What is a Green Card? How to Apply? When is the draw?

A Green Card is a lifetime official document issued by the United States to non-US citizens. This document provides both residence and work permits in the USA. Permanent Resident Card, as it is called in the official document, shows the immigration status of the person. In this article, you can find answers to all questions such as what is a Green Card, how to apply, what are the application methods and conditions, when the application dates are, how to draw a Green Card, what should the winners do.

What is a Green Card?


We can collect the visas we get to come to America under two types. The first of these visas is Non-Immigrant, that is, the visa given to non-immigrant people. If you are coming to America as a tourist, if you are going to be in the USA for a temporary job, that is, if your aim is not to immigrate to the USA, the visa you get is a “Non-Immigrant” visa.

If you want to come to America as an immigrant, that is, if your aim is to move to America permanently, you need to get an “Immigrant”, that is, an immigrant visa. Permanent Resident Card, known as the Green Card or Permanent Resident Card, United States, which gives you the right to reside and work in the United States as an immigrant under the Immigration Act, and is forwarded to you as proof of this right. is the name of the official document.

How to Apply for a Green Card?

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Individuals who want to have a Green Card should first obtain sufficient information about this card, analyze the returns and charges of this card and decide whether it is suitable for themselves. Then, after checking whether they meet the necessary conditions, they can apply by taking only two minutes from the official website of the United States Immigration Bureau ( dvprogram.state.gov ). After the application is completed, a confirmation number is given to the individuals. This approval number should be well kept because later it is checked with this approval number whether it has been earned or not.

What are the Green Card Application Ways?

There are many different methods to apply for a Green Card. The first method was the draw. This card is generally recognized around the world by this lottery. Moreover, there are many people who think of the Green Card as a right that can only be won by lottery. Every year, approximately 55,000 people can win the card by participating in this lottery. The United States Department of State conducts this draw as part of the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program, the Diversity Immigrant Visa. In case of winning the lottery, the ministry invites for an interview and the official process is started. However, if the specified conditions are not met, even if the lottery is won, the other official stages that continue with the interview process cannot be passed and the application is cancelled.

Another way to get a Green Card is if one of your family members has a Green Card. This method affects the Green Card application process as follows. If your spouse or child under the age of 21 has a Green Card, your application process may take a very short time. If your siblings or your child over the age of 21 has a Green Card, you can still apply for a Green Card, but the application process may take a long time compared to the previous situation.

Another way to have a Green Card document for the right to live permanently in America is to apply through work. If you have extraordinary success in the arts, sciences, education or different business fields; You can apply for a card if you are a professor, doctor, researcher, manager or a good media worker in your country. Secondly, if you invest in the USA, you can apply for a Green Card. Investment amounts in America are quite high. The required minimum investment amount is one million dollars and the minimum investment amount for investment in the employment area targeted by the United States is five hundred thousand dollars. At the same time, recruiting employees for the business you have established in the USA is one of the conditions for those who will apply for a card by choosing this way.

Another way to get a Green Card is to apply for a protection card to the United States if you are subject to pressure, torture, and discrimination in your home country for reasons such as language, religion, race, nationality, political opinion, or membership of a social group. However, if you live in the United States, you can apply for a Green Card even if you have been exposed to crimes such as harassment and violence.

What are the Green Card Application Requirements?


• The United States of America announces the list of countries that are eligible to apply for the Green Card lottery every year. Turkey is also among the countries that have the right to apply for a Green Card. In other words, the first condition is that the country you live in is on the list announced by the American government.
• It is necessary to be at least 18 years old to apply.
• It is necessary to have a valid passport in order to apply.
• In order to be able to apply, it is necessary to be at least a high school graduate. If you do not meet this requirement, it is necessary to have at least 2 years of work experience in one of the fields of expertise determined by the American government in the last five years and to certify this experience.
• Applications must be made through the official website. Applications made by mail or by hand are not accepted. Applications made in this way are considered invalid and not evaluated.
• For the application, the photograph requested by the American government should be attached according to the dimensions given. Applications of many candidates are deemed invalid because they do not upload photos in accordance with the photo dimensions.
• English proficiency is not required for application. Although English is a requirement to earn and start living in America, the government does not make it a requirement for application.
• No fee is charged for the application. However, after winning the card, a certain budget must be allocated in order to go to America and start a new life there. This budget varies according to the number of family members of the individual and the time it takes to find a job when he goes to America.
• The chances of the applicant married couples to have this card are doubled because the spouse and children of the individual who wins this card also have the card.

When are the Green Card Application Dates?

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Applications will be officially made between 6 October 2021 and 9 November 2021. Since there are too many applications around the world and because of the system density, it is necessary not to delay the application in order not to miss the application and not be a victim. Each individual has the right to apply only once. All applications of individuals who are found to have more than one application are deemed invalid. Individuals who have applied for the Green Card lottery can check whether they have won this right or not, from the official website as of May.

What are the Current Passport Fees?

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Passport fees are repriced every year by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, based on annual inflation rates. Passport fee fees vary according to the desired period of use at the time of passport application, but the passport book fees are fixed every year and do not change according to the passport usage period. The current passport book price is 180.00 TL. In other words, the amount you will pay for the passport is determined by adding the passport usage fee you desire to the passport book fee.


Duration Fee Book Fee Total

6 Months 227.20 TL 180.00 TL 407.20 TL

1 Year 332.10 TL 180.00 TL 512.10 TL

2 Years 542.20 TL 180.00 TL 722.20 TL

3 Years 770.20 TL 180.00 TL 950.20 TL

4-10 Years 1085.40 TL 180.00 TL 1265.40 TL

Does Turkish Citizenship Lose After Having a Green Card?


