Business Ideas: 60 Business Ideas to Be Your Own Boss

business ideas

Who doesn’t have business ideas in mind? Some of us decide in childhood, what we will do when we grow up, and shape it over time; some of us keep looking until they say this is the right job for me. When we were little we were asked ‘What will you be when you grow up?’ In today’s conditions, where the answers we give after the question are very colorful, many new business opportunities are coming our way.

Well, it is up to us to create our own opportunity among so many business opportunities. Let’s take a look at our low-capital business ideas together, where you can be the boss of your own business, maybe not your dream, but your future business. Let’s just say that some of the business ideas on the list may require more capital or professionalism than you think. We can provide you with a good business idea, but the rest takes effort and time. Let’s start.

1) We’ll Come to You: Car Wash

car washing

We present our first low-capital business idea by examining global examples. Close your eyes and think about one of the jobs that has become popular in Turkey recently. One of the initiatives that will be on the short list that will come to your mind is car wash areas. We offer you the next step of this idea. Washing the car by going to car owners.

This service, which is also very popular in Europe and the USA, works as follows. You are setting up a mobile car wash stand. Your customer reaches you online or over the phone and calls you home. You go to the house where the car is located with your stand full of necessary materials and do your job. Your customer does not waste time, you do not rent the shop, they are happy on both sides…

2) Interesting Business Ideas Introduction: Construction Cleaning

When you think about it, it sounds quite different, creative but full of question marks, doesn’t it? Exactly so. Istanbul, Ankara or Izmir, our country is a complete construction paradise (!) And these concrete structures in our homeland of paradise need cleaning.

It is the duty of the construction cleaners to see the area clean for the people who will buy the house, to make a little make-up of the house before the house is sold, or to make the mess less clean. What you need for this business idea on our list. A team of 3-4 people, a capital of 3-4 thousand liras and a coverall and mask that will protect you from dust.

If that’s on your mind. If you say you can do it too, remember that there are difficulties in this job. Constructions are not famous for their cleanliness.

3) Green Cleaning Service or Consultancy

Every big company has a contracted cleaning company, but now companies are more selective when choosing the institutions that provide this service because they say they like green. What does that mean? When choosing cleaning companies, new generation companies now choose companies that use products that do not leave toxic wastes and do not harm the environment.

This is where the ‘Green Cleaning Service’, one of the jobs on our list of business ideas, comes into play. With this idea, you can open a shop consisting of organic products (soap, fiber, pouch) or you can act as an intermediary company that will provide these products to such companies.

4) Business Ideas Coming with the Pandemic: Can You Become a Distance Education Coach?

distance education coach

In high school or middle school, we used to go to private teaching institutions to prepare for exams or we asked our families to hire a private teacher for us. The higher the qualification and experience of this teacher, the higher his hourly wage would be. Today, this situation has changed. Especially in the digitalized education system after the pandemic, these private lessons can now be done online.

One of the low-capital business ideas on our list of business ideas is this ‘Distance Education Coaching’. These trainings, which we think are given remotely and online, are not given only on basic sciences such as mathematics and physics.

If you have coding knowledge, basic level English, chess or diction education, you can start your career as a distance education coach very easily. There are even some apps that will connect you with people in need.

5) Business Ideas 101: Build Bungalow, Rent, Earn

bungalow business ideas

One of our business ideas, which is slightly more capitalized than the other business ideas on the list, is to build and rent a Bungalow. Increasing return to natural life, especially after the pandemic period; Bungalow life has become a part of weekend getaways and nature trips with the preference of open areas such as seaside and mountains during holidays.

That being the case, we wanted to include this business idea on our list. It is possible to earn 2 thousand, 3 thousand TL as a weekly income from these houses, one of which was built with an average cost of 100 thousand TL.

6) Do Birth & Baby Photography

One of our business ideas that will open the doors of a beautiful and colorful business world for you after a camera, basic knowledge (you may need to gain expertise), patience and a lot of practice is maternity or baby photography. When you swipe any page on social media or take a little trip through Instagram Reels videos, you will definitely see a professionally taken baby photo.

