Explanation of 17 Popular English Abbreviations That We Often Encounter On The Internet

Cyaffel Gusto

Cyaffel Gusto

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English is a language in which abbreviations are frequently used, especially in daily life, on the internet and in computer games. We can encounter abbreviations of almost every phrase, word or even sentence.
In this content, the most popular 17 of these abbreviations of English that are likely to appear on the Internet are expansions. If we’re ready, let’s get started!

1) LOL (laugh out loud): means “laugh out loud”.

We can say that this abbreviation stands for laughter in response to the jokes you see in messaging or on the internet. The famous video game League of Legends is also abbreviated as LoL. Let me warn you not to mix.

2) ASAP (as soon as possible): means “as soon as possible”.

3) GR8: An abbreviation similar to the word “great”, which means “great” when you look at it as a pronunciation.

An abbreviation derived from the pronunciation of the number 8. Just like in the 4ever: forever example.

4) ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing): means “to lie down laughing”.

5) BTW (by the way): meaning “by the way”.

An acronym that you can often see in emails, whatsapp messages lately.

6) GTG / G2G (Got To Go): Abbreviation for “I have to go”.

7) TTYL (Talk To You Later): means “we’ll talk later”.

8) BRB (be right back): meaning “I’ll be right back”.

9) ASL? (age, sex, location?)

An acronym that is generally used in dating applications to get basic information about the other party in one go and quickly. Turkish for “age, gender, from where?” We can explain as.

11) YW (you are welcome): means “you are welcome”.

12) AKA (Also Known As): It means “aka”.

An acronym that you can often see especially in HipHop culture. You can see it in musicians with more than one pseudonym.

13) XOXO (Hugs And Kisses): Means “Loves and Kisses”.

14) TBT (Throwback Thursday): It means “Hey Good Days”.

It is the abbreviation we see as #tbt, especially on Instagram. It is used in photo and video sharing that includes a memory from the past.

15) TBH (to be honest): means “to be honest”.

16) AFK (away from the keyboard): an abbreviation that means “to be away from the keyboard” and indicates that you are not in front of a computer.

It is an acronym that is frequently used and familiar by individuals who play games such as PUBG , CSGO, LOL.

17) DIY (do it yourself): means “make it yourself”.

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