5 Basic Methods You Can Use To Not Forget The Information You Have Learned

Sena Topaloğlu

Sena Topaloğlu

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We all hope that studying and learning will be easier, especially during exam periods. There are some methods that make it easier to learn and retain in memory.
Let’s take a quick look at these methods:

1) Loci Method

The method, also known as the memory palace or the mind palace technique, is in the form of associating the information that is wanted to be kept in memory with the places. It is applied by matching the well-known street, house, school with the desired information and placing it in the memory. The more lively the place is, the stronger the memory will be. The character Sherlock Holmes is a great example of using the Loci method.

2) Chaining Method

The method, also known as the story-making method, is to create a meaningful or meaningless and funny story by bringing newly learned information or words one after another. Most interactive lesson videos aim to memorize using this method, especially in verbal lessons.

3) Hook Method

It is a method that is used effectively especially in foreign language education. Using words with sound similarity in Turkish in order to remember foreign language words is an example of this method.

4) Nailing Method

It is a method that is made with the phonetic alphabet and includes the hook method. In this method, the aim is to increase the ability to remember words by using both the left and right lobes of the brain with the letters corresponding to the numbers in the phonetic alphabet and to get the highest efficiency from memory.

5) Initial Letter Method

It is a technique of creating a meaningful acrostic from the first letters to remember the learned word concepts. Memorable examples from high school lessons: Fistikci Sahap, H2SO4

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