There are those who truly own this business. Moreover, it is not for such a small fee. With the experience gained over time, more professional shots, a skillfully prepared social media account and announcing your name, this is a profession where you can not get an appointment.

Let’s not forget that some private hospitals even have a baby photography unit to immortalize the moment of birth. You can see that it is quite popular here.

7) Try Making Vermicompost

We are sure that if you are at least interested in this field, you have heard of this business idea once. Worm castings cultivation. Vermicompost production, which is one of the rapidly demanding entrepreneurships in Turkey, is a very lucrative fertilizer type that is becoming popular with farmers.

So what does it take for this low-capital business? Approximately 150 thousand Red California Worms, a 40 square meter closed area and a 7 square meter reactor are quite enough for you to start farming. Moreover, this work can be started with a smaller amount of worms. In fact, these worms reproduce every month, doubling their own numbers.

8) Have You Heard of Mushroom Cultivation?

mushroom cultivation

Those who like mushrooms love them, those who don’t like them don’t, but if you’re looking for a good business idea, it doesn’t matter to you. In addition to being easy to grow, oyster mushrooms, which have recently found a place in the markets in frozen form, are among the low-capital business ideas on our list.

The reason why we recommend oyster mushrooms among many mushroom species is that it is rarer. For this job, you can start farming in an area of 75 square meters with a capital of 7000 TL, and you can make a profit in a few months depending on your production amount.

9) Fashion in Every Period: Design, Sell Jewelry

One of the fashion jobs of every period is to design jewelry. If you have a good style and selective eyes, this job is for you. This business idea, which can be considered as an additional income, is among the jobs that you can turn from hobby into your own business in time.

If you want to develop this business, our advice to you is not to stay in contact with your environment. With a good photographer, a nice brand name and social media page, you can multiply your sales very easily. Now make those perfect designs and start making the jewelry that will shape the fashion.

10) Another Plate? Open a Catering Company

catering business ideas

Catering companies are everywhere. They really are, because people will never stop eating, and as a good startup idea, it finds its place among low-capital business ideas. Do you like to cook? Do you say that I will not compromise on my quality, but that you can produce delicious works with less material?

You say that my hand is delicious, will you be asked again when my food is eaten? Then you are cut out for owning your own business. With this business idea, you can provide catering for weddings and engagements, own your own small shop, or provide catering services to companies.

11) Sky Opener: Selling Bottled Air

Air is free… water is free… NOT! At the center of this entrepreneurship is the USA. This business idea, which started with an entrepreneur in the USA bottling the air of different states and selling it under the umbrella of a Premium service, may actually seem quite simple. Still, there are times when the idea sells for more than the effort.

To sell bottled air, a clever entrepreneurial idea, all you need is a glass bottle, traveling frequently to different locations and telling your customers how good the idea is. Did you miss your hometown, get a bottle of Tekirdag scent for you! Selling bottled air is undoubtedly among the weirdest business ideas on our list.

12) Now Calm Down and Open a Yoga Center

Does this work in Turkey? It can hold. Yoga, which has become a trend especially in recent years, is adopted not only as a sport but also as a philosophy. Names of yoga gurus attend the events. They publish books or open private courses. The place of yoga, which has started to be seen as a popular life form, in business ideas is thus strengthened. You do not need to know yoga or adopt its philosophy here. Agree with a suitable name. Do good branding and own your own business. You can think of this idea as a click initiative.

13) Unconventional Business Ideas: Insect Breeding

We are not sure how much you can follow the agenda, but one of the business ideas that has a place on our list is insect breeding. You establish an insect farm in this sector, which is still under development in our country, and you market these insects to people who will buy them in their own countries to use them for different purposes.

For these insects to be used as paint raw materials, food or accessories, you need to use different insects. There are Turkish entrepreneurs who make serious money in this field with a little research and a little patience.

14) Classic yet Safe: Growing Flowers


Flower shops have always been the most colorful places. Today, this business has gone a little online. The fact that people do not have time and is still one of the favorite gifts has positioned floristry in this area. If he thinks you can produce beautiful arrangements, too.

If you say that I can do marketing and social media very well, and take great photos, you can start your own business by opening an online floristry store. Moreover, you do not need to think of flowers only as gifts. Municipalities, organizations and schools… In short, anyone who wants to get some color can be your customer.

15) Post-Pandemic Affairs: Rent Office

‘Office rental’, which is an initiative on its own, has turned into a very popular area, especially with the pandemic period. In today’s world, where companies hold meetings online via Zoom or Microsoft Teams, physical meetings have started to be held once or twice a month. Well, when this is the case, some companies have started to prefer these areas instead of paying big rents.

Actually, the center of this service is the USA. This system, which is frequently used there, is only just beginning to show itself in us. In order to realize this idea, it is enough to rent a large area and divide it. The suitors of these places, which will be divided according to different needs and positioned as meeting rooms, common areas and eating and drinking areas, are increasing day by day. A standard online marketing effort will often be sufficient for this.

16) Consulting for Social Media

Even while you are reading this article, maybe you have one eye on the notifications on your phone or on a tab of your computer, the tab of a social media channel is open. Who knows? If you have a basic level of knowledge and skills in this field. If you see yourself open to development in this field, you can create a good business line with less capital with a course or two and content that everyone can follow.

So why is this business still popular? After all, anyone can do this, right? Actually not. Many companies that we see as large companies still do not have a social media account. Instead, they still prefer traditional ways. As such, they want to open their first account to a professional or get support from freelancers. A few things you will do in this field can make you a name and get this support from you.

17) Let Me Take You for a Tour: Tour Guiding

tour guide business ideas

Surrounded by the sea on three sides, the cradle of seven civilizations and the beginning of modern human history took place in these lands. This being the case, tourism will always be an important income item for us. If you have a basic level of foreign language knowledge, strong communication skills and an investigative personality, you can even organize tours.

If you don’t know a foreign language, don’t worry. Recently, the desire of domestic tourists to visit these cultural sites has increased considerably. Still, it is worth mentioning that this is an area where professionals and serious competition exist. For this, a strong advertising skill along with language and communication skills can set you apart from others.

18) Food-Centered Business Ideas 101: Open a Waffle or Kumpir Restaurant

In fact, many similar businesses have been opened recently and continue to open. If you want to take part in this trend, you will not be wrong. Kumpir making, which has a nostalgic place in Turkish culture, and Waffle Shops, a taste of European origin, are everywhere now. It is actually quite easy to open a business for both flavors. This is due to the fact that the construction processes are quite simple.

Unfortunately, this is one of our ideas that requires above-average cost. In order to realize this business idea, you need a capital of around 70-100 thousand liras. You can get the reward for this in a relatively short period of time. If you are looking for a place in the food industry, one of these jobs may be for you.

19) Charlie’s Chocolate Shop

chocolate shop

A showcase decorated with sweet and sweet chocolates, a taste that makes everyone’s mouth water. Here is the Chocolate Shop. Chocolate, one of the first foods that comes to mind when we say dessert, opens an ideal door for those looking for business ideas in the food industry. From engagement to wedding; Among the very popular ideas is the chocolate shop, which is with us in many areas of our lives, from patient visits to holiday visits.

With beautifully shot photos, effective marketing, design and online delivery options, this job can be a real fit. You can carry out this business with a capital of less than 50 thousand TL. It’s a good idea to make your own calculations before you set off. This price can go up or down depending on location, quality and content. This business is generally seen as a popular business idea by women entrepreneurs.

20) Renting Your Instruments Is Also A Business!

Do you have instruments at home that you do not use? Don’t know what to do? Renting may be one of the options. Here we have to say that you can rent some high performance and expensive instruments for a high price. You can think of everyone who listens to music as your target audience.

Young people who want to watch sound analysis on Youtube and become musicians will also appear as a large customer group. Moreover, it is not very difficult to run this business. Establishing and running a business is not very difficult and troublesome. However, it is important that you are in a big city for this job. After all, your target audience is mostly people living in these cities.

