Theta Healing: Introversion Meditation

Theta Healing Meditation of turning into oneself, focusing and getting rid of blockages and problems through the Creator. We wrote down this meditation process, its history, philosophy and teaching processes. This different meditation technique and spiritual method, which is used by many people around the world, helps people in dealing with the difficulties of today’s life.

What is Theta Healing?

Theta Healing

Theta Healing is a self-help teaching systematized by Vianna Stibal to help people change and transform limiting subconscious processes that prevent them from achieving their goals in health, wealth, love and other relationships.

Theta Healing is a meditation technique and spiritual philosophy that is not specific to just one religion, but includes all of them, but tries to go beyond them to approach the creator.

Educators state that humanity is a whole in terms of body-mind and spirituality and that integrity is divided due to the rapid flow of our daily life in today’s age, interrupting our spiritual side, and we neglect the spiritual side. This technique says that we will be completed with Theta Healing method to ensure this neglect and disrupted integrity.

What is Theta?

brain wave

Theta are brain waves, more commonly considered subconscious waves. It is known that humans have five different brain waves. These brain waves are Alpha, Gamma, Beta, Delta and Theta. Theta waves occur in the range of 4-8 Hz during sleep and rest periods. Introversion is associated with dreams and daydreaming.

Theta waves express inspiration or creative emotions. So theta waves provide the connections needed for creativity. There are six different ways to get down to theta level. They are methods such as Ladder technique, Corrective technique and Theta music.

What is healing?


Healing means healing. Healing with the help of theta waves. The difference from other meditation methods is to reach a good life by using these brain waves called theta.

How did Theta Healing come about?

Theta Healing

Vianna Stabil was working on Far Eastern beliefs and diets due to her own health questions. She is the mother of three children and is divorced from her husband. He says that after this incident, his journey began.

Vianna Stabil used to work in security at a company that did intuitive readings. A psychic tells him to continue making intuitive readings. He opens an office and over time his clients begin to multiply. As an intuitive healer, she felt happier when she felt both good and helpful to her clients.

Stabil was diagnosed with bone cancer. Tired and in pain, one day in his office, he stepped out of his crown chakra and left his own space and prayed to the creator of all that exists. He asked for a cure for his illness and prayed. He saw his prayer work and saw improvements in his cancer. This is how the Theta Healing technique emerged and Stabil promised himself that he would teach this technique to everyone.

How is Theta Healing applied?


It is done in the form of individual sessions. It is a work between a theta practitioner and a client. During these sessions, a meditation is taught that will bring the brain into a state of theta waves. You can then repeat this meditation whenever and wherever you want. With this meditation technique, you reach your subconscious mind while you are conscious, and you gain a technique where you can change your negative thoughts. It also gives you the opportunity to change your wrong beliefs that you have created in the past or that affect you negatively.

Theta Healing helps to bring about a physical, mental and spiritual change by increasing mental and spiritual focus. It can be done by anyone without any difference. However, it should not be forgotten that Theta Healing is never a treatment method. It is a method of meditation.

Theta Healing Philosophy


He has a spiritual philosophy. Its founder, Vianna Stibal, says: “Enlightenment is the realization of your own connection with the universe.” The whole point is that one can create a link between oneself and the universe. It is trying to offer a better life through the pure essence of love. He explains that the physical and spiritual world, which is formed around the seven planes of existence, is related to the movements of atoms in quantum terms.

One can connect with the highest of the seventh plane of existence with a healthier physical and spiritual state. In other words, he can connect with a higher spiritual power than his own belief, his own existence. It advises to go beyond all religions, but does not reject religions. To bring people to the point that is depicted as perfect with unconditional love through the creator of all things.

It is believed that by establishing a true connection with the creator of everything that exists, one will bring out the best in himself and the universe. It aims to do the digging method to find the root belief and to remove our subconscious restriction.

Because we brought the experiences and traumas of our seven generations of ancestors with us when we were born, sometimes we may not be able to move forward because of this shared memory, not from ourselves. In order to become aware of these complex structures and to remove negativities that do not originate from ourselves, we need to understand the root beliefs.

Becoming a Theta Healing Instructor


Theta Healing starts with a seminar. When you take a basic level seminar, you will have an internationally approved practitioner certificate. In other words, you can do basic level applications to yourself or someone else at a basic level. You must then complete the advanced training. Here you will be trained with more detailed studies.

After the advanced level, you attend the Deep Digging Seminar. After completing the Deep Digging Training, your path to teaching opens. Once you become an instructor, you can organize your own seminars. You get these advanced trainings from Vianna Stibal, the founder of Theta Healing teaching.

Vianna Stibal and her community train trainers by organizing seminars in many countries of the world. This technique or, according to some, the center of the teaching is America. In order to give these seminars in our country, Stibal organizes some seminars from time to time.


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