4 Lies You Should Stop Telling Yourself About Things You’re Afraid To Do

Melike Çalkap

Melike Çalkap

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Fear, anxiety, stress and uncertainty exist in all areas of life. Unfortunately, most of the things we want to do in our lives are not presented to us on a gold platter. We are never sure whether the steps we will take will bring success or not. However, making excuses by delaying the steps we want to take because we do not know the future will cause you to face a much worse situation than the result of what you will do.
We all have lies we tell ourselves without realizing it. First try to get rid of these lies, realize your potential and believe in it:

1) I’m Not Ready To Do This

Not feeling ready is only a possible part of the process. It is quite possible that you will encounter difficulties in the process that you will have to experience. For this reason, start taking your actions by planning the steps you will take in advance. Start by giving yourself a specific date. Keep in mind that life is pretty short and moves fast to wait to feel ready.

2) My Ideas Are Not Good Enough

You may have an idea for a venture or just the idea of a path that can take you to where you want to be. It doesn’t matter what they are. The important thing is that you are constantly avoiding them and putting them off. Give importance to your ideas. Make sure which one will get you where you want to go and develop it. Focus on one and do what you have to do now. Don’t delay.

3) I’m Not A Preferred Candidate Yet

Most of the time, we create some of the obstacles that come our way by ourselves. Stop seeing yourself as inadequate and using it as an excuse. To be the preferred person, try to think for the other party rather than yourself. “What does he need?” Ask the question and identify the sides that you can meet those needs. Then start doing what you need to do to improve yourself.

4) I’m Late To Do This Today, I’ll Start The Next Morning

Before this lie, admit to yourself: I will have many reasons not to start the next morning…
It is much better to start what you are going to do right now than to delay and wait. Remember, you are as responsible for what you don’t do as you are responsible for what you do. If you have a goal, get up and start doing something now. Choose to be responsible for what you do, not what you don’t do.

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