Why Is It So Hard To Stay In The Moment We Live In?

Emre Ülkem

Emre Ülkem

Boğaziçi Uni.

From time to time, we all complain that we can’t stay in the moment we live in. Whatever we do, we feel like we can’t get into that moment. Our perceptions of our surroundings change, we want to go somewhere else as soon as possible, and maybe we even feel very unhappy. This frustrating situation is one of the problems that negatively affect our daily life.
For example, we are on a beautiful beach on a sunny day, but we are not completely there, as if something in our brain is taking us to the past or the future. Or we are on the birthday of a person we love very much, but it is as if our brain is not there while only our body is there. At such times, an absurd situation arises because our behavior also loses its sincerity.
So what are the things that make it difficult for us not to fully experience those beautiful moments we live in? Unfortunately, the answer to this question cannot be said for sure, but it can be said that experiencing anxiety problems is one of the biggest factors that make it difficult for us to stay in the present.
The moment we live contains an enormous number of possibilities that we are always aware of in the background of our memory. Some of these are negative possibilities such as earthquake, rejection, failure. The sum of such probabilities can also cause non-specific, general anxiety. ‘Simple fear of the unknown about what is to come’ is the most concise explanation for this anxiety.
Another of the main reasons why we disconnect from the moment we live in is to feel that something is wrong/gone even though everything is fine. Let’s say you went to a cafe to meet your friend and started chatting.
Then all of a sudden, in your mind, “Why am I here? Why are we talking about this now? How do I look in front of him right now? How would he think if I asked permission to get up?” began to return, and you had the feeling that something was wrong. Unfortunately, in this way, we gradually lose our concentration and it becomes inevitable to disconnect from the moment we live.




In order to minimize this situation, we must first accept that what we are experiencing is normal and we must do exercises to increase our awareness on a regular basis. Especially mindfulness Doing meditations will help us a lot to become aware of the moment we live in.
If you know of effective solutions to overcome this situation, you can share it with us in the comments.

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