Eudaimonia – Working Deeply

Emre Erdemir

Emre Erdemir

Stress & Life Analysis Engineer

Have you ever felt like time flies by, drifting away, or just waking up when you’re done studying for a test or a topic you’re interested in? 


Cal Newport, in his book Deep Work, translated the title of the book into Turkish as “Pürdikkat” and explained the depth of the work as follows:  

High-level activities that are performed with total focus and attention and that push the limits of cognitive abilities.

The author notes: “It is very difficult to imitate the new values and personal skills developed by careful work by others.”

Baby Steps

As Newton explained in his Law of Inertia, entities want to maintain their inertia or state of motion.
                                                 Inertia of Money
Factors such as social media, which we use via smartphones and which are designed to psychologically depend on us with little happiness, push us to maintain our inaction and prevent us from deepening.

 However, in order to work deeply, the first thing we need to do is to concentrate as much as possible.
To do this, we can follow these steps:
1. Preparation
To begin with, it is necessary to take all the items and tools we need with us while working so that such deficiencies do not cause us to be distracted while working.

2. Find Your Own Cave
Just like every home in India has a private room to meditate on, not everyone has a dedicated room to study, but we can find spaces where we don’t get distracted. Especially the sota places of the libraries will be ideal for us. Other than that, it would be great if we could allocate a room in our own house for study only.

3. Time to Roll Up Your Sleeves

The most important part starts here. Cal Newport states that those who are new to deep training can work deeply for about 1 hour during their training, and this time can go up to 4 hours as they develop their working muscles. In order to develop muscles, it is necessary to resist boredom and make this type of work a habit instead of addictions such as social media.

4. Break
Speaking of muscles, it is necessary to rest as much as to exercise them. We can think of our attention as a kind of muscle. It is also necessary to reward ourselves after routines in order to make this type of work a habit.

In short, as the old saying goes:

Craft is worship. Every man is his own craftsman.

May your sky be clear.

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