The World’s Shortest 3-Question IQ Test That 83 Percent of Participants Couldn’t Answer Correctly



"Gözcüleri kim gözleyecek?"

We often describe IQ tests with long and boring questions. Although many people are curious about their IQ level, they give up on the boringness of the tests.
The 3-question IQ test, which was started to be implemented 14 years ago but has started to spread today, is different from the boring and long tests.
Prepared by MIT professor Shane Frederick and has a failure rate of more than 80%, this test consists of 3 math questions.

The success rate in the test, in which there were 3 thousand participants from the most prestigious universities to those who did not go to university, was only 17%.

Remember, the only mistake you make reduces your success rate to 66.6%.




Here are the questions: ?

1) A baseball bat and baseball are sold for a total of 1.10 dollars. The stick is 1 dollar more than the ball. How much does the ball cost?
2) If five machines can produce five parts in five minutes, how long will it take for 100 machines to produce 100 parts?
3) There is a lotus leaf in a lake. This lotus leaf grows to twice its size every day. If it takes 48 days for a lotus leaf to cover the entire lake, how many days will it take to cover half of the lake?
Now, give yourself a certain amount of time for each question. Let’s see the answers if your transactions are ok




Are these your answers? ?

1) 10 cents
2) 100 minutes
3) 24 days
If your answers are like this, welcome to my 83% who got the questions wrong.
Although the processes seem very easy at first, it is necessary to change our perspective a little to reach the answer.

Correct answers: ?

1) 5 cents
2) 5 min
3) 47 days




Solutions to the questions: ?

1) Let the price of the ball be X. The stick is also sold at a price of X+1. So the sum of the price of the stick and the ball is X+(X+1). This is equivalent to 1.1 dollars (1 dollar 10 cents). When we edit our equation, it becomes 2X+1=1,1. When we subtract 1 from both sides, it becomes 2X=0.10 dollar. So the price of the ball with X is equivalent to 5 cents.
2) If it takes five machines five minutes to make five parts, it takes five minutes for one machine to make one part. If you have 100 machines working together, it takes five minutes to make 100 parts, as it would take five minutes for one machine to make one part.
3) We have a lotus leaf that doubles its size every day. In other words, we can say that while this leaf reaches twice its size the next day, it decreases to half its size the previous day. For this reason, the lotus leaf that covered the entire lake on the 48th day covered half of the lake on the 47th day.

How many did you get right? You can write in the comments which language you are in and your correct or incorrect number.

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