What is Complex Problem Solving Skill? Hear Insights: 10 Skills You Must Have

Philippe Dumas

Philippe Dumas

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It is possible for employees to identify the current needs of the business world and adapt to these needs, albeit slightly. However, it is not easy to understand the needs of the next 5 years and to be competent enough to respond to all of these needs to a large extent.
So what skills do you need to be successful? We have compiled the results of the world’s leading education institutions, talent experts and research companies for you.

1) Complex Problem Solving

Since we begin to think, we encounter problems related to our emotions and social life and try to solve them. Over time, our ability to perceive anything as a problem and offer a solution develops. The development of this ability will also help us significantly in business life. But not ordinary problems, but complex problems that consume companies’ time and energy for long periods of time are increasing day by day. So look to update your problem solving ability as “complex problem solving ability”.

2) Analysis and Critical Thinking

At the point of analyzing a problem, it is necessary to ask the right questions and see the real problems behind the problems. Critical thinking is; It is defined as combining logic and rationality, recognizing strengths and weaknesses, and finding alternative methods that can solve the problem. The ability to think critically is said to play a critical role. 🙂

3) Management Skills

In the future of the business world, managers who successfully manage their employees in all aspects, develop their skills and increase their personal competencies and skills so that companies can reach the goals they have set, will be able to achieve long-term, lasting success.

4) Creativity

The avalanche growth of creative industries by integrating with technology increases the need for creative thinking and creative thinking brain day by day. Keep doing whatever fuels your creativity and train your brain to think more creatively.

5) Design Thinking

This topic is not about being a designer. Design thinking can be applied in all creative industries, from literature to art, science to engineering, business to music.

You must have developed this technical “Design Thinking” competence in order to solve the problems that exist in our designs, businesses, cities, countries and lives with a creative and innovative approach.

6) Emotional Intelligence

In the developing world, being able to interpret the emotions of the people around you correctly and controlling your own emotions is one of the most important points in successful communication and leadership. Having an empathic mindset and improving your emotional intelligence; According to experts, it is one of the skills to be valued.

7) Evaluation and Decision Making

One of the stages that slows down the processes in business life is the evaluation and decision-making stages. In this age where companies change and transform, taking initiative and acting quickly in evaluation and decision-making often takes you a few steps ahead. Get away from the thoughts that cause you to be indecisive and specialize yourself in these issues.

8) Negotiation Skill

Negotiation is an important skill sought in a wide variety of professions, from lawyers to politicians, particularly in sales and marketing. The importance given to acquiring negotiation skills and the efforts you will make to learn the science of negotiation will have very important effects on your career.

9) New Media Literacy

Digital literacy, that is, new media literacy; means being able to access the data in real and virtual environment correctly for the desired purpose and to use it efficiently with the right method. In business life, it becomes an important criterion to have experienced new media not on the consumer side, but on the researcher and producer side.

10) International Communication and World Citizenship

In whichever field you want to be successful, imagine yourself with important names who have been successful in that field around the world. Because transportation and interaction between countries will reach important points. Therefore, if your foreign language and especially your English is good, the opportunities in front of you will be multiplied by five.
You can start taking important steps to become a world citizen now. Keep improving your foreign language continuously and enrich your intercultural perspective.

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