2 Perspectives That Will Change Your Thinking and Make You Feel Better

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We all go through tough times from time to time. In these difficult times, it is quite normal to feel as if we have lost all hope regarding our individual problems with a pessimistic mood. Now there are two new perspectives you can incorporate into your life, and these perspectives can make you feel so much better in situations like these. These are things that most of us know, but it is useful to remember and look more deeply.

1) Everyone in the world can feel unhappy or worried about anything, big or small, at certain times.

No one’s life is as amazing as you imagine or as it seems. This fact may seem unrealistic or overly pessimistic at first. But on the other hand, consider: The photos, videos and stories you are exposed to on social media all day reflect the best moments of the people you follow.
A photo of a delicious-looking drink or a story by the pool… Millions of photos and videos of people who look happy, look good, look sporty, taken right in the middle of the fun… Those who share these live in a mood of ups and downs just like everyone else. Please remember this often.
Now you can decide how correct the above point of view is based on yourself and the life you have had. Look at your own profiles. When was the last time you shared a bad-looking photo or a sad moment on social media?
Do not compare the unreal life on social media with your own life. Do not do this injustice to yourself. The happiness and perfection you see here does not reflect reality.

2) Self-pity will not solve any problems and will not bring you happiness.

Feeling unhappy, restless, negative is a part of life. As I mentioned above; No life is perfect and every individual has problems to deal with from time to time.
According to a study written by Tara Parker-Pope and carried out by the New York Times, defining and owning one’s negative feelings is actually the first step towards happiness. The important thing here is to perceive and adopt these negative feelings correctly.
For example, adopting an approach such as “I’ve had some setbacks at this job, but I have the skills to solve these problems” rather than saying “I’m very bad at this job” will help you improve yourself instead of feeling sorry for yourself and getting angry.

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