Scientists Recommend: Stop Doing One Thing To Boost Your Brain Power

Elif Özçakmak

Elif Özçakmak

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Unlocking and learning to use all parts of the brain may still sound like science fiction. But that doesn’t stop us from imagining using the full potential of our mind and body.
Instead of waiting for technology or science to make our dreams come true for us, we can work on it ourselves. Our brain is a complex and fascinating organ that we can train like a muscle, and in doing so we not only try to advance in our careers and personal lives, but also protect ourselves from various diseases.
Massachusetts General Hospital employees conducted a study of people over 65, who have the brainpower of people in their mid-20s, whom they call “super-old people.” As Lisa Feldman Barrett, one of the co-authors of the study, told the “New York Times”, the aim of the study was to determine whether there was a noticeable difference between the brains of these “super-elders” and normal people of the same age.

If you want outstanding performance, you must train certain areas of your brain.

The researchers actually found a difference: Normal people did not find such an abnormality, while super-elderly people were found to have thicker brain areas in some areas. However, these thickened regions were not responsible for cognitive processes, such as the lateral prefrontal cortex, parts of which we think we’re working with crossword puzzles and other brain exercises. Surprisingly, regions associated with strong emotions, such as the anti-cingular cortex and the insular cortex, were more affected.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean you can train your brain while watching a sad, dramatic movie. You need to work hard on it. If you want to improve your brain and mind, you must prepare yourself to lose one habit: giving up.
The other thing you need to do: Leave your comfort zones. The trick in this business is always being able to accept new challenges. These challenges should be significant enough to make you feel bad at first. You must be disappointed, tired and pushing your physical and mental limits.
He has a quote that sums it up perfectly:

“Pain is weakness leaving the body.”

The unpleasant parts of your efforts will turn into positive things in the future: more discipline, better fitness, and a stronger brain.
It means “Don’t settle for anything that feels comfortable to you”. Enjoyable puzzle games like Sudoku won’t make you “super old”. Learn to play a new language or musical instrument, prepare for a marathon or learn an online lesson. Learn to sing, act or dance on stage. As Feldman Barrett writes, “You have to put in enough effort to feel a little ‘lousy’.”
This means:

“Don’t give up when the going gets tough. Keep going until you feel the pain and keep going. You will definitely be rewarded.”

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