7 Tips to Help You Reach Your Dream Network

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Expanding our network basically requires interacting with others, but the key is being aware of others’ expectations and adjusting our behavior accordingly. While there are countless articles on building a good network, many are based on the thoughts of just a few people.
Over the past years, 3,400 senior employees around the world have been surveyed to identify key drivers in this area. The majority of attendees were between the ages of 30-59 and were given a list of 20 traits that could be effective in networking. They were asked to mark the important ones among them. According to the survey results, we have compiled the 7 most important features for you;

1) Making the other person feel that you are a good listener

Being a good listener is the most important feature at the top of the list. Our success in networking is shaped by how well we listen, because these traits also show how much we value the relationships we build. Remember, without listening to people, you don’t know what they need and you can’t help.

2) Establishing a positive attitude by smiling

The first thing people see in you is how you deal with things in your daily life. People who constantly behave negatively are not welcomed by their environment, so behaving positively makes people want to establish a network with you and takes you one step ahead.

3) Having a flexible structure to cooperate

According to the results, people who can cooperate with those around them form networks more easily with other people. Partnership; It can be anything from helping others, sharing a useful article, or getting in touch on a specific topic. Developing yourself in this regard paves the way for establishing a strong relationship by providing trust to the person in front of you.

4) Believing in the power of naturalness for healthy communications

You can be a good listener, be positive and help those around you, but if you don’t act naturally, it will be very difficult for you to be successful in this field. Successful networkers don’t try to pretend to be someone else because artificiality isn’t sustainable and doesn’t work after a while.

5) To make you feel follower and persistent

A new opportunity, a special contract or a business advice. Whatever the subject, the suggestions you offer to someone who doesn’t follow you will feel like you’re wasting your time after a while. Many respondents said, “The fortune lies in the pursuit.” he said. You can meet the people you want and reach the point you have dreamed of one day by following things and being able to follow them.

6) Not compromising your honesty

A businessman who participated in the survey said, “No matter how successful the person is, if I don’t trust that person, I don’t want to do business together.” We can explain in words. Just as we do not want to be a reference to someone we do not trust, people do not want to have people they do not trust around them.

7) Being friendly to make the other person feel comfortable

What you say to someone may be forgotten, what you did may be forgotten, but how you made them feel will never be forgotten. When you treat the other person sincerely and sincerely, the person feels comfortable and in these situations, a network of relations begins to be established. Remember, effective networks always come from sincerity.

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