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Aykut ÖÇAL

Aykut ÖÇAL

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Smiling doesn’t cost anyone, but it can save a lot. Especially in the future, it will provide much more, benefiting everything from flying across the country to buying fried chicken.

People living in China are really seeing this right now. Alipay (owned by Alibaba), the mobile app used by 120 million people in China, allows money to be transferred using facial recognition. Alibaba started payment system at Kfc. For Chinese consumers, this means they can leave their wallets and smartphones at home. Of course, this also means that the government has a tool to track identities. Thanks to deep learning , facial recognition has improved significantly in recent years. In January, Baidu used facial recognition technology to create a show in China. The show puts artificial intelligence to the test for its voice and facial recognition capabilities, against human rivals who think they’re adept at recognizing people’s voices and faces. Baidu is known for beating human opponents. Face recognition technology can now recognize a face from any angle. Technology in China, out of curiosity. It has become a regularly used technology. Some banks in the country even use facial recognition to issue loans, and Chinese citizens can board trains and pay for their tickets by showing their face instead of the contents of their wallets. Apple’s iPhone X includes Face ID technology, which allows users to unlock their phones with their face. apple. has taken steps to ensure consumers will not store images of their faces in the cloud. Facebook’s position, meanwhile, is unclear. The company uses its large database of consumer images for AI research, and as a result, facial recognition can be used to learn about users’ hobbies, preferences, and interests in targeted advertising. Google is also working on this, so your face will be immediately tagged in your friends’ photos, along with a feature Facebook uses, and while Amazon doesn’t have any public use for facial recognition yet, the company has a powerful facial recognition program. Imagine walking into a shop, grabbing what you need, then smiling into a camera to pay. Things like getting a coffee at Starbucks and catching the subway right away will also be seamless. In this future world, your phone won’t be that important. In fact, by using Apple Pay or Samsung Pay with a smartwatch, you’ll be able to do most of the things you need to do without a phone. You’ll be able to do without your phone being big. Your phones could replace today’s computers.
If the government and the biggest tech companies know you from anywhere, you will leave a data trail wherever you go. Getting caught already happens to some extent. Smartphone data is already being used as evidence of cheating in divorce cases. Amazon imported data from the Echo device for use in a murder case. In the near future, consumers will have to deal with the fact that Echo is always listening to them and their iPhone is always watching them. The next question is: how much privacy will consumers be able to give up for gain? In the US the answer would probably be ‘a lot’, at least. Therefore, China will not be the only country where you can use your face to go shopping soon.

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