21) A New Sector: Masks

business ideas mask production

How long have masks been in our lives, have you ever thought? Masks, which we can no longer alienate, have created a sector of their own. With the pandemic period, our concerns about health have increased more than ever. In parallel with this, the need for masks is increasing day by day.

But the business idea that we will talk about here does not fall under the scope of medical mask. Instead, we recommend that you set up the dust mask production workshop. You can sell dust masks directly to an intermediary firm with retail sales. The money you need for this venture is below 110 thousand TL. Moreover, you can benefit from the grant through KOSGEB.

22) Is Alternative Medicine Among Your Business Ideas?

Due to our culture, alternative medicine products maintain their popularity in every period. That’s why we have so many herbals around, isn’t it? This field, which has created a very large audience for itself, has turned itself towards online sales with the increase of health concerns. Unfortunately, we have to say from the beginning. This business idea is not something you can start and manage all of a sudden.

Instead, it is an area that calls you to take action in the long run and where you need to do some calculations with marketing-advertisement-human resource budgets. On the other hand, we have to say that you need an expert staff in this field, which has a very high demand. In addition, if this path is not safe for you, you can get a franchise from some companies that are branded in this field.

23) A US Classic Among Business Ideas: Pool Cleaning

The pool cleaning scenes we see in those movies or music videos are not so far away anymore. Most of the houses in Turkey that are above a certain value now have a pool. That’s why they need someone to clean the pool. C

We recommend that you take a look at this field, which is a good business idea if you can earn good money without needing much capital and become professional. Moreover, you can even start this business on your own. The important thing here is that you take the offer because people don’t even realize how hard a job cleaning a pool is.

You get your first job and do your job in the best quality way. Your business will grow by word of mouth. With this job, you can earn 2-3 thousand liras on average by doing a 2-hour job in Turkey conditions.

24) How would you like to open a boutique?

open a boutique

We can admit that the idea of opening a boutique is not very original, but that does not mean that it is not a good business idea. With the right management, a good communication language and a good location selection, you can be included in that colorful world you’ve always dreamed of. Moreover, if you are a strong person, your first customers are already ready. The rest is in your marketing skills.

Confidence in food. With the recent news of cheating in food, the perspective towards some basic life products has changed. We have been looking for the most natural of everything, especially with the word organic, which comes into our lives and means natural. And of course the egg. Eggs with one of these adjectives, such as wandering chicken eggs, yellow eggs or organic eggs, are very valuable today.

This business idea, where you can start with 50 chickens and start mass production by gaining people’s trust, is still very popular. When we look at the current prices, people can sacrifice 2-3 TL per egg from an organic seller they trust. As such, this business idea is among the popular ideas on our list.

26) Have You Heard of Modern Tea Cookers?

One of the shops that can be opened with a very thoughtful capital is a tea shop, but it is not like the coffee house we know. Modern teapots are very fashionable in places like Japan, England, where tea culture is as common as ours. How would you like to modernize these areas, which we see examples of in Turkey?

Teas prepared from 1001 kinds of herbs, classic or European herbal teas or exotic flavors from India. Here are all of the products you can have in the shop you will open. By keeping the product range wide, you can appeal to a wide customer profile, you can even prepare tea bundles under your own name by creating a concept. If you are ready then, good luck in advance.

27) Move House to House!

home delivery

Moving from home to home is another job that will satisfy you with little capital. In this business idea, where physical strength is at the forefront, all you need to do is make your advertisement in locations such as Istanbul, where house changes are frequently made, by establishing a good team and waiting for the job to come to you.

It is especially worth mentioning. House transportation is actually an area that requires a lot of quality and professionalism, because of the difference in the items you will see when you enter a house. L armchairs, huge TV units or tables. Here are 12 of them all. You will understand what we mean when you have to download it from the floor.

28) Are You Talented in Organization?

One of the jobs that will make a huge profit when opened by a suitable talent is to open an organization company. I think it would be enough to say that you have the capital and talent for this job where you can create a strong network with strong communication skills, good analytical intelligence and organizational skills.

Of course, such a profitable business is not without its negative aspects. A bad organization, a wedding or concert with setbacks can cause you to be removed from the industry very quickly; It may make other studies in this area difficult.

