12 Psychological Facts That Will Surprise You and Make Your Life Easier



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More than one million scientific papers are published each year, and psychology research contributes greatly to that number. While research in psychology isn’t an easy read for everyone, the results can be useful in everyday life and help you increase your motivation, become a better communicator, improve your relationships with others, and lead a healthier life.
There are some surprising psychological findings that can help you better understand yourself and the world around you. While these findings will surprise you, they will also make your life easier.

1) Confidence is more important than appearance.

Multiple studies show that being confident and supportive is more important than being beautiful or handsome. In short, if you love yourself and act confident, other people will be more likely to like you too.

2) Men only listen to women for 6 minutes.

Unfortunately, it’s a fact : men have selective hearing. Most men can listen intently to their female friends for only 6 minutes. By the way, this time can take up to 15 minutes while talking to boyfriends.

3) Writing down your thoughts reduces stress.

Research has shown that writing about your traumatic experiences; It has been shown to help improve your emotional state, reduce anxiety, and get rid of a depressing life. For example, anxiety-prone people who wrote down their feelings before taking an important test performed better than those who did not write anything before the test.

Another popular way to reduce stress is to eat, which is not a useful practice. Eating can easily get out of control due to stress, making you even more upset with the guilt you feel later on.

4) Get it out of your mind by singing the end of the song that is stuck in your tongue.

Often times, a song we don’t like gets stuck in our minds. There is an easy trick to get rid of this discomfort: listen and sing the song until the end. Thus, the message that the song is over will be sent to your brain and you will stop thinking.

5) You can manage your dreams by playing video games.

If you want to be the master of your dreams, see them more vividly and make them easier to control, both video games and night dreams will help you. You can also use this method, which was discovered through research , to control nightmares.

6) Eye contact prolongs a conversation.

If you want a conversation to last longer but don’t know what to say, ask the person you’re talking to a question. After you get an answer, continue to stare at the other person without saying a word. The other party will continue to speak to avoid silence.

7) Blue color can increase efficiency.

Using blue on your office walls can affect your productivity. If you want a stimulating and mentally energizing environment, blue is the best color for you. Also, if you use orange with blue, your mind and emotions will become more balanced as well as productive. This combination is ideal for people who do mental work all day.

8) Wallets with baby photos are easier to find when lost.

Psychologists who randomly dropped 240 wallets on different streets in Edinburgh discovered that wallets containing a photo of a cute baby were 88% more likely to be returned to their owners. The return of the baby photo wallet has been more than the return of wallets featuring a photo of a happy family, an elderly couple, or a puppy.

9) Talking about your goals can make you lose motivation.

In a study , it was observed that when we explain our goals to other people, our tendency to experiment decreases. This effect can be explained by the fact that talking about future actions gives you an early sense of fulfilment, which satisfies the brain, thereby losing motivation altogether.

10) You can convince yourself that you slept well.

The study , reported in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, showed that if you convince yourself that you’re resting well throughout the night, your cognitive performance will improve even when you’re not actually sleeping well. On the contrary, if you complain of being tired, your performance will be significantly reduced.

11) When you are not sure, you choose the first name in the list.

According to a study , the order in which the item is on the page is perceived as more important than the quality of the item. For example, during an election, undecided voters vote more for the name on the ballot paper.

12) Thoughts in another language are more rational.

Thinking in a language that is not your native language requires many cognitive abilities, making the decision-making process slower, less biased, more reliable, and encourages analytical thinking. You can try thinking in another language the next time you make an important decision.

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