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We can say that the question of what is the profession of shipowner is asked to answer a very interesting profession. Many professions have their own characteristics in working life. In this sense, shipownership, which we will discuss now, is among the most interesting professions. The profession that enables trade to be carried out by sea and by sea is called shipownership. The first thing that can be said about the shipownership is that it is a working area provided over the sea. Shipowners operate on ships traveling over the sea. These ships are sometimes the property of the shipowners, and sometimes they belong to others.

In this direction, it is possible to say that shipowners do business as employers or investors. The maritime trade, which means mutual purchase and sale, is called maritime trade. The shipowner is the name given to the people who provide this trade process and conditions today. The trade of shipowners can be in any direction. This can be within the country or in the form of transcontinental journeys. The conditions that make a difference here often depend on the volume of the ship owner. Its volume, on the other hand, depends on the size of the company and the capacity of the ships.

What are the Work Obligations and Duties of the Shipowner Profession?

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Perhaps the most important condition in commercial transactions is that the trade is carried out completely and on the basis of mutual trust. Within the scope of the question of what is the profession of shipowner, we will try to focus on the business obligations of the profession. First of all, we need to state that the profession of shipowner also requires reliable trade. The most important condition is that the ships carried by the shipowner over the sea arrive at the ports safely and safely. Within the scope of the work carried out by the shipowner, it is the most desired phenomenon for the goods and cargo ships to anchor without any problems.

Of course, this situation brings with it certain bureaucratic obligations. First of all, it is necessary to ensure that the customs and writing works about the cargoes to be transported are complete. It is necessary to have comprehensive knowledge of the definition of the cargo carried, what it is and why it will be used. Information should also be obtained from the companies from which the cargoes are taken. In order to prevent the emergence of any negative situation, all illegal practices should be avoided. It is necessary to coordinate with the port security and management during the transportation of the transported cargoes to the ports.

What are the Shipowner’s Responsibilities to his Ship?

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The priority of every shipowner is undoubtedly his own ship. It is not even sincere for a shipowner who is responsible to his ship to be successful. A shipowner who is responsible for his ship has various obligations. Among these, issues such as ship crew and ship maintenance come to the fore. Trade transactions of shipowners can sometimes reveal long-term journeys. These voyages can be intercontinental sea voyages that take months. In this sense, the crew on board should be trained and qualified in the best way possible.

In addition, the crew’s health checks and inspections must also be provided in full. Otherwise, undesirable health problems may occur and commercial transactions may be left unfinished. Fulfilling the most basic needs of the ship is among the most important duties. Regularly subjecting the ship to fuel control is one of them. Likewise, it is very important to supply water to the ship. Frequent and regular maintenance of the ship before each voyage is essential. It is the duty of the shipowner to pay the wages of the ship’s employees in a timely and complete manner.

What are the Requirements for Being a Shipowner?


The best answer that can be given to the question of what is the profession of shipowner is undoubtedly to know the sea conditions of the trade well. It is not even sincere for a shipowner who knows the trade well and who is foresighted to be successful. A shipowner who is an expert in maritime trade can do his job in the best way. This situation also brings legal knowledge and maritime knowledge.

In this sense, there is no need to be a university graduate directly in order to be a shipowner. Today, major universities have faculties providing education on maritime. Along with these departments, getting trade education will be beneficial for becoming a shipowner.

Of course, perhaps the most important prerequisite for being a shipowner is to have a sufficient level of capital. A ship owner with capital can own his own ship. In this way, he can start maritime trade at the level he wants and depending on the volume of capital. The second step of becoming a shipowner is to develop the network. Successful relations established after the capital will significantly affect the commercial future of the shipowner. If these conditions are met, you can easily fulfill the profession of shipowner.

What is the Profit of Shipowner Profession?


One of the most curious answers to the question of what is the profession of shipowner is undoubtedly their earnings. To be able to perform this profession requires sufficient capital accumulation. In the same way, let’s say that their earnings are like this. Shipowners are not affiliated with any institution, structure or company. For this reason, the owner of his own business has the characteristic of being a profession.

They establish their own companies for maritime trade and transportation. They start to organize commercial expeditions through these companies. This requires a very large team and working environment. There are no standard salaries as the number of employees is quite maximum and ships are traded.

Income is obtained according to the profit balance resulting from commercial transactions. In this sense, it is possible to say that the shipowner earns income as a result of his successful commercial voyages. There are many variables such as number of ships, number and intensity of voyages, and qualified crew. Depending on these variables, the income of the shipowner may vary. There is no average income. However, a small-scale shipowner can earn an income in the band of 3 thousand dollars, while large-scale ones can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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