29) Do You Like Baby Clothes?

Just like opening a boutique, baby clothing stores are among the classic but popular ideas. In today’s conditions, where Baby Shower events accelerate and mothers dress their babies in a different outfit every day, baby clothing stores deserve to be among our business ideas. This business, which can be started with a small capital, requires obtaining the necessary permits (license, etc.), an appropriately located area and strong communication skills.

30) Add Health in Summer and Winter with Vitamin Bars

vitamin bar business ideas

It doesn’t matter summer or winter. These days, when we are even more sensitive to diseases, vitamin bars still stand as life preservers that will provide us with the vitamin we need. In order for the white-collar athletes to say they drank something healthy today; It is quite inexpensive to make these fruit cocktails, which passers-by say ‘something good goes through my throat’.

A little capital is enough to make these cocktails, which are sold at a price of 5-20 TL per glass. The trick is where to open your shop. If you open your shop next to a gym, a busy station or school area, you have a very good chance of success in this business.

31) A Social Media Classic: Personalized Gifts

When we look back at the 2000s in the future, the only word we will come across will be ‘personalized’ content. In this world where we believe that everything is personal, there is nothing more normal than looking for a special gift for someone special. Here, too, we come across personalized, designer gift shops.

For personalized gift items, which we have seen recently opened one by one on social media pages, it is enough to take care of their boxes, write a name on them or make a special design for each product. It may seem like activities that will take time, but manual labor always earns more than mass production. You can be sure of that.

32) A Delicious Morning: Breakfast House

I paid that much money for this breakfast? This is exactly one of the sentences that comes to mind when we go to the breakfast spread. A little jam, a couple of slices of toast and here’s your breakfast spread. For this reason, Breakfast House has taken its place among business ideas. For this business idea, where you can create a loyal audience by opening a small shop and producing good, unique breakfast dishes, your capital may be your smiling face and hand taste rather than material.

33) To Those Who Say They’ll Sell Milk

Milk and dairy products will continue to be among our basic foodstuffs, no matter what period or price they are sold. Especially today, when the organic trend is still going on, the prices of these products, which want to make their children drink cow’s milk, seem healthier and more natural, are also higher in direct proportion to the labor involved. That’s why dairy products, which we can also call dairy farming, has found its place in the 33rd place in our list.

34) Have You Heard of Salep Cultivation?

salep cultivation

Food is ok, but we can come across those who say that I am more interested in agriculture with the business idea of ‘salep cultivation’. The yield of salep cultivation, which is a particularly profitable area, is also quite high. Salep, one of the most sought-after ingredients in winter, is a plant that is added to desserts in many cultures. As such, its value is accordingly.

You can benefit from the incentive programs offered by the Ministry of Agriculture for the cultivation of salep, one of the endemic species produced from the tubers of the Anatolian Orchid. You can access enough information about this business idea by going directly to the website of the ministry.

35) Business Ideas for Those Who Can’t Leave the Gym: Become a Trainer!

Anything personalized is valuable. Call it a souvenir, if you like, a small written note or service. When personalities come into play, the price goes up accordingly. If you have a certificate or qualification in sports, you can become a personal trainer of one/several people.

In this area where you make the biggest investment in your body and abilities, you need to be a good programmer and have a strong communication language to get what you want. If you want, you can do this by agreeing with a salon; You can also run it individually if you want.

36) Organic Business Ideas: Natural Toys

organic toys

Another member of our nostalgia generation is natural toys. You may have heard the stories about our mothers and fathers not being toys in their childhood. In these stories, you may even have family members who took it out and showed you a wooden toy. If you have knowledge or interest in carpentry, you can also produce personalized organic toys.

37) A Modern Look: Rent a Scooter

You went out. Martı on your right, Thousand Thousand on your left. Scooter rental companies, one of the new generation initiatives, are doing very profitable business especially in this area they have created for themselves. This is exactly why they are on our list. By establishing your own scooter fleet, you can become your own boss with a distance or minute-based pricing.

But it is worth mentioning here. A very significant internal power is needed to manage, charge or ensure the security of these fleets. Let’s not forget that human resources are also important here.

