Electric Genius Nikola Tesla’s 3 Great Inventions Influencing Modern Life

Emre Ülkem

Emre Ülkem

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Believing that he can make a new invention every morning before breakfast, Tesla has about 300 inventions. When he went to talk to Edison about alternating current, which is one of these inventions, Edison’s answer was as follows: “You’ve wasted your time, alternating current has no future.”
Tesla, who has an obsessive-compulsive disorder, stayed in rooms that can be divided into 3 in all of the hotels he stayed. Late in his life, his only friends were pigeons. One day he told the reporter: “I have kept pigeons for years, thousands of them. One was different, a female pigeon. I loved that pigeon as a man loves a woman, and he loved me too. As long as I had him, my life had meaning.” He explained that the night before his beloved pigeon died, he saw a strong light in his eyes, even from the most powerful lamps in the laboratory, and added: “When that light went out, a light went out in me too.”

1) Electric Motors

With the induction motor invented by Tesla, we had the opportunity to accelerate our civilization. This motor, which has a very important place in the industry, forms the basis of most of the things we use now, from household appliances to water motors, from compressors to industrial fans.

2) Radio and Remote Control

Remote control technology was part of radio signals. Tesla was able to remotely control the rudder, lights and propeller of the battery-powered boat with radio waves. Thanks to this invention, remote controls and garage door openers make our lives easier today.

Although it is a matter of debate who invented the radio, the patent was given to Tesla after his death.

3) Laser Technology

Laser technology, which has a critical importance in the field of medicine, is one of Tesla’s inventions. It is known that other scientists were also working on lasers at the same time. Thanks to these studies, laser technology, which is frequently used in different fields, affects today’s life considerably.

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