A Mind Trick That Will Make You Remember Much of Everything You’ve Learned, Confirmed by Science

Our brain is confronted with many stimuli every day. In this direction, the things we need to learn increase in parallel.
Many methods have been produced in order to keep the knowledge learned from the past in mind. You can try this mind trick if you think that the advice you repeat often, such as strengthening the synapse network, making associations with similar words does not work for you anymore.

Using visual memory to retain information

If you really want to keep a piece of information in your mind, you have to describe that information by drawing according to science.
Visual memory always has a much more practical working system than keeping information word by word. Therefore, you can make the information more permanent by using visualization methods.
Scientists investigating this issue have revealed that drawing, as an additional finding, strengthens the memory of older adults against the danger of diseases such as Alzheimer’s and demas.
It should also be underlined that you do not need to have excellent drawing skills to strengthen your memory and benefit from these benefits.

“We found that in older adults, drawing improves memory more than any other known study method.”

Mellisa Meade, one of the researchers, says that as a result of their research, they came to the above conclusion.

“These results have given us serious encouragement, and we are now exploring in what ways this could be used to help people with dementia who experience sudden declines in memory and language function.”

In the study, 48 different participants, half of whom were in their 20s and half in their 80s, were asked to do a series of exercises. Then, when the participants were shown the words in order, they were asked to write down these words or to draw their impressions on paper.
The participants were then asked to remember as many words as possible. Accordingly, it was found that young adults remember more words than older adults.
Melissa Meadei, in an interview with Huffington Post:

“Drawing a picture is a very simple task, and it can be easily applied in everyday life and memory can be improved.”

Scientists say drawing is much more memorable than writing

It turns out that drawing is the most effective form of learning, as information is represented visually, spatially, verbally, and motorically.
In other words, information is spread over more regions while memory is retained and a more comprehensive learning process is experienced.
That’s why you can add learning by drawing to your working system without hesitation. The results will be much more successful than you can imagine.

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