, I can produce different, effective and useful cannons and weapons, and produce light ammunition.
9) I can manufacture catapults, slings and many more different machines. In short, I can design all kinds of machines suitable for changing conditions.
10) In times of peace, I can help you at least as much as an architect in the construction of all kinds of buildings and the transportation of water.
11) I can make sculptures from marble, bronze or clay. I can also make special paintings to set myself apart from other painters.
12) I can duly carry out the work of the bronze horse that will cherish forever the cherished memory of your father, the Prince, and the fame and glory of the famous Sforza estate.
If any of the above-mentioned things seem impossible, I state that I am ready to try any place (park, etc.) that will please His Excellency. You can be sure that I have written what I have told you with great humility.
Leonardo da Vinci

With this letter, da Vinci managed to impress the Duke by emphasizing the aspects he needed rather than mentioning his past achievements and got the job.
You can get a more impressive look by focusing on explaining what you can do to your future bosses.

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