What Are My Talents? Or am I incompetent?

Gizem Şahan

Gizem Şahan

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Of course you are not 🙂
Hey you, hello!
If I ask you, can you leave yourself alone for 3 minutes? Your worries, the homework you’re doing, the people you need to call, or the email you’re going to write.
3 minutes…
We’re going to talk about something else today. Something that has bothered you for a long time, thought about, wondered about, but did not dare.
Are you with me?
Thanks! 🙂
I’m not going to tout fear as other people do today, nor will I give you a recipe for virtual happiness like life birds flowers insects.
If you would like to accompany me, I would like to live this week by focusing on our own talents and creativity. If we can live… 🙂
As realistic optimists, focusing on our own strengths and focusing on the things we can control a little more. What do you say?
In the training I gave in the past weeks and from the people I work with, I have been hearing the following questions recently:
“What are my abilities?
How do I discover my talents?
Can I convert them to “Business?”
That’s when I realized that I needed to share what I know not only with the participants, but also with you. That’s why I want to share a few step-by-step articles.
I don’t want to bore you with a long post. 🙂
Because I think that the better we know and develop our own talents, the more we can exist anywhere in the world with these talents and leave a meaningful footprint on life. And I truly believe that.
If we’re ready then, let’s get started.

1) Go Back to Your Childhood

What did you really want to be when you were little?
We didn’t have much of a sense of reality back then. We were not yet experiencing fear and failure as we do now, we learned these as we grew up. They taught. Could you please remember a little bit about yourself before you got caught up in other people’s thoughts or reality and limited yourself/dreams?
Fear of failure prevents us from finding and realizing our talent. We can get rid of this view of fear and failure by returning to our childhood. What you wanted to be when you were little will shed some light on your current talents and wishes.
If you want to be a dragon tamer, that’s unlikely, but who says you can’t be a science fiction writer?

2) What Do You Lose The Concept Of Time While Doing?

You know, sometimes we don’t understand how time has passed while doing the things we love, here are the moments I want you to take note of.
Please don’t be too hard on yourself, some talents are hidden and you may not find them right away, but please try to remember what you did in these very moments. For example, while writing, playing games, visiting a museum. How do I turn these into work? You can have a blog where you write reviews/opinions about them. You can start with this.
What do you dream of doing when you are bored at work or school?
What would you do if you had unlimited opportunities and resources?
If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? Why?
If you quit your job, what would you do all day?
I am here and I exist.
The answers to all these questions can actually help you find what inspires you.

3) Ask Others

Sometimes we have a hard time seeing our own abilities. Ask your friends, family, people you think know you well, what are you doing well?
I wish I had a talent like this, maybe others will find you incompetent. No problem! Who says you can’t improve yourself in subjects you don’t have innate talent? Or if you have a talent for something, you don’t need to follow it all your life.
For example, your family or friends say you have a strong analytical mind, but you have a strange passion for mountaineering. Can’t you really find a formula to combine the two?

4) Try New Things

If you’re not sure what you’re capable of, go out and try something new.
Watch and observe other people’s abilities and enjoy talking to them about these issues. Listen.
Think about what talents the people you admire most have. Attend seminars, attend conventions, offer to attend classes from people you love. Mentor, mentor.
Sir. How did they succeed?

“Only we are lost, that we are found.” – Jason Silva

5) Create Space

It’s fine to ask other people’s opinions, but sometimes you just have to be on your own. You need to question yourself and discover yourself. Calmly, on your own, because acting on other people’s thoughts or opinions won’t make you happy in the long run. It does them.
Most people are waiting for such a moment that their lives will change, something will happen that will rain inspiration from the sky and change their own destiny. Of course, there has been such a moment when famous musicians heard their own voices. But the best thing is to find that impulse that will create the change within yourself while sitting quietly. Try it, it might be a different experience.
Just hang out. Make new experiences alone. without needing anyone else. Stay by yourself and see what happens.
Gizem, it’s nice and nice, but if you say how do I do all these, I have prepared a few questions for you. 🙂
Yes, I would really like you to discover your own potential, so it’s not all my effort anyway. If even 1 person can change something in himself, create something beautiful and useful, I think it will contribute to this world.
These questions also prepare you for the interviews you will enter. 🙂 Here come our questions…

1) Defining What You Like

Please list the things you enjoy doing, without judging yourself. Please write even nonsense things without being offended that others will read it. These are some of the questions that can reveal our passions.
What are the things you love to do, even if no one else asks you to?
What are the things that people keep you from doing, that they say don’t do it anymore? (Mine was reading a book for example)
What things do you lose when you do?
What are the things you enjoy doing, even for free?

2) Knowing What Interests You

In fact, it’s a similar topic to the question of what do you like. But your interests are mostly the things you like to learn, research, read or watch.
What kinds of things do you like to read?
What do you like to talk about?
What are the topics/titles that usually catch your eye?

3) Identify Your Previous Achievements

Please list all the achievements you can think of. This list may reveal some of your abilities that you are already using but are not aware of.

What were your favorite subjects while you were studying?

What projects did you happily work on because you were part of the team?

In short, wow, I did a good job at this, actually, write everything you said, please. Then can you find the common point of all these achievements? If there is a certain pattern, I will ask you to research them.

4) You Can Do Some Tests

Myers-Briggs, DİSC, 16personalities.com Some character analysis tests can help you identify yourself.

5 ) Ask Someone

External observation sometimes allows us to see aspects of ourselves that we did not anticipate. Like friends, family, mentor or coach…
You can complete this job with professional support without looking at you with strange eyes, but you can ask the following questions to your relatives, for example:
What do you think I’m good at?
What did I want to be when I was little? What was I interested in? What kind of child was I? What do you think are the things that make me happy, make me feel like I was, and increase my energy?

6) Know Your Weaknesses

I’m not saying I know, I’m learning, I’m improving.
There are people who have made your dreams come true, maybe search around for them. LinkedIn is a great place in this regard, attend Networking events, ask people you trust with their opinions and perspectives, meet. Please explain yourself.
We cannot be good at everything. It might bother you a bit, but please ask yourself:
What do I spend a lot of time doing?
What am I procrastinating?
What makes me feel awkward or uncomfortable?
Trust me, people are more open than you think. Now is the time to share what you know. Don’t you want to inspire others by sharing your potential or talents with others?
I am happy to meet with people who have not yet entered corporate life or business life and share my humble experiences with them.
When I announced my decision to resign to my father, I said this. One of his biggest dreams was to have me appear in the newspaper. Don’t ask why, I don’t know either 🙂
I said to him:

“Dad, if I continue to work in this job, I’ll probably only be in a newspaper at 50 years old. I can either get it out or not. That’s why I quit corporate life.”

He didn’t look at me with much faith at the time, but when I appeared in a mainstream newspaper recently, he was of course very happy.
But I didn’t even think I could make it happen by sitting at my desk in that plaza. Even if that newspaper called me and said that they would like to include you as a “dreamer”, “Come on honey, you too!” I would say. But it can happen. Please believe in yourself and your dreams.
If you don’t believe in yourself, why should anyone else?
I believe in you
Really 🙂
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