11 Methods to Learn Spanish

Learning Spanish can be quite confusing at first. However, the benefits of learning a new language are endless. Spanish is a language belonging to the Romance branch of the Indo-European language family. Romanian languages include French and Italian. Since these three languages are of Latin origin, they are quite similar to each other.

Portuguese is the language most similar to Spanish. After Chinese, it is the most spoken language. Apart from the countries where the official language is Spanish, it is also the second most spoken language on the border of the United States after English. Indeed, in countries like Gibraltar, Spanish is used more, although it is not an official language.

There are many ways to learn Spanish. However, it should be noted that; Each person has their own unique approach to learning. Therefore, it is important to identify individual learning methods. One of the most important elements to learn Spanish is practice.

There are a number of ways to learn Spanish. It will be very useful for practice to do it together with a few of these methods you will choose. For those who want to learn Spanish on their own, we have compiled a number of recommended methods.

1) Obtaining a Workbook

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In order to learn Spanish, it is necessary to obtain a resource to refer to as a priority. It is very important to have a resource to consult, both to learn the grammatical structure and to practice what you have learned in writing.

Such resources also include exercises to test yourself with and tips to learn results.

For beginners, it is necessary to prefer resources that contain CDs that can develop the language audibly.
With this method, it is recommended to get yourself a workbook. That way, you can practice writing wherever you go.

2) Reading to Learn Spanish

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While learning our mother tongue, the second way we did was through reading. Therefore, a book in Spanish is very practical for learning new words. A Spanish children’s book for learning Spanish is very helpful at the beginner level to keep new words and simple sentence structures in mind.

A more advanced method of reading is to read Spanish authors who have translations in our language. After reading it in Turkish, you can compare it to Spanish. Thus, it will be easier to see and understand advanced sentence structures.

3) Watching Movies and Series with Subtitles to Learn Spanish

Film ve Dizileri Altyazıyla İzlemek

Another method for learning Spanish is to strengthen auditory memory. This is best done by watching something. You can watch Spanish movies and TV series with Turkish subtitles. Similarly; You can watch the movie and TV series that you will watch in Turkish with Spanish subtitles.

If you are confident in your English, you can also do this by watching English movies and TV series with Spanish subtitles. In this way, your mental effort to learn a new language will be activated. The more advanced version of this method is to watch Spanish TV series and movies with Spanish subtitles. If you know a little Spanish, it is possible to improve with this method. It will be quite helpful to distinguish different accents audibly.

4) Listening to Spanish Songs and Podcasts

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Another way to learn Spanish and practice aural is to listen. Although listening to podcasts is not suitable for the beginner level, you will be able to come across words that you will be familiar with in the song. Focusing on following the dialogues through the podcast will also be helpful for speaking practice. It will be difficult at first to understand what someone is saying in a foreign language. However, it is a very effective method for reinforcing learned vocabulary. Listening to songs and trying to sing will also be a means to force yourself to learn in a pleasant way.

5) Traveling to Spanish-Speaking Countries


One way to learn Spanish is to have to speak the language. Moreover, the more Spanish you hear, the easier it will be to understand any context. With this method, it will also be easier to understand different accents. In addition, witnessing daily life is very useful in terms of understanding the language.

6) Spending Time in a Spanish Speaking Environment

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If travel is not possible, one method is to be in a Spanish-speaking environment.
One of the things that can be done for this is to get together with other people who are learning Spanish. Communicating around the world with the Internet is much easier. Getting yourself a correspondent may be more practical in this context.

7) Writing to Learn Spanish

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Keeping a diary will regulate your thought flow. Keeping a Spanish diary will be helpful for you to force yourself to express yourself in Spanish. It is also very effective to perform this method in Turkish and translate it into Spanish. It is a very suitable practice for adapting the words and sentence structures you have learned to your flow of thought.

With this method, you can push your own limits. You can remember the sentences that will express yourself more easily while speaking. Moreover, you can practice your newly learned words by using them in sentences. Or you can identify new words you need. It will also encourage you to research and tinker with the dictionary to learn Spanish grammar.

8) Online Spanish Courses

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Another thing you can do to learn Spanish on your own is to take an online course. In particular, taking lessons from a native Spanish speaker will provide the necessary conditions for understanding the language. In these courses, besides grammar, you can also access some cultural information. In this way, you can easily understand the necessary tips for learning the language.

9) Using Language Learning Apps

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Language learning applications, which you can use for free, are very useful to spend your small leisure time. To learn any language, practice is essential. These types of practices will help you strengthen your practice in a short time. These applications also include games where you can learn new words. You can also test yourself with the auditory tests they have.

10) Trying Spanish Recipes

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Trying the dishes of different cultures is an effective way to adapt to different cultures. Trying Spanish recipes to learn Spanish will help you understand Spanish culture. With this method, you can adapt yourself to learning Spanish more easily. With effortless internet research, you can access these recipes.

11) Speak Spanish to Learn Spanish

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One way to adapt your thought flow to Spanish is to speak to yourself. Trying and challenging your thoughts out loud in Spanish will make you very comfortable bringing a new language to life that you’re just starting to learn. This is also an effective way to practice speaking. If you’re embarrassed to speak Spanish in front of others, it will get in the way.

12) Translating to Learn Spanish

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Learning Spanish is not just about being able to speak and understand what is being said. Understanding this language is also very important. This is about translating. You should try to translate every text you come across in your daily life. It could even be a social media post or a food menu. Once you establish this habit, your mind will want to translate every text it sees into Spanish.

These translations do not have to be in writing. With this method, you can adapt your learning limits to your daily life. The main purpose of this method is to encourage thinking in Spanish throughout the day. One of the most effective ways to do this is to spend time on social media like Twitter. You can get good practice by trying to translate any Tweet you come across into Spanish.

13) Changing Your Phone’s Language to Spanish

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If you’re just starting out learning Spanish, this method can be quite daunting. But this method will adapt Spanish to your daily life. If you are someone who carries out your daily routines via phone, this method will make more sense. After adapting to this method, you can level up yourself by translating your other devices to Spanish.

If you are a beginner in Spanish, this method will be quite confusing. But if you know the location of everything on your phone by heart, you can give this challenge a shot.


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