Who Is White Collar and Blue Collar Called? How is this distinction made?

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In your business life, you must come across two different definitions of employee. White-collar and blue-collar employees… Do you know what was affected when they were classified in this way, and on what basis such a distinction was made? Let’s see what these two concepts mean together.

Where Does the Name of White Collar and Blue Collar Employees Come From?

Based on working functions and working environments, it emerges as two different classes. The reason why they are called blue-collar and white-collar is because they work in the production area in the factory-type places, the group we call blue-collar, so it is foreseen that a lot of dirt can be contaminated, so the color of the uniform is blue, which is a darker color. White collar, on the other hand, got this name because they work in clean environments such as offices. So how do we define these two different classes?

What is a White Collar?

White collar

Office workers come to mind when white collar is mentioned. These employees come to the forefront with their mental power rather than physical labor. Mostly, workplaces are used as desks in the office environment. They take part in administrative and research and development works that do not rely on physical strength.

They make great use of technology. To positions where white-collar people work; Examples include R&D, quality control, management, production, planning, engineering, shipping, financial affairs, maintenance and repair, sales and marketing.

What is Blue Collar?

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With reference to the white collar, physical strength is more prominent in this group. This group is subject to a remuneration system calculated on the basis of working hours. Blue-collar workers work in factory-type places in manual labor. In a company that manufactures goods; It is called the mass that directly labors on the benches, on the field or in the field.

Apart from the monthly salary, he is also charged for the piece produced and the extra shift he has left. Blue collar positions; Examples such as security, maintenance and repair, production bench, cleaning can be given.

So what are the differences between These Two Different Positions?

White collar is defined as office person and blue collar as worker.

  • As we mentioned above, the first distinction can be shown as workforce. Blue collar is the section that uses mental power along with physical power. White collar, on the other hand, can be said to be the section where desk activities are performed with mental strength.
  • It is obligatory to wear the uniform determined by the company for the blue collar. In the white collar, the desired clothing can be worn within certain rules.
  • White-collar employees should dress appropriately for the workplace. Men in the white-collar group are generally expected to come to work with a shaved head. Except for the blue-collar uniform requirement, if the place where they work poses a risk, they must wear appropriate helmets, gloves, iron-tipped shoes or glasses.
  • Because they work in blue collar production sites or fields, they spend most of their daily working hours standing. On the other hand, white collars fill their daily working hours by sitting in an office environment due to their work.
  • The salary of the blue collar is given in the form of a daily wage or a monthly wage. On the other hand, the salaries of the white collar workers are paid from month to month on a certain day of each month. Mostly, the salary of the white collar is higher than that of the blue collar.
  • Labor Law 63. According to the article, the weekly working hours appear to be 45 and this cannot exceed 66 hours. Here, there is no distinction as blue collar or white collar. Overtime is something that can occur in both groups, but by law it cannot exceed 66 hours.
  • Both groups of employees can work under the union. In this regard, both groups are equal in the eyes of the law.

To summarize briefly, blue-collar workers are the first group that comes to mind when it comes to workers. White collar workers are seen as office workers. The differences between them are usually in the way they dress, work areas, and the type of salary they receive. Apart from this, both types of workers are considered equal in the face of the Labor Law and their rights are respected in a similar way.

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