62 Career Advice Under 140 Characters That Will Impact Every Stage of Your Career Life

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Dilara Avlupınar

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While everyone needs career advice, sometimes we don’t want to spend time on long books or articles. That’s why I’ve put together 62 short and concise career advice where you can find something about every aspect of your career life. ☺


1) Your stress, whatever it is caused by, will not make you better until you learn how to handle it.
2) If you really want to impress others, listen more than you speak.
3) Every new person you meet is a potential door to any opportunity, personal or professional.
4) Pressing the snooze button in the morning can wake you up faster.
5) A great job or a fantastic career gives no meaning to your life – at least not on its own.
6) Working isn’t always about the big picture, sometimes all you need is a chocolate bar.
7) Do not do everything your mentor suggests; Sheryl Sandberg didn’t and it paid off.
8) No matter what field you’re in, Instagram is a great way to get inspired.
9) Design a personal website if you want to be noticed by employers.

CV and Letter of Intent

10) The words you use in your resume are very important as there is so much to share and so little room to share.
11) If you want to tell someone or the whole world who you really are, your resume won’t be enough.
12) Posting your resume on Mondays can increase your chances of getting hired.
13) When you read your resume for the first time, ignore the typos and think about the message it gives.
14) It’s more important for your resume to have a story telling you that you’re great for the position you’re applying for, rather than length.
15) Try to be as specific as possible when mentioning your previous achievements in your resume.
16) Creating interactive and creative resume templates can be a great move to apply for specific positions.
17) In order to find a job before graduation: Throw a resume party with your friends!
18) Don’t write your weird hobbies on your resume.
19) The letter of intent should complement your resume, not repetitively.
20) Remove the word “to the relevant person, to whom it may concern” from your letter of intent. Now.
21) Employers don’t just want to hear about you when they read your letter of intent, give them something about themselves as well.
22) If you want to take your letter of intent to the next level; Write as if the person you are writing to already loves and respects you.
23) Weird introductory sentences that you think are cool, in bars or in your useless letter of intent…
24) “I will not pretend that your company’s vision is my passion.” sentence is the worst start ever for a letter of intent.
25) Not equipped enough for the job? Do not apologize for this in your letter of intent.
26) Your summary on your LinkedIn page should consist of 3-5 short paragraphs.


27) Follow companies’ Twitter accounts to be one of the first applicants for job postings.
28) The first thing to look for when researching your company before the interview; What makes it different when compared to its competitors is what it is.
29) You make a first impression in 30 seconds or less.
30) Want to increase your charisma? Focus on being more energetic and optimistic.
31) Knowing a company is like getting to know a person: What does he like? Is he weird? Is it serious? Too critical?
32) Look interested: 67% of recruiters say they reject most candidates because they don’t make enough eye contact.
33) It would seem extremely cliché to say that your greatest weakness is your perfectionism. Find something more creative and authentic.
34) Fun fact: Recruiters couldn’t care less what college you went to.
35) Stand strong and smile even if no one sees you during phone interviews.
36) Share an article on LinkedIn every week, even if you’re not looking for a job.

Business life

37) Read the details in the job description. It will avoid major complications in the future.
38) Do you like your job? Great, keep looking for other jobs though.
39) Rule number one for dealing with bad bosses: It’s okay to question authority.
40) The average office worker receives 110 emails a day and spends an average of 13 hours a week replying to their emails.
41) Having a white space in the office increases the productivity of the teams.
42) You can use automatic messaging on your phone to reduce the time you spend replying to emails.
43) The profits of companies that take into account the culture of their location grow 17% faster than those that do not.
44) You are always an employee. You always represent your company and yourself.
45) No need to reinvent the wheel: Most of the emails you need to send at work have been written by people in similar situations before.
46) Do you want to get ahead in business life? Get loyal followers first.
47) You must stop apologizing all the time.
48) If you want to be seen as a leader, you must know how to manage changing environments.
49) Billions of dollars are wasted every year because of pointless meetings.
50) Before deciding to whom to delegate a task, make sure you know what the task is.
51) A poorly designed office can take a toll on your creativity and productivity.
52) When talking to an angry customer, addressing the customer by name can lead to a big change in their attitude.
53) Conference speeches 1. Rule: Decide ahead of time who will call whom.


54) Saying you don’t know something can help you take a big leap forward in your career.
55) If you look closely; You may find that overnight achievements actually take a long time.
56) Have a minute to waste and want to be productive? Spend this one minute deleting a distracting app.
57) If you want to be a more effective manager, don’t make promises you can’t keep.
58) The world’s most productive people know how to manage not only their time but also their energies.
59) Either you will consume time or time will consume you.
60) According to studies, setting the time limit yourself when trying to finish something is the least effective method.
61) Overcoming the fear of public speaking takes time, practice a lot and come up with a plan.
62) Learning to sync your electronic to-do lists can make you more productive than you think.

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