Individuals who qualify for a Green Card may be eligible to apply for American citizenship after living in the United States for 5 years and not being involved in any crime. Individuals who have the card continue to have Turkish citizenship and can benefit from many of the rights that American citizens have by taking advantage of American citizenship.
Individuals who have a positive Green Card application result and who are entitled to apply through a lottery and who are card holders are required to have entered the US borders within at least 6 months. Individuals who have a Green Card have the right to settle in any part of America they wish. Even if they leave the United States, they must enter the United States at least once a year to maintain their rights.

How Much Money Should Individuals Who Are Eligible To Get Green Card Show In Their Account?


There is no official figure determined by the American Government regarding the amount of money that should be in the account. This amount varies according to the state visited. In fact, the main purpose of keeping a certain amount of money in the account is to have a certain amount of money in your account that will manage you until you find a job in the state you are going to and establish a settled order. In order not to be a victim in the process until you find a job, the American Government wants you to show your financial savings. This savings does not have to be in Turkish lira or dollars. It can be a car registered to you, or it can be a land or house whose deed belongs to you. You can also show such property or movable property as material savings.

What is the Percentage of Applicants from Turkey to Win a Green Card?


According to the data of the applicants from Turkey for the last 5 years, taken from the official website of the United States Department of State; While the number of applicants from Turkey was 137,146 in 2016, the number of winners was 1795 and there is a 1.3 percent probability of getting a card. While the number of applicants from Turkey was 170.370 in 2017, the number of winners was 2186 and there is a 1.2 percent probability of getting a card. While the number of applicants from Turkey was 204,729 in 2018, the number of winners was 4390 and there is a 2.1 percent probability of getting a card. While the number of applicants from Turkey was 188,579 in 2019, the number of winners is 2411 and there is a 1.2 percent probability of getting a card. While the number of applicants from Turkey is 220,271 in 2020, the number of winners is 2702 and there is a 1.2 percent probability of getting a card. While the number of applicants from Turkey is 128,743 in 2021, the number of winners is 2874 and the probability of getting a card is 2.2 percent. The reason for the decrease in the number of applications to Turkey in 2021 is the passport requirement for the Green Card application.

How to Make a Green Card Lottery?


All applications for the Green Card are collected at the Kentucky Consular Center at the first stage and divided into zones according to their passport number. In this process, which is carried out in a completely digital environment without human touch, the system then eliminates fake and incorrect applications. The winners from each region are determined by a completely random process. Winning individuals can reach the results from the official website of the United States Immigration Office with the confirmation number given during the application. The results are required to be followed by the individual applying for the Green Card, because no specific information is given to the winners.

What Should Individuals Eligible to Get a Green Card through Lottery Do?

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First of all, the DS260 form must be filled in completely. This form contains a lot of detailed information. The point that should not be missed is that the information you add to this form is absolutely correct and complete. If any information added to the form in this section is requested by the American government and you cannot provide proof of the accuracy of this information, you may lose your right to receive a Green Card. If there has been a change in your life after applying for a Green Card, you must state it on this form. For example, your marital status has changed with your marriage status or you have children. You must specify them on the DS260 form.

After you fill out the form completely, you will be sent an e-mail with all the required documents and detailed information. You must submit all required documents in full. A meeting date will then be sent by e-mail again. In case you do not attend the interview on the specified date, you can request a new interview, but you should also know that you have extended the process considerably. After the date of the interview is determined, you must take the originals of the documents requested by e-mail, your passport, your photograph and your health report, which you can only get from the doctors selected by the American Government from Turkey, to the interview.

Your health report will be given to you in a closed and sealed envelope. You should definitely go to the interview without opening this envelope. At the same time, you should take a printout of the confirmation page that opens after filling out the DS260 form to the interview. You must also deposit a visa fee of $330. Visa interviews are held at the Ankara Consulate and the health examination is also held in Ankara. When you go to the Green Card interview, it is not possible to get a Green Card right away, you are given a temporary visa card. Then the Green Card is delivered to the address you specified.

What are the Advantages and Privileges of Having a Green Card?

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  • Having a Green Card means the right to legally obtain permanent residence and work authorization anywhere in the United States.
  • The Green Card allows you to volunteer in the activities of a politician who shares your political views.
  • Compared to individuals with a work visa in the United States, Green Card holders have more job opportunities. While there are some restrictions only for individuals with a work visa, there are no such restrictions for Green Card holders.
  • Cardholders can benefit from legal services designated for the United States.
  • Cardholders have the freedom to travel outside the United States very quickly. While they can travel interstate, they do not have to inform any government agency. However, they can continue their lives in the state they want.
  • The right to a card is not a right that can be lost, even if there are changes in United States immigration law.
    What are the Disadvantages and Obligations of Having a Green Card?
  • Although you have the right to take part in political activities as a volunteer, which is one of the advantages of having a Green Card, you cannot vote in elections with a Green Card. In addition, it is not possible to hold an official position in any political party or political organ.
  • While having a card allows your family members to have this right, if you have a child outside the United States, the child born outside the borders of the United States cannot obtain citizenship immediately. Certain procedures must be carried out in order to obtain citizenship.
  • While the right to a card is a right that cannot be lost even if immigration laws change, it does not provide full legal protection against deportation.
  • Individuals who have a card must carry this card with them like an identity card. Otherwise, they could be arrested or imprisoned.
  • As a cardholder, you are responsible for all applicable laws in the United States and failure to comply with the requirements of these laws jeopardizes your right to a Green Card.
  • With the permanent residence right you have with the card, you have to pay taxes, just like in any other state.
  • Individuals who wish to retain their card rights must enter the United States within at least 1 year after leaving the country.


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