38) Baby Spa Center?

I will explain this business idea with an example from life. We live in a time when experience and experience are respected by everyone. Although this respect is unfortunately less towards our elders, we have an advanced curiosity to have an experience, to experience a new place. We want our babies to experience this satisfaction as well.

For this reason, we give them experiences that they will never remember again, that they will only look at their photos before they even start talking. At one end of this experience journey, which is one of the new trends, there is ‘Baby Spa Centers’. We can say that many parents in Turkey take their children to these spa centers, even if they are in different cities, with the idea that my baby will enter only once.

39) No Need to Think of a Gift

Every year, we receive many gifts for our loved ones for many reasons. There are even birthdays, engagement or wedding events, starting or leaving gifts. That being the case, I think you would believe us if we told you that even the gift industry has become a billion-dollar industry. This is exactly what falls within the scope of our business idea. Ready gifts.

Earlier, we talked about how popular personalized content is. The situation is still the same when it comes to gifts. For example, gift sites such as Muhiku, Bendensana, Bikutumutluluk make a difference in the sector and prepare special gift boxes.

They include new flavors and monthly changing special contents in these boxes. You can get into this business with a nice gift arrangement, good social media management and a low budget. It is worth saying that the most important aspect of this business is the quality of the gift boxes, notes and shipping.

40) Have You Ever Heard of Doypack Coffee?

doypack coffee

You went to Starbucks and asked for a pack of coffee. We call the packages containing those high-priced products Doypack. These packages, which stand quite upright and where powdered beverages are placed with their vacuum mouths, look very stylish. You can create your own special recipes by purchasing Doypack packages. You can brand your new business by customizing the exterior that you can design yourself.

For example, do you want to pack coffee or tea? A coffee grinder will suffice for you. Take your orders, machine and pack the desired coffee. Ship to your customer with your customized packages. You may not produce the coffee, but that coffee is distributed under your brand. Here, we recommend that you examine the third generation coffee shops that serve this way.

41) Like Cosplay: Costume Photography

When you go to a resort or attend an event, you may find someone there to encourage you to take a photo. People who do this job professionally can wear clothes from the Ottoman period in such places; In game events such as GIST, people from abroad who make special cosplay can be invited to the events for high fees.

Whether you do concept photography or one of the fictional characters in these photos, this business is very profitable when you do your job justice. If you want to start a colorful business with a low budget. You may be the right person for this job.

42) Organizing Sweepstakes On Instagram Is A Job!

Our original work includes holding sweepstakes on Instagram. Yes, it is quite different, in fact, professionalism is required for this job. Permissions from Milli Piyango, follow-up and reporting of the process, selection of names and approval from notary public. Every brand that will make a raffle for all of these needs to hire an extra employee. Instead, you can do this through the company you will establish.

43) A New Business Opportunity with Letgo, Letgo or Facebook groups. This sector, called Sell it, Buy it, is actually so big that second-hand goods have already become a separate sector. You can sell the products you buy cheap on Letgo or the products you have in your home and want to sell, wait for a while and make a profit on these platforms at good prices. While the capital of this business varies according to the product you will buy first; this job requires time, effort and a strong research ability.

44) What is Affiliate Marketing? How is it done?

affiliate marketing business ideas

Here we are with exactly an influencer business idea. As you know, until recently, influencers were giving links saying ‘You can swipe up’. Instead, they can now pin direct links to their stories with Instagram’s new feature.

If you have an audience that trusts your word and will use it just because you use it, then this job we call affiliate marketing is for you. How is it done? Many e-commerce sites in Turkey give you a commission when you earn sales to it. As you can imagine, Trendyol is one of the companies that make the most money in this business.

It is worth mentioning that there are people who earn more than 100 thousand TL per month just by adding links. Well, if you ask me how to do it, you can start this business by using sites such as Affiliate Partners, AffOcean or Reklam Action. We recommend that you do a detailed competitor and market analysis before starting work.

You can also receive advertisements from companies. What you need to do for this is to send an influencer media kit to companies and agencies.

