Could Your Passion for Traveling Come From Your Genes?

Elif Özçakmak

Elif Özçakmak

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Some people have the energy and excitement to travel the world with 1 backpack. The passion for travel in these people, who can’t stay still, who are curious, who enjoy discovering new places and traveling, is the main factor that drives them.
Have you ever wondered if this wanderlust could have a biological meaning?

In recent studies, it has been discovered that the reason why people are happy as they travel and discover new places is a gene that triggers the secretion of dopamine: DRD4-7R, the Wanderlust gene.

DRD4-7R, the Wanderlust gene, is one of the receptors that release dopamine, the happiness hormone. This gene, which causes dopamine to be released as a result of not only traveling but also discovering new things, experiencing new excitements and learning what is curious, makes us feel happy when these feelings are satisfied.

Those with this gene are more likely to take risks, apart from being curious and enthusiastic about new things.

Their enthusiasm and passion for discovering new things makes them more courageous to take risks.

Found in 20% of the world, this gene is said to come from ancient nomadic societies.

In a 1999 study, the DRD4-7R gene was discovered to be more common in people in and around Africa, lands inhabited by early humans and nomadic tribes.

If you can’t sit still and enjoy discovering, researching and learning new things all the time, maybe it’s because a gene from your ancestors is constantly poking you. If you believe that you have this excitement in you, listen to it and do not prevent yourself. Then enjoy your happiness with dopamine released in your body. ☺
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