You Can Regulate Your Energy Level With This 5-Minute Finger Exercise

Bilim Hayvanı

Bilim Hayvanı

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Jin Shin Jyutsu, the art of getting rid of regional tensions in our body, has been known as a healing practice since ancient times. Japanese healer and philosopher Master Jiro Murai used this method in the 20th century. rediscovered at the beginning of the century. The person practicing Jin Shin Jyutsu uses both hands and these hands are called the connecting cord. A simple exercise that requires very little effort for its practitioner.
Our bodies contain many energy pathways that circulate in our cells. When these energy pathways are blocked, discomfort and pain can occur in our body. These blockages not only affect the area where they are effective, but also upset all other energy pathways.
There are many energy pathways that run through our fingers as well. Thanks to Jin Shin Jyutsu, we can bring a new harmony of energy flow from our fingers to our body.

Hold your thumb for a few minutes to relieve anxiety and depression.

Doing so is also good for digestion and stress.

Hold your index finger to banish fear and self-criticism. Doing so will also be good for your jaw, teeth, gums, and backaches.

Hold your middle finger to quell anger and irritability.

It will also relieve fatigue, eyesight, headaches and indecision.

Hold your ring finger to banish unhappiness and grief. Holding the middle finger will also be good for ringing in the ears, skin problems and negative attitudes.

Hold your pinky finger to eliminate worry.

Holding the pinky is good for bloating and the heart too.

Some of the general benefits of doing Jin Shin Jyutsu are:

– Relieves pain.
– It relaxes.
– It regulates your sleep.
– It reduces anxiety.
– It reduces stress.
– Accelerates blood circulation.
– Increases concentration.
– Strengthens the immune system.
– Increases the body’s regeneration task.
– It creates a detox effect.

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