How to Get Rid of Reluctance by Raising Dopamine Levels in 17 Items

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Dopamine, a neurotransmitter, is a chemical molecule that allows communication between brain cells. Like all neurotransmitters in the human body, it does great things. Dopamine is involved in many functions. From our physical performance to our mental health, even to our mental efficiency during the day…
In summary, we can say that dopamine is the key to an exciting, lively and lively life. Therefore, the lower our dopamine level, the more colorless and unpleasant our life becomes.
Of course, none of us want to live this colorless and tasteless life. So let’s focus on how we can increase our dopamine levels.

1) Exercise

Our bodies want us to move. If we don’t act, unfortunately, we get sick. One of the reasons for this is dopamine deficiency. The more we exercise, the more dopamine is released, resulting in us wanting to exercise naturally.

2) Yoga and Meditation

Yoga is actually considered an aerobic exercise. Yoga is not just about some movements, there are also meditation and breathing exercises. Even just meditating increases dopamine levels in the long run. But when this meditation is combined with movement, an incredible dopamine is released.

3) Sugar and Carbs

All refined carbohydrates are converted to simple sugars as they are absorbed in the intestines. Therefore, there is no theoretical difference between consuming sugar and consuming white bread. Sugar stimulates the pleasure centers in the brain in a very short time and makes you feel good, it’s true. But this feeling is short-lived. Also, when your brain becomes desensitized to it. In other words, you unconsciously increase the amount of sugar and carbohydrates you eat to get the same effect. Over time, the effect is completely erased, and in the long run, we experience great decreases in dopamine levels.

4) Saturated Fat

Consuming foods rich in saturated fats more than necessary, in the long run, turns dopamine levels upside down. Therefore, use your fat choices for unsaturated fats as much as possible and even olive oil if possible.

5) Alcohol

Alcoholic beverages have similar effects to sugar on the dopamine side. Alcohol also desensitizes dopamine receptors over time. In addition, many alcoholic beverages add sugar from the outside, alcohol itself is a sugar anyway.

6) Coffee and Tea

Unfortunately, consuming more than 1 cup (200 mg) of caffeine a day also desensitizes dopamine receptors. You can drink tea instead. L-Theanine in tea increases dopamine synthesis.

7) Quality Protein

Tyrosine, which is the building block of dopamine, and iron and copper required for metabolism are found in quality proteins. The easiest and cheapest way to do this is to consume eggs. Other options are red meat, poultry, dairy products. If you are a vegan dieter, you can consume legumes and their products, especially soybeans and broad beans.

8) Other Foods Containing Tyrosine

Apart from quality proteins that are rich in tyrosine, you can also turn to the following foods; nuts, seeds, avocado, banana, and watermelon. Consuming foods containing dopamine directly is not very meaningful. Because the dopamine you get here cannot be used in the brain.

9) Probiotic

Probiotic bacteria increase dopamine synthesis in the intestines. In addition, it reduces the amount of bacterial toxin that enters the blood by decreasing the increased intestinal permeability, and increases the sensitivity of dopamine receptors.

10) Vitamin D

Of course, spending time under the sun is important, but sometimes this is not enough. If you haven’t, have your vitamin D levels checked. Vitamin D is of great importance in many aspects from bone health to brain health, from serotonin levels to dopamine levels.

11) sleep

Getting at least 7 hours of sleep each night can greatly benefit your dopamine levels. Because low dopamine levels are one of the reasons you might be walking around like a zombie because of insomnia.

12) Massage

The relaxation that comes with the sense of touch increases dopamine levels, serotonin levels, and oxytocin levels. Thus, you will be happy and filled with life energy.

13) Pet

Spending time with your little friends, loving them, communicating with them naturally and lovingly raises your dopamine levels.

14) Phone, Tablet, PC

Therefore, try to reduce the time you spend with your phone, tablet and computer. Even if you can’t reduce it for work or school, at least don’t keep these devices in your bedroom.

15) Goals

Nothing increases your dopamine levels more than finishing what you started. These goals can be from any area of life. For example, walking for 10 minutes a day, calling your family regularly, going to the gym, tidying your room, resetting your credit card debt, completing projects…

16) Lose Weight

Our excess weight reduces the sensitