5 Practical Ways to Help You Develop Your Analytical Intelligence

Elif Özçakmak

Elif Özçakmak

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Although analytical thinking may sound like a distant term, it is a skill that allows you to analyze and analyze events like a detective (See Sherlock).
There are some methods that can be applied to improve your analytical thinking skills, which you will need in both your professional and social life. Of course, when you do these, you will not suddenly experience enlightenment, but as you repeat them from time to time, your mind will work and develop.
Here are some methods you can use to improve your analytical thinking skills:

1) Play brain teasers.

You can improve your analytical thinking skills by playing intelligence games such as puzzles, sudoku, checkers, chess, go, or strategy games played in digital environments. While you enjoy playing these games, you can also contribute to your deep thinking and analytical skills.

2) Always learn new things.

Being open to learning keeps the mind alive. Do research, regularly publish magazines, newspapers, blogs, etc. read, attend trainings. Increasing your knowledge improves your perspective and your ability to evaluate and analyze information.

3) Read a book, discuss it.

While reading a book increases your knowledge and culture, discussing the books you read with someone helps you to evaluate the events by analyzing the plot, and to look at the events from different perspectives, and improves your analysis ability. Join a discussion group if you can. Thus, you can express yourself better and improve your communication skills.

4) Solve math problems.

Math problems that we have been dealing with since we started school improve your mind as they are solved. Analyzing using the given information, reaching the solution of the problem, turning it into an exercise helps you to solve the problems you encounter in daily life by thinking analytically.

5) Pay attention to details.

In the car, bus, taxi or walking; You can pay attention to details in the room you are in, in your office, everywhere. Examine the objects around you and their differences from each other. Keep in mind the names of people, their distinguishing features. When you start paying attention to details, you will see your analytical thinking skills improve.

We can say that analytical thinking, which is one of the most important competencies sought for the professions of the future, is a systematic thinking style that is carried out to understand and solve problems by separating the information you have. Developing this skill, which will be very useful in both daily and business life, will make your job much easier in solving the knots you come across.

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