8 Movements That Can Get Your Body In Shape In A Short Time By Taking 10 Minutes Every Day

Edanaz Aksoy

Edanaz Aksoy

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I have brought together eight different exercises that you can do while preparing for the summer and when you feel tired.
You can spread your movements over six days a week. Having one day off in between will keep your motivation high. For a 10-minute program, you can choose to rest for 15 seconds after doing the movements for 1 minute each.

1) Plank

Doing this exercise on a mat on a hard surface is recommended. This movement that you will do on your elbows as if you are getting up on your toes; helps you work your leg muscles and strengthen your arms.

2) Push-ups

I think you might remember this move from your physical education classes. Although ’10 push-ups punishment’ in mind, it is beneficial for working the arms and strengthening your muscles.

3) Reverse Lunge

Stand straight with your arms at your sides. With the front knee bent 90 degrees and the back knee touching the floor, step back and lower your hips. At the same time, reach your hands towards the ceiling and stretch from the top of your shoulders to the back. Pause and return to the starting position.

4) Squat

Try to sit on the floor with your legs angled at shoulder level. You may feel that your upper leg is stretched and your balance is disturbed, but do the movement as if you are taking a sitting position as much as possible.

5) Crunch

On a mat with your legs pulled towards you, with your head up and your arms together behind your head, try to rise towards your legs. Keeping your head facing forward during movement will prevent unnecessary contractions.

6) Superman

Keep your body, arms and legs stretched, with your feet back and arms in front of you. Make sure your stomach area touches the ground and does not leave the ground during the exercise. Take a deep breath, while exhaling, raise your arms and legs at the same time to the point where you can lift them off the ground (as in the picture). Hold this position for 2 seconds and slowly return to your starting position.

7) Burpees

The movement starts with standing, feet slightly open. Bend down and legs thrown back with hands resting on the floor. During this time, the body becomes straight again, just like in push-ups. Then the feet are gathered and pulled back between the hands. Stand up and return to the same starting position.

8) Mountain Climbing

The important thing is that our body is straight during the movement. First, we bring our left foot towards our right shoulder as in the photo above. After waiting a few seconds, we bring it back to its original position. We repeat the same movement, this time with the other foot.

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