13 Videos That Will Create A Rocket Effect For Motivation-Seekers

Yağmur Avvurur

Yağmur Avvurur

Founder @ceotudent

Have you ever wondered how people achieve their goals? You all know those who started life from scratch and established big companies, scientists who made great discoveries or inventions by trying without giving up, and Olympic athletes who constantly push the limits.

How do they do this?

I think motivation is the most effective one out of dozens of answers. We can define motivation as the meaning of the word “desire to do something”. They did something. And they repeated this over and over. Difficulties and impossibilities did not deter them. What did not intimidate them was that they somehow did not lose their motivation. From time to time, they were inspired by people, books, stories.

We have brought together the most impressive of the motivating video contents of the channel named Mateusz M, which made a great impression on Youtube, that will create a rocket effect. Hope it inspires you too…

Note: If you can’t see the subtitles, turn on the subtitles tab in the player’s settings. (Image)

1) Fate


2) Idea


3) Born in the Dark


4) Awakening


5) Resurrection


6) hero


7) Desire


8) Vision


9) Unstoppable


10) Indomitable


11) Imagination


12) Why Do We Fall?


13) Stamina

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