What is a Barista? What Does It Do? How to Become a Barista

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Barista is a word we’ve heard a lot in recent years. Especially in recent years. It is inevitable that the word and profession of Barista will appear so frequently in Turkey’s metropolitan cities.

What is a Barista?


Barista especially 3. In wave coffee shops, it is the name given to the person who prepares and serves coffee-based drinks or other beverages using professional coffee brewing methods. It actually means bartender in Italian. But worldwide, this name is given to people who prepare coffee varieties using methods such as espresso, V60, Aeropress, Siphon. In addition to preparing and presenting coffee, this profession has a refined and artistic texture. Therefore, we can define this profession as “coffee artist”.

What Does a Barista Do and What Are Their Duties?


Barista’s main duties are as follows:

  • To inform customers about coffee beans, coffee varieties, new products,
  • To ensure that the best beverage choice is made by informing the customers about the contents of the products on the menu and their brewing methods,
  • Grinding the coffee bean in accordance with the beverage,
  • Espresso, Caffe Latte, Caffè Macchiato, Cappucino, V60, Siphon, Chemex, Cold Brew, Turkish Coffee etc. brewing coffees professionally and making them ready for service,
  • Cleaning and daily maintenance of coffee machines and equipment in the shop,
  • Managing the workflow behind the bar,
  • To have information about product stocks and to supply products,
  • Preparing foods such as sandwiches, desserts, cookies and bagels, heating them and making them ready for service,
  • Receive orders and payment when necessary,
  • To follow the regulations in the field of occupational safety and health and to provide a clean and reliable working environment.

Apart from these, good Barista should also:

  • In addition to making a delicious coffee, this coffee should deliver at its best. Therefore, he should improve himself in areas such as Latte art and presentation techniques.
  • He should have a good knowledge of the journey of coffee from soil to cup. Must have scientific knowledge in areas such as coffee blends, coffee roasting processes, milk foam. Must experiment with different beans using different brewing methods.
  • He should keep himself up to date professionally. He should improve himself by participating in coffee trainings and workshops.

How to Become a Barista


You do not need to graduate from any undergraduate or associate degree. You can do this profession by getting this training and the relevant certificate from private institutions that provide barista training. But let’s say that experience in the profession is very important. The certificate you receive will not be enough on its own to find a job. In any coffee shop, you have to start from the ground up and get into the profession. You should also improve yourself at every opportunity.

Who Will Succeed In This Profession?


  • Passionate about coffee and coffee brewing,
  • Related to fields such as Chemistry and Gastronomy,
  • Patient,
  • Good-humored and have high social skills,
  • Likes to present things to people and talk about what they have to offer,
  • Able to adapt to busy working hours,
  • Have the physical stamina to work standing up for long hours,
  • Confident in his business acumen,

individuals can be successful in this profession.

How Much Are Barista Salaries? (2021)


The average salary for baristas is around 3000 TL. Salaries of those who specialize in their field and have significant experience can reach up to 6000 TL. Therefore, as the experience increases, the monthly income in this profession also increases.


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