Top 5 Leadership Lessons I’ve Learned in My 20 Years of Business

Being able to lead a group can be more difficult than you think in some situations. Political Leadership Institute graduate and business guru Bernard Coleman has written an article on leadership with his own experiences and observations. Let’s take a look together:
Leadership is a journey with its own pitfalls. For 20 years, I have worked in a variety of fields including technology, politics, nonprofits, and state government. During that time, I had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of leaders.
However, one of the worst aspects of leadership is taking bad advice and acting on that advice. Throughout my career, I’ve had my share of leadership advice. Some were great and of course some were terrible. It takes a certain level of intuition to understand what is worth listening to and what is useless. Here are five pieces of wisdom I have learned that I find invaluable in growing as a leader.

1) You are only as good as your last performance.

Needless to say, people tend to remember your last success, not that big win two years ago. Whether that’s fair or not, this advice is one of the thoughts I’ve seen true in my last 20 years of work. This is called the innovation bias, and ultimately you need to perform consistently as a leader. Otherwise they can show you the door.
The most valuable word on this topic is “consistency”. At the end of the day, consistent performance reinforces the accuracy of the recommendation because you reliably produce high-quality work.

2) You cannot trust one or a few people.

The global pandemic has required them to complete some jobs to a minimum as their leaders and bosses are dealing with so many unknowns. Leaders tried to keep the business afloat, pay staff, serve customers, and more. As a society, we have been in a struggle lately, but it is difficult to maintain the density for a very long time.

In such situations, you need to figure out how to scale processes, not yourself as a leader. Leadership requires a macro view of the environment. You must develop capacity and competence in your team. This work will reduce the dependence of the whole work on the heroism of one or a few people. In addition, you must ensure that your team takes on additional responsibilities and performs at their highest level.

3) All you have is your reputation.

Your reputation is your business card and what you are known for. You may be a principled or unethical person. But whatever the case, reputation is important. It is important to understand that with the leadership shirt there is an expectation that you are in control.

A great reputation acts as a magnet as it allows you to attract great talent, inspire your team, win investors and capture market share. A terrible reputation does the opposite. It drives away talent, investment, and attention.

4) Your attitude determines your height.

Staying positive in negative situations is a must for leadership. People seek leaders for direction and inspiration. A bad attitude can contagiously break up a team or team. It causes the team to demoralize and lose cohesion. Only when the leader can convey positivity can he provide protection and a cool stance.

5) Hug.

Basically, it means continuing to stick to your principles. As a leader, you must be principled and stick to your beliefs. There will be ups and downs, of course. But if you hold on to your core beliefs about doing what’s right, you can stand up to challenges without hesitation.
Marian Wright Edelman said, “You don’t have to win. You have to try your best every day.” He may have expressed it best when he said it. This is the leadership journey.

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