Cooking Techniques: Different Ways to Discover Flavor

Cooking techniques determine the flavor of the food you want to eat. If you want to eat a food with different tastes, you need to master the cooking techniques. We have compiled cooking techniques for you that are used by expert chefs and that you can easily use in your own kitchen.

Cooking Techniques for Delicious Meals

1) Grilling

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One of the most well-known cooking techniques is the grill. This technique is also known as dry heat cooking method. The food to be cooked is placed on a wire and the heat comes from the bottom. Because grilling is used as a quick cooking technique, it is generally used to cook smaller items. Foods to be grilled can be marinated beforehand.

The products that can provide heat in the grill technique are as follows: coal, natural gas and electricity. The flavor of the ingredients cooked in charcoal fire is more intense. However, electricity and natural gas are used in restaurants because it is easy to control.

The products to be cooked are first dried and then seasoned as desired. The wire on which it will be placed must be pre-lubricated. If it is not oiled, the food to be cooked will stick to the wire. Both sides of the food should be cooked. You can adjust the degree of cooking according to your own desire.

2) Deep Frying

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Deep frying is a technique that allows us to meet tastes that suit most of us. It is realized by throwing the products to be cooked into a large amount of oil placed in a deep pan/pot. Vegetable oils are preferred because the temperature of the oil will be very high. The food, which is crispier on the outside, is cooked soft on the inside. The fried dishes we make at home are examples of dishes made with this method.

All the food to be cooked must be in the oil. Colors change as they cook. The outside of the cooked food is crispy. If it is not served immediately, it will be heavy and greasy, which it will absorb the oil into. For this reason, it is recommended to serve the dishes made with the deep-frying technique immediately.

3) Shallow Frying

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A small amount of oil in the pan is heated well. The heated oil seals the discarded food and traps it in its natural water. Unlike the deep fat frying technique, the outer surface of the food to be cooked should be covered with a coating dough or flour.

Food cooked with this technique becomes softer. The size of the food to be cooked should be medium or small. Foods recommended to be cooked using the shallow frying method are: thigh and loin of veal, chicken and fish.

4) Oven Roast

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Frying doesn’t have to be done in oil alone. The most important feature of fried dishes, which is crispy, can also be given by cooking in the oven. If you want a crispy but low-fat meal, what you need to do is very simple: place the food you want to eat on the shelf just below the heat in the oven. The food that will be directly exposed to heat will be crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

5) Boiling

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Boiling is one of the cooking techniques that many of us frequently use in our kitchen. In this technique, the product to be cooked is cooked by putting it directly into the liquid. The liquid is heated until it reaches its boiling point. However, although it is a frequently used technique, it is not a suitable cooking technique for every food. Boiling intensity can disrupt the structure of the food thrown into the liquid.

Protein-based products such as meat and fish do not taste good when cooked using this technique. Therefore, they are flavored with sauces or spices added to them after cooking.

6) Poaching

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The poaching technique is a technique generally associated with eggs. However, it is also a method that can be used when cooking fish and chicken. In this technique, the liquid in which the food will be cooked is heated to a degree below the boiling point. Then the food to be cooked is dropped into the liquid. Instead of leaving it in the liquid, you can use it by taking various materials used in this method.

7) Braising

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Braising is one of the cooking techniques in which many techniques are used together. The product to be cooked is first sealed. Then it is left to cook in the sauce prepared on a separate side. Meat dishes are generally cooked with this method. It is a technique that is frequently used in the cooking of hard-fleshed sea creatures. At least 1/3 of the food to be cooked should remain in the liquid.

8) Stewing


The Stewing method is quite similar to the Braising method. The only difference is that the Stewing method is used only in vegetable dishes. In this method, since the vegetables are cooked slowly, there is no disintegration or disintegration. Vegetables are cut into small cubes. Vegetables in cubes are placed on the plaster in which they will be cooked. In this technique, the vegetables must be completely submerged in the liquid.

9) Steaming

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One of the cooking techniques that will allow you to eat very healthy foods is the steam cooking method. The food cooked with the vapor of the liquid in a closed environment does not disperse. The liquid whose vapor is used is usually flavored liquid. In addition to flavored liquid, stocks (meat/chicken stock) can also be preferred.

In this technique, the heat touches all parts of the food equally. The loss of water-soluble vitamins becomes close to zero thanks to this technique. It is a technique that you can use without the need for special equipment. Fill a saucepan with liquid. Place your strainer on it. Place the food on the strainer. Close the lid of your pot and wait for your delicious and healthy food to be cooked.

10) Sauteed


The sauté cooking method is also known as high-temperature cooking. Put a small amount of oil in a flat and wide-bottomed pan. The food to be cooked is placed in the pan, which is heated to a very high degree. However, food must be thoroughly dried before being put into the pan. Hard meat to be cooked with the saute technique should be softened by pounding beforehand.

Meat to be cooked should be salted beforehand. Salted meat loses water on its surface and its outer surface becomes crispy. If you want the meat to stay in the water, you should rest your meat before cooking. In this method, liquid and solid oils can be used together.

11) Acid Cooking Technique

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Cooking techniques always require heat. In the acid cooking technique, the proteins are kept in an acidic liquid/solution. A chemical change begins on the outer surface of the food. This chemical change continues until the inner sides and cooking begins. Meat to be cooked with this technique should be cut into very small pieces. The smaller the particles, the more effective the acid will be.

The liquids used are generally fresh fruit juices such as lemon and orange. In addition to these, solutions with very low pH values such as vinegar and kefir can be used in this technique.

12) Blind Baking

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Blind baking is the name given to the pre-cooking process without filling the tart dough. Thanks to this technique, the tart dough becomes very crunchy. This technique should be applied so that the wet mortar placed inside does not soften the base by wetting it.

13) Sous Vide

Sous Vide

This technique has recently started to be used in kitchens. It is one of the new techniques that innovative gastronomy has added to our lives. In the sous vide technique, which is one of the most different cooking techniques, the material to be cooked is placed in a vacuum bag. You can cook the food at the desired temperature, for as long as you want, with that bag.

Food is cooked very slowly in the sous vide technique. Since they are in a bag, the flavors of the food remain in their body and are cooked. In this way, no taste is experienced. Quite intensely delicious food awaits you.

14) Glazing

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Glazing is one of the innovative cooking techniques. In this technique, a sauce is put on the uncooked proteins for flavor and visual appeal. Meat and bones that are wasted when meat is cut are used in making sauces. These parts are welded and drawn. A very dense consistency is obtained. The main ingredients used in these sauces are meat, as well as sugar and butter.

15) Deglaze


The meat you cook in the pan leaves a residue in the pan. Moreover, the remaining parts in that pan are very tasty. This is a technique used to add part of the flavor to the food. Pour some room temperature water into the pan. If you put meat or chicken stock in the pan, the flavor will be more intense. While waiting for this liquid to boil, stir constantly with a spoon. You can get a thicker sauce by adding flour to this liquid. At the end, you can mix the sauce with a wire whisk and make it homogeneous and consume it as a very tasty sauce with your meal.

16) Roasting


In the roasting technique, cooking is carried out by circulating dry and hot air around the food. In the absence of modern ovens, the cooking process was carried out with hot stones and embers placed in the oven. The original name of the technique is known as “spit-roasting”. The purpose of it being called so was that the food to be cooked was cooked by turning it over the fire by means of a stick passed through it.

In order to cook evenly, the food to be cooked should be turned from time to time and all parts of it should be in contact with heat. Roasting technique is generally a suitable cooking technique for large pieces of products.


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