What We All Need: 9 Ways to Protect Your Psychological Health

Kemal Çetin Ozan

Kemal Çetin Ozan

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Individual problems in life, stress in business life, and sad events in the country and the world seriously affect our psychological health. Especially recently, the fires in our country deeply upset us all. These psychological shocks affect everything from our sleep quality to our eating habits. Moreover, it makes our work very difficult at the point of dealing with the existing problems. Here are 9 ways experts recommend to have a healthier psychology!

1) Don’t Neglect Saying Positive Things to Yourself

Research shows that what you think about yourself has a big impact on how you feel. In addition, making positive statements about yourself helps you to be more determined and assertive by increasing the value you give yourself.

2) Don’t be afraid to express in writing about situations, people and events you are grateful for

This condition, which has started to show its effect in the long term, has been confirmed by researchers to be directly related to feeling good. Repeating everything you have and your gratitude to in writing is one of the important steps to feel good and strong.

3) Focus on One Thing for a Short Time

With this focus, it is a very useful method to keep the negative feelings and thoughts from the past away from your brain for a while. Focusing on a single phenomenon or job for a short time will help you feel stronger by regaining your self-confidence with the satisfaction it will create when you finish this phenomenon or work during the day. Also, focus is known to be very helpful in making logical decisions.

4) Don’t Neglect Exercise

The physical dimension of psychology is very important. The fact that some problems and psychological diseases are associated with physical activity is an indication of how much importance we should attach to this situation. Thirty minutes of physical activity a day can change many things in your life. Take care to do physical activity outside and during the day. Do not forget that the Vitamin D you get from the sun raises the serotonin hormone.

5) You Are What You Eat

Everything we eat affects our brain chemicals. This directly affects our mood, behaviors and attitudes during the day. Fruits and vegetables are very important in this case. This food group, which positively affects brain chemicals, is the key to feeling good. In addition, Omega-3 has very beneficial effects on cognitive brain functions. Don’t forget to eat a balanced diet!

6) Share

Let your family, friends and close circle know how you are feeling and what you are going through. Sharing this information with them will strengthen the bond of trust and love between you and make you aware that you are not alone when dealing with difficulties. In this way, it will be easier for you to deal with problems by seeing them smaller.

7) Take Action for Others

According to research, helping your environment is among the most important factors affecting self-confidence. The phenomenon of helping, which reinforces self-sacrifice and trust between bilateral relations, is very effective in perceiving your environment positively and thus making a positive judgment about yourself and your choices.

8) Take a Break

Do not forget to take short breaks when you are tired and feel bad. Everyone needs to breathe and recover. Never forget the 10 deep breathing rules. Sit back, close your eyes and take 10 deep breaths. When the oxygen level in our body reaches the required dimensions, we think better and feel better. Short breaks are beneficial for everyone.

9) Take Care of Sleep

Sleeping for a sufficient amount of time at the right sleep times not only provides physical benefits, but also has a great impact on your psychological state and long-term mood. Disconnecting from screens an hour before going to bed will be very beneficial.

Start doing these today. Feeling good is in your hands. Also, making new habits for yourself will make you feel powerful…

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