What Does Lucifer Mean? Devil or Angel?


Lucifer is a name that appears frequently in mythology. This definition of Latin origin has a great role in Christianity. So what is the story of this character? Who is it actually? Let’s see together.

What Is the Meaning of Lucifer? What Does Lucifer Mean?

what does lucifer mean

Lucifer means fallen angel in English. “Is Lucifer the devil?” Although the answer to the question is “yes”, the definition of this character in many civilizations is different. It means radiant and Venus in Latin. In many sources, it is depicted as the representative of darkness as well as symbolizing the light.

What is Lucifer’s Story? Who is Lucifer? What is Lucifer?

who is lucifer

Lucifer is portrayed in different ways in different belief systems. Sometimes he is the devil himself, sometimes he is a luminous being. Description; It shows diversity in Ancient Rome, Christianity, Ancient Greek period.

Regardless of the periods, its story is also quite variable in certain esoteric groups and sects. Although it is an identity that most commonly evokes evil, it emerges in surprising forms as a concept. When we take a look at the story of this mythological character, we can first start with its definition in Christianity.

Christianity and Lucifer

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In the Christian belief, Lucifer is an evil being who rebels against God and succumbs to his passions. It drives people away from goodness and encourages egocentrism. He is expelled from heaven by God and becomes the metaphorical meaning of ego, arrogance, rebellion.

He is described as a dazzling angel whom the creator loved very much before he rebelled. He chose to emerge arrogantly from God’s holy and lofty position.

This being, who is very interested in his own intelligence and power, also wanted to reach the unique features of God. After this passion, which is seen as the starting point of evil, the concept of sin has taken its place in Christianity.

From the moment he tried to abuse his bestowed qualities, he was condemned to become a fallen angel .

This character, who chose darkness with his free will, was named satan (devil) after being expelled from heaven. There are some sources where he is also described as the son of Satan.

It aimed to distance people from the creative source. The ultimate purpose; It is to overcome the creator, whom he sees as a rival, to deviate everyone from the right path and to attract them to his side.

Lucifer Mythology: Definition of Lucifer in Ancient Greece (Lucifer in Greek Mythology)

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Lucifer is an important character in Greek Mythology. In ancient Greek times, Venus was thought to consist of two separate entities. The astrologers of the period, on the other hand, spread the information that Venus was the only star and it was called Eosphoros / Phosphorus . It is translated into Latin as Lucifer, meaning Lucem (light), Ferre (bringer) . Thus, it is identified with the morning appearance of Venus.

The reason why it is called the prince of darkness is a philosophical approach from that period. Venus has been admired for being the brightest planet, rising before the Sun, shining in the darkest hour. That’s why in Ancient Greece, the messenger of enlightenment was Venus, or Lucifer.

In the words of Carl Jung, “Man can be enlightened not by thinking about light, but by being conscious of darkness”. Similar to the point of view of the famous psychoanalyst, we can see that it was named with a philosophical approach in Ancient Greece.

Aradia: Lucifer in the Witches’ Bible


In this book on esotericism, old Italian witchcraft is mentioned. In the work written by Charles Leland, Lucifer is again featured as a being that brings light. In these compilation texts, which are essentially the teaching of witchcraft, there is a triple belief system passed down from generation to generation. These:

  • Roman goddess Diana
  • Luminous Lucifer,
  • Aradia, daughter of Diana and Lucifer.

In this belief system, it was believed that Aradia was sent to the world to protect people from the Catholic Church. However, it still has a surviving audience in neopaganism.

Lucifer’s Place in Mithraism


Mithraism, a mystical Roman culture, 1st AD. and 4. It was a sect that existed in the twentieth century. No written source could be found in the transmitted occult information, and its confidentiality was preserved.

In the teachings explained only to the members of the sect, Lucifer was seen as the god of both good and evil. In this belief system, which portrayed Lucifer in a more dualistic framework, the main theme was astrology. December 25 was also the birthday of this god. There are stories of him having dinner with his followers, who have 12 different signs in the zodiac, because it is associated with the sun.

Lucifer Devil or Angel?

Is Lucifer a Devil or an Angel?

“Is Lucifer an angel?” The answer to the question is actually both yes and no. Lucifer; He is known by names such as Satan, Iblis, Azazil in heavenly religions. It symbolizes evil, sin and vicious acts. The connotation that comes to mind has changed from time to time and has been perceived in different ways. In some occult beliefs, it continues to be seen as a source of light.

It has been uniquely depicted in various geographical locations and has evolved over time. In some civilizations, the glowing is a sacred being. In some civilizations, a god formed from the combination of good and evil…

It has come to the present day with various adjectives from ancient times and has preserved its place. Whether Lucifer is innocent or sinful is shaped by the teachings. When viewed from a dualist approach, it can be said that it is an entity that is essential for the existence of goodness. The existence of every concept with its opposite is also included in the ying-yang philosophy . In this case, it becomes important from which perspective the window is viewed.

No matter how we describe it, choosing the good is a matter of choice. Confronting our inner dark side allows us to rasp these aspects. Taming our negative sides is the most important point in bringing down our inner Lucifer.

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