The 10 Most Efficient Exercises to Improve Your Creativity and Writing Ability

Creative writing, one of the talents with a history as old as humanity, is still a valuable activity today. No matter how much the world changes, creating a story never wears out its impact.
Whether you are a young pen eager to write or a professional copywriter or novelist; The ability to write can always be carried forward. That’s why it’s useful to look at 10 exercises that will keep your brain and pen vigorous about creative writing.

1) Exercise “7x7x7”

Get the seventh book from your library. Open the seventh page in the book and look at the seventh sentence on the page. Write a 7-line poem that begins with this sentence. Thanks to this exercise, you will learn to use and stretch words within a drawn boundary.

2) Dictionary Exercise

Choose a word you don’t know from the dictionary and don’t look at its meaning. Try to guess the meaning of this word by writing it down. It doesn’t matter whether the meaning you write is correct or incorrect, the main purpose here is to systematize the guessing and enrich the vocabulary.

3) Firsts

Tell about experiences in your life that you can say was the first for me (first day of school, your first adventure abroad). Rest assured, as the memories are put on paper, better stories will emerge than you expect. Most writers feed mostly on themselves. That’s why it’s vital for you to be able to easily transfer your feelings and memories onto paper.

4) Magazine Puzzle

Gather words, phrases and pictures that you find interesting from a content, magazine or newspaper you read (you can cut them out from paper or digital) in one place. Ask anyone around you to choose two of the materials you have collected. Two of the selected ones will be your keywords and you will write a story that will not exceed 250 words.

5) Observe!

Choose an image you like; It could be a landscape, it could be a person. Simply start with the image of this item. Describe what you see here: “What is this place? Why is this boy here? What is this boy’s story?” Get lost in the details inside the image. Let this image have a story and add meaning to the image you choose. Writers are excellent observers. Thanks to this exercise, your ability to describe and observe will gain practicality.

6) Tame the Wild Animal

Try to sell a wild and unfit pet to a happy family. It could be a Bengal tiger or a crocodile in this image. Despite their wild appearance, try to use some of their characteristics and make them look like budgies.

7) Hello Future Me

You have come to the future and you need to send a message to yourself. What would that message be? Apart from that, you need to guide your past from the time period you are in. Tell your past, one by one, what not to do and what to focus on. In this way, you will analyze your life more easily, and you will improve in creating a dialogue.

8) Merge

Open two advertising posters you see in newspapers or magazines in front of you. Try to write a poem or story using the words used in the advertisements.

9) “I remember …”

Write down your oldest memory. Try to come to the present day with your memories and start every sentence with “I remember”.

10) Change Character

Write a first-hand story. Be the main character of this story, but be from a different country, a different age, or a different gender. Try to explain yourself when you are not yourself. In this way, you will understand more easily how to create a character. Apart from that, you can also create a character that is the opposite of your own characteristics.

These exercises have been prepared for the purpose of both providing a different and enjoyable time with your friends and strengthening your pen on your own.
Of course, the main secret of writing is reading a lot at first. Before you can be a good writer, you must be a good reader. You can find content about reading habits and benefits here:

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