Notes from Motivational Speaker Tony Robbins’ $5220-Worth-Seminar

Onur Zeybek

Onur Zeybek

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Tony Robbins sees 200,000 people a year and gives a seminar only once a year. This seminar lasts more than 12 hours per day for 6 days. People from all over the world flock to the seminar, which costs $5,220 to attend. There are even many people who sell their belongings in order to participate. The seminar is very interactive, and some participants can even share their stories and have one-on-one dialogues with Robbins. The seminar begins with Robbins asking participants to hug 12 people they don’t know.

“Words have the power to pierce consciousness.”

He believes that a phrase or language pattern spoken out loud and with an active physiology, that is, after standing or jumping, is the most powerful tools available for organizing new beliefs, as neurology and physiology are actively used. He says just knowing won’t make you any better. You must talk about what you want with emotional intensity.

“If you have pain in any area of your life, it is a call to grow.”

Asking to yourself a question like, “How can I prove that I am capable and worthy?” , you think the self depends on it and you will suffer. You think that if I didn’t do something big in my life or didn’t succeed greatly, my life would have been wasted, and you feel that you won’t be respected. The reason you put so much pressure on yourself is because you fear inside of you that you risk never being enough. Change your question.
“How can I evaluate myself more right now?” A question like helps you get better, reduces anxiety and brings a sense of calm by making you feel that you are being guided in the right way.

“Depression is not a disease, it is just a focal pattern.”

The moment you focus on something, you give it meaning. Is this good or, bad? Is this person making fun of me or, being disrespectful? Is it a challenge or, a gift? The most successful are always trying to control their life events. You can’t control all events, but you can always control the meaning they mean to you. What you focus on will determine whether you are depressed or not. Depression is not a disease, just a focal pattern. By taking control of your focus, you can radically change the quality of your life.

“The quality of our lives is nothing else than the quality of our emotions. It is the force that shape the meaning and life. It is the colors of emotion.”

By human nature, you probably look for situations that you can control or that you can feel important and special. Your goal right now may be more money, losing weight, more success. The truth is that you can be the richest in the world, have the perfect body, and still become miserable, because emotional dissatisfaction is the most basic of the needs that are not actually met.

“The way you make your decisions gives meaning.”

It’s largely your own stories that control your life. These stories are what keep you from taking action or making progress in certain areas. You must be the master of meaning and find a good spot in any situation and find more empowering meanings for your life.

“If you are not yourself, you will have a hard time loving yourself.”

Our whole life changes in an instant. If someone says to you, “It took me 10 years to make a change.” understand that that change actually happened all of a sudden. If you’re waken up, you can take control forever. Things start to get exciting at that point. What area of your life is not going the way you want? Your problem is your gift. Above all, work on yourself. If you discover the beliefs and values that control you, you can redesign yourself.
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