45) Become an Article Writer!

You can be a good article writer if you say that you have a strong writing language, my fingers flow on the keyboard like the pianist flows on the piano. For this slightly more academic-based business idea, you need to know how to write an article, have a strong analytical ability and be a good writer.

Today, there are people who write articles for a price that is directly proportional to the number of words on many sites such as Bionluk . It is possible to earn more than 4 thousand TL per month by negotiating with people through these sites with no knowledge, referrals and simple research.

46) Colorful and Printed Socks Are Very Fashionable

printed socks

I saw it on an influencer last year, he had his head pressed against his socks. Thereupon, he must have received many comments that his followers also wanted these socks and that they would gift them to their friends. With a simple search on the internet, I can say that these pairs of socks are sold for between 10 and 50 TL.

If you want special design prints, you can buy socks such as Tahtakale from wholesale places and sell them online. Now open a colorful social media account, choose a good brand name and market your socks in more modern ways.

47) Yes Those Toys Name: Amigurumi


Those big-eyed toys, which are knitted with thick yarn and crochet and are very popular, are called Amigurumi. These toys, which have a lot of aspirants, can be sold either over the counter or online. You will see that there are many people around you who want to buy gifts for their children or nephews, but want it to be a little special. Remember, handcraft is still in fashion.

48) Speaking of Amigurumi: Felt Needling

Felt Needling is one of the handicrafts that is similar to Amigurimi in terms of its audience, but has not made a big impression in Turkey. In fact, it is strange that this art has not been discovered for those of us who use felt in so many places. Here is one of our business ideas.

Felt toys that are in front of everyone’s eyes but are not produced much. You manufacture these felt figures, which you can knead with your creativity, for a maximum price of 40 TL. Here, your capital is your time and hand speed rather than money.

With a little research, you will be able to see that people who specialize in this business sell their products for between 500 and 750 TL. Before starting this business, ask your people: ‘Would you buy this product if you were me?’ Don’t forget to do a little market analysis by asking.

49) Become a Led Designer

LEDs are always in fashion. LEDs, which adorned all night life with the power it gained in the 80s, are still very fashionable. It even has its own designers. Moreover, only three months of training is enough to develop in this field.

The requirements for this business idea in the field of LED design are quite simple and essential features: creativity, craftsmanship and marketing talent. With a simple research, you can see that these simple products designed on e-commerce sites are sold for over 300 TL. Remember, thinking simple sells well.

50) Business Ideas on Personalization: Mug Print

mug print

Another personalization idea is on mugs. Just like socks or gift boxes, mug prints are still very popular today. Here, you can print your own designs on a high-quality white ceramic glass or print the photos your customers send you on these glasses.

It is possible to make good profits from sales per glass as a result of this business, where you can create a showroom space for yourself with well-taken glass photos. Mug printing is one of the safest business ideas.

51) Another Example of Food-Centered Business Ideas: Online Macarons

selling macarons online

This unique French flavor has recently become a premium flavor in Turkey. The production of macarons, which can be sold for prices between 3 and 8 TL per grain, is quite simple if you have a good handiwork. You can sell macarons, which can be bought regularly by loyal customers with a nice packaging and a delicious hand, through online channels or you can distribute them to your customers through your close circle.

52) Clay Designs

Many of the sculptures we made at school when we were little were made of clay. Over time, these clay sculptures were replaced by the play dough we gave to our children. However, it is possible to make and sell clay plates and glasses by practicing this art that remained in our childhood.

By purchasing polymer clay, you can produce the accessory or kitchen utensil you want and customize it by adding your own special designs. For this business idea, you can get training from a workshop that does this job in an expert way or from a master who knows the job. As your hand settles over time, you will not be able to put a price on the originality of your own designs.

53) Attention My Comments Are For Sale

don't sell comments

For an online sales platform, the comments from its customers are both a source of pride and a badge to prove the service it provides to other people. However, the customer comments that come all the time may not be good and the company’s star may be low since these customer comments cannot be deleted via Google.

What you need to do for this is very simple, contact the companies with bad reviews on the R10 site. Selling the comments you get for 1 TL each to these companies with bad comments with a higher profit. You can earn more than 200 TL per day by doing this type of sale.

54) It’s Your Brand! Brand Herbal Tea

Our country is one of the countries where alternative medicine is at the top. We’ve said this before, but that’s why there are so many herbalists around us. Herbalists are intermediaries who provide us with supportive teas when we are in trouble (when we are sick). You can also create your own brand in this area.

You can sell the tea packages you have created in our country, which is the country with the highest amount of tea in the world. What you need for this business idea: Beautiful tea collages (ask your transfer), effective packaging that will not miss the smell of tea, a beautiful design and a good customer network, and you are your own boss!

55) Glass Products Are Back

corn in glass

No, we’re not talking about selling glasses here. We are talking about products sold in the glass. As a country known for its street flavors, it doesn’t make much sense that our glass flavors are limited to just corn. For example, large profits can be obtained by selling glass products even in Christmas markets established in Europe. Some of these products have noodles, corn or their own local flavors.

If you have an idea to eat in a glass that you think will sell very well if it goes into this glass, then this venture idea is for you. Here, you can think of products such as pickles, rice, bulgur, corn or potatoes, which are part of our culture, or you can put flavors from the world in these glasses.

56) A Quarter of Pizza is Desirable!

slice of pizza

Those who go to Kadıköy do not return without eating. Every time I go in front of the pizza 2 Go brand that sells slices of pizza , there are long queues. When I visit Italy, the host of pizza, I see that the situation is not much different. Pizzas are eaten in the form of slices on the road, on the grass, in stadiums, in short, everywhere.

Many different pizza slices are put together. In fact, you can open your own pizza oven by implementing a not so new business idea in our country. It is worth mentioning that the location is very important for a good slice of pizza place here. Unfortunately, this idea is not an idea that will be kept everywhere and sold well in places with lifestyles connected to Turkish culture.

57) Become an Entrepreneur with Resin

A timeless resource: Resin. We can say that the jewelry, ornaments or accessories made with this material are of very high quality. Moreover, it is possible to obtain very authentic products depending on the quality or type of material put into it. If you want to do a job related to resin where you can sharpen your creativity and create new job opportunities for yourself, just watch Youtube videos…

58) Make Money With Amazon FBA!

amazon fba business ideas

This is actually a business model that may sound strange to those who have not heard of it. It is among the projects where you can make good profits with a little capital. This business system works as follows: You can send the product you buy cheaply from Turkey or abroad to Amazon warehouses in the USA. You can also sell the product you send here via Amazon; You can put a profit on it and sell it.

This system, which is very practical, also packages the product you send to the Amazon warehouse and sends it to your customer. Let us tell you that this idea is already implemented by many people in Turkey. This is exactly what caused silicone phone cases to be so popular in our country for a while.

59) Dry and Turn into Business Opportunity!

dried food

In particular, dried tomatoes, eggplant and many others, which we can count among Anatolian delicacies, are actually a sector in itself. This is exactly what our business idea is about. You can produce long-lasting dried fruits and vegetables, which we consider to be winter, or you can buy and package the already existing products through a cooperative.

For this, it would be good to do a careful market analysis. For example, knowing which product is needed more in which region that year. However, hiring manufacturers and opening a boutique to advertise it well will help you grow your business. If you are going to create a brand from dried fruits and vegetables preferred by master chefs, let’s start now…

60) Freelance Business Ideas

freelance business ideas

And we are at the end of our list. Finding a freelance job based on your talent is easier than it used to be. If you write, start writing; design a logo or site if you are a designer; If you are good at marketing, provide training in online sales. There really is a freelance job for everyone. For more business lines, it is enough to do a little research on Google.

You can run your freelance business through an intermediary site in order to be able to do these things more easily and to receive the wage you agreed on securely. If you have a connection, you will not need such an extra agent anyway.

Each of these 60 jobs we have listed for you requires a separate effort and talent, but I am sure you will choose the one that suits you best. Do not forget, even when starting a business that seems to be the lowest budget, do a situation and competitor analysis, plan where and how you can reach your target audience.

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