What is a Tiny House?

Tiny House is a modernized version of the towing caravan, which has been created in a minimalist living space. Tiny House is   actually a tiny version of 2+1 or 3+1 houses. Today, people living in 2+1 houses know hundreds of unused and idle household items. Besides these household items that are uncertain when to be used, most places may even be inadequate because these items take up a lot of time. At this stage, Tiny House comes into play and these houses, which are minimalist, that is, free from excess items and contain only the products they need, are between 6 meters and 10 meters in length, 2.55 cm in width and a maximum of 4 meters in height, offering a unique living space and life to their users.   

Is Tiny House suitable for undeveloped land?
Since these small houses are not subject to construction, they do not need any official procedures. (non-motorized vehicle – caravan) You can go wherever your vehicle goes and park on undeveloped lands. It should be noted here that in order to have the status of a wheelhouse, it must be manufactured in accordance with the laws of the highway.   Not every wheelhouse is an official and licensed product and can cause you considerable financial losses. In this regard, tiny house houses with official and license plate will be a good solution for you.
What are the Tiny House Dimensions?
The dimensions are almost the same as the tiny house lengths towing-trailer.   Wooden wheel houses have features distinguishing them from moto caravans or towing cars. There is no doubt that they are pretty more spacious than moto and towing caravans and can be used as 1+1 or 2+1. The dimensions of these houses are as follows.
Tiny House Lenght: 6 meters / 7 meters / 8 meters / 9 meters / 10 meters
Tiny House Width:  2.55cm (this is the minimum and maximum size.) This is because it does not overflow the lanes on the highway.
Tiny House Height Measurement: 4 meters (this measurement is the maximum). This measurement is equivalent to the heights of the bridges and overpasses on the highway. If you want to get more detailed information, you can visit the relevant page of Gorgor.House. https://www.gorgorhouse.com 

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