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“No one can go back and make a fresh start, but only now can we do that and reach a conclusion.” Maria Robinson

“Did you know that positivity is a habit?” Let me start by asking.
Like truthfulness, positivity thrives on your commitment to yourself. It’s about focusing around habits that support your overall well-being.
Does this sound like too much work or something for a certain minority? It never is.
The great thing about positivity is that it’s something anyone can develop. All you have to do is decide to adopt habits so that they can support your new lifestyle.
If you make some promises to yourself and make clear decisions about seeing, understanding and changing the way you do certain things, don’t worry, positivity will come and find you.
Below you will find the 7 best habits that positive people follow regularly. These little habits can change your life and the way you live. More importantly, it will change the way you see and perceive life, which is the key to a positive mood.

1- Find Your Light of Hope
The lens you use to see life determines your perspective on the world. It also means that you make a decision about how you see the world and how you see it.
Positive people can pause, distract from driven thoughts, and see the light in the dark. There is always a glimmer of hope in the challenges that arise in your life. Because positive people can find the key to that light of hope and illuminate the unseen hidden aspects of life.
2- Say thank you

Gratitude is like the glue that holds your mind and self together. When you start to think you don’t have things, you come out of a realm of scarcity. Scarcity is the escape of the mind from itself. There is more to feeling positive about yourself (or your reality).
Positive people know that they are good enough and that what they have is enough.
Have you ever thought about it? What do you think of your mind that only says “not enough”, or your mind that says “You don’t have enough”? Again I ask, have you ever thought about it?
Tip: When you wake up tomorrow, say “thank you” for everything in your life. Start at a basic level; For example, be grateful for your life, your breath, and your home. Know that when you are grateful for what you have, more of what you want will come and find you.
3- Create a positive environment
Your home should be a safe place away from the world. When you fill your home with life, love, joy, and good energy, you serve and comfort your soul.
Positive people create and encourage a home that supports their well-being. They come home and it relaxes and warms them. If you have a positive feeling about your surroundings and the people who live there, it will elevate your life.
Hint: If you live in turmoil, your inner self is also in shambles. Organize your life at home in the best possible way. Get a plant. A flower or ivy etc. You can also buy something easy to maintain, such as succulent or cactus. Bringing life into your space will bring life to your environment.
4- Go outside and get some movement
In his book The Algebra of Happiness, Scott Galloway talks more about his observations of exploitation than of exploitation of people. I have to admit that this is one of the paths to positivity and happiness. According to the website, a 20-minute workout can lift your mood for 12 hours!
Positive people make it a habit to be healthy and exercise. They know well that it causes less stress, a better mood, and is a path to mental health.
Tip: You don’t need to go out and run ten miles tonight or join a peloton group to boost your overall positivity. If you’re not someone who likes to exercise, that’s fine. Make a habit of moving your body; Take a 20-minute walk tonight, for example. Go outside and breathe the fresh air and become aware of the world around you. If you have nothing else, you can raise your spirit and be positive with this move.
5- Choose to have experiences on assets
Of course, at the end of your life, you won’t be thinking about how big or how expensive your house is. The only thing you will remember is the feeling of holding the keys. You will remember the smell in the first moments. Then maybe the sound of your kids playing in the backyard. You’ll remember your friends, the meals you had together, and the times filled with laughter, who knows?
Experiences are what define your life; because it’s not what you have financially. Positive people know well that they are not the things that bring happiness; which is actually the experience.
Tip: No matter what is on your life station today, try to find happiness through your experiences. Your wealth, possessions, and possessions cannot dictate your level of happiness and positivity. What really creates your level of happiness is how present you can be in the experiences in your life.
6- Improve Your Awareness
As you develop your awareness, you will find that your thought clouds begin to hover. As you ascend to the top of this cloud deck, your true life and self will become clear. Also, the more aware you are of your thoughts, the more you can control them. For example, being able to recognize your ego at work is actually one of the first steps to a positive mindset.
Positive people can see their minds mislead them and realize that their ego is creating an imaginary story in their minds. They can separate this story from reality and realize that it is not valid.
Hint: It’s easy to buy into the story your ego tells you about your life. So let me show you how to separate fact from fiction in your thoughts. Your self-defeating thoughts are your ego at work. Do the thoughts you set with your goals reaching a better range in life make you understand the world and yourself better? Yes that is right.
7- Invest in your self-care
How much time do you spend weekly on yourself and on self-care? Your well-being is an investment, and the more money you invest in it, the better your life will be.
Positive people invest in their own well-being more often. They get enough of the sleep they need to recharge their minds and bodies. They have hobbies that fulfill them and that they see as a social outlet. They invest in their little world where they can be alone (see image below). Situations like these are what keep you up and recharged.
Tip: Don’t skimp on “me” time. Life will inevitably change, but the happiest people I know never neglect their self-care habits; whatever happens. Learn to invest in yourself and find things that recharge you and give you inner support, discover routines.
Finding and Maintaining Positivity
Positivity is like walking into a well every day to fill the bucket. You have to get up every morning, go up the hill and fill your bucket. No one is born positive or magically stays positive throughout life. In summary, positivity is a skill we develop over time.
The best way to stay positive is to build habits that support your well-being so you can be consistent. Learn to listen to your mind and live the stories it tells you. Learn to invest in yourself and your self-care. Live for the experiences life has to offer and be ready when you do. Learn to be grateful and grateful for what life has to offer, and start learning from the obstacles that come your way.
If you start living these habits, positivity will become something you do daily; it will almost become a habit, and so positivity will become you.
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