Chakra Colors and Their Meanings: Let’s Get to Know Our Energy Body

Maintaining the balance between the mind, the body, and the spirit is of great importance for our life. What we feel in daily life is believed to be the expression of energy points called ‘chakra‘. Chakra colors and their meanings are also fundamental to understanding these energy points.

It is thought that there is an energy body in our body apart from the physical areas. Our energy body gives us information about many things in our lives, from feelings to actions. What is the chakra that influences us down to our behavior? Which chakra represents which color? Let’s get to know our energy body.

What is chakra?

Çakra renkleri ve anlamları chakra color and meanings

Chakra means ‘turn’, as it is best known. According to Hindu traditions, some points found in humans are believed to be ‘rotating energy fields’. That’s why it gets its name from here. Regardless of culture, people are concerned with the metaphysical dimension of chakras. What creates the connecting point of energy is known as chakra. In events like the ‘third eye’ that people talk about, we are said to have a completely different body beyond the physical realms. Chakra is an energetic point that can be felt, not seen.

At most points in our body, there are various chakras that you can feel. The central chakra points (also called centers) line up along the spine. The frequencies and meanings of the seven chakras in our body are different.

Chakra Colors and Meanings

Each chakra has a different color and meaning. These allow us to distinguish chakras more easily. So what are these chakra colors and their meanings? Let’s see together.

1) Root Chakra: Red

kök çakra kırmızı

Known as the most important chakra, the root chakra is located at the end of the spine, in the area of the reproductive organs. It is connected to the chakras located on the soles of our feet. It is known as the most intense working point in terms of energy. It is the color red chakra as it expresses passion, power, self-confidence, love, anger.

People with a balanced root chakra usually do not feel any deficiency in their physical body. They are open to change and transformation. When they make their decisions clearly, they have no thoughts of approval or skepticism. The root chakra, represented by the four-petaled lotus flower, represents our level of commitment to life. If your root chakra is not balanced, You may find it difficult to start a business. Or in case of constant questioning in the works you have started. you can find yourself. For this, you can choose red socks and jewelry.

If your root chakra is more potent than it should be, you may find it difficult to get angry and control things that are deemed unnecessary. In addition, their fondness for money and their desire to continue working tirelessly are also different symptoms.

2) Sacral Chakra: Orange

Sakral Çakra Turuncu

The color orange, which represents the sacral chakra, has the same energetic meaning as this chakra. The sacral chakra concerns creativity, originality, imagination, and productivity. The point where the sacral chakra is located, which is closely related to our intuition, is two fingers below our navel. This chakra, which is closely related to sexuality, includes questions such as ‘Do I enjoy the life I live?’

People with a balanced sacral chakra usually know their happy and pleasurable points. So they won’t have a problem with that. They can keep their sexuality in balance in life. The energy that blocks this chakra that triggers your creativity becomes the ‘guilt feeling’.

If you are having trouble fulfilling your responsibilities, are unsure of how to be happy, and are constantly changing jobs, then your sacral chakra is working less than it should. In addition, you may experience sexual reluctance and various problems in the menstrual cycle. Using the color orange in your home on this subject can affect you well.

3) Solar Plexus: Yellow

Solar Plexus Çakra Sarı

The solar plexus chakra is located in the area above the navel. It shows how much we can digest what we have experienced in life, good or bad. It determines the person’s self-confidence and how they reflect themselves in human relations.

People with balanced solar plexus chakra are individuals who can catch the proper empathy, treat themselves and others with respect, and know the right path for themselves. They also stay away from behaviors such as ego and arrogance.

If your solar plexus chakra is low, you may experience problems such as lack of self-confidence, fatigue, stomach ailments. If you can’t take a step in essential matters in your life, it may be a sign that your chakra is working lower. If you think your solar plexus chakra is low, you can include yellow-colored items in your life. If your chakra is working more than it should, you may display excessive ambition, courage, or out-of-control behavior.

4) Heart Chakra: Green

Kalp Çakrası Yeşil

Located in the middle of our rib cage, the heart chakra is associated with compassion, love, and health. When your heart chakra works in a balanced way, other chakras are also affected. In other words, the heart chakra is located in the primary center. It is known as the center of love.

Individuals who can keep their heart chakra balanced can experience emotions such as love and compassion and can easily convey their feelings to the other person. At the same time, it can radiate positive energy to its surroundings.
In individuals experiencing feelings such as numbness, restlessness, or anger, the heart chakra does not work in the balance it should be. It can also be a kind of ‘introversion’. Various respiratory diseases indicate the heart chakra that is not working correctly. They should be more in touch with nature. The heart chakra of individuals who act with their emotions to disable their logic may be working too actively. You can reduce the use of green color.

5) Throat Chakra: Blue

Boğaz Çakrası Mavi

As the name suggests, the chakra located above the throat is known as the throat chakra. It covers an energy point that extends from the throat to our eyes.
The throat chakra is essential for communicating and expressing ourselves. Of course, everyone’s way of expressing themselves is different. It can be exemplified by many actions such as writing, communicating, dancing, painting.

People who have a balanced throat chakra are able to express themselves easily. You can speak fluently and clearly. There are no problems such as hesitating or speaking with hesitation. If you have difficulty expressing yourself on any subject, if you cannot show your resentments or troubles, your throat chakra may not be in balance. For this, it is helpful to choose areas close to the sea. Likewise, watching the sky can provide you with therapy.

6) Third Eye Chakra: Indigo

Üçüncü Göz Çakrası İndigo

Located between the eyebrows, in the middle of the forehead, the chakra shows us beyond our senses. The third eye chakra, which is mainly related to spirituality, is the explainer of the sixth sense, clairvoyance, paranormal situations. The third eye may not work fully in every individual. But there are ways to improve.

When the third eye chakra works in a balanced way, spiritual bonds, intuitions, and being able to see and be aware of some situations more clearly increase. If you are experiencing forgetfulness or spiritual numbness in certain situations, you can keep the indigo blue color close to you. If you think your intuition is taking you to the wrong places, you can place indigo color in your most frequent environment.

7) Crown Chakra: Purple

taç çakra mor

Spirituality is more important to the crown chakra than the earthly one. The crown chakra, located on the top of the head, is associated with the colors purple and white. This chakra, whose perception of spirituality differs from person to person, expresses the spiritual connection with God for some and a different life purpose for others.

People with a balanced crown chakra usually manage to keep themselves at peace without worrying about both material and spiritual matters. It can focus on deeper meanings. Underactive crown chakra can be defined by a lack of enjoyment of life, tension, and a sense of distance from life. Individuals whose crown chakra is out of balance have more headaches than others. If this chakra is working more actively than it should, individuals may feel disconnected from the reality in the world. In such cases, it is necessary to step on the ground and feel the nature.

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