What Should Your Learning Style Be According to These 4 Personality Colors?

Elif Özçakmak

Elif Özçakmak

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Everyone has their own unique character traits. Lifestyle, needs, expectations from life, motivation styles may differ for everyone. However, at some points, personality traits may show similarity. Hippocrates, the founder of modern medicine in ancient Greece, observed that people had similar characteristics and grouped them according to their bodily secretions. Hippocrates discovered that if it is determined which group it belongs to, people’s lifestyles and perspectives on events can be determined beforehand.
Over time, these behavioral categories of Hippocrates have been developed by many researchers. Swiss psychologist Carl G Jung developed the Insights model with his extensive psychological research studies, including basic personality studies. With the Insights model, it is possible to increase self-awareness and better understand the personalities of others.
After getting to know yourself with the Insights model, you can also discover the learning style that suits you best.
The Insights model has gathered the interacting energies in personality traits under four colors: Cool Blue, Earth Green, Sun Yellow, and Fire Red.

1) Cool Blue

They are high-energy, introverted personalities. Those with a blue personality who have an analytical intelligence need to know and make sense of the events around them. They are perfectionists, planned and programmed. Representing nobility and seriousness, blue personalities love discipline, are prescriptive, orderly and organized.

Learning format: They learn through observation and analysis-based learning. These people, who usually prefer to learn on their own, stay in the background in group training and make observations. They are well prepared for training. They support what they have learned with educational materials, think about and analyze what they have learned.

2) Earth Green

This relaxing and peaceful color symbolizes tranquility and harmony. People with this color personality value their relationships and avoid conflict. Compared to other characters, they are cold-blooded and defend their ideas calmly and decisively. Green personalities who are at peace with themselves want to finish their work as soon as possible and rest, they have a relaxed personality.

Learning format: They learn through reflective learning style. After collecting information through experiences, they prefer to learn by researching, weighing the information in their minds and reflecting. These people, who should be allowed to make observations and gather information from concrete experiences, process what they have learned in a systematic way and learn by evaluating them.

3) Sun Yellow

Friendly, cheerful, and generally positive-minded, they value human relationships. They believe that life should be fun. They are enterprising. Workspaces are messy. They do not think about the details, they are careless, but they always have bright ideas. They find interesting solutions to problems and are very curious.

Learning format: They learn through experiential learning. Unlike blue personalities, they enjoy learning with others. Instead of analyzing past issues, they create a vision for the future and calculate how they can move forward. For these people who learn by experience, workshops are suitable trainings.

4) Fire Red

They are strong and determined people. They focus on goals and results, they are self-confident. They are business-oriented, well-organized, do not ask for help from anyone and do not like to take orders. They are result oriented and get the job done. They like to lead others.

Learning format: They learn in a pragmatic way of learning. They learn by taking action and seeing how things work in real life. They like to have control while learning but hate to be slowed down by information they deem unnecessary. E-learning applications that will allow them to delve deeper into areas of interest can help them learn.

Applying learning styles according to the colors that match your personality traits can make your job easier. You may not fully comply with any of these. In this case, it is up to you to experience all of these learning styles and discover the most suitable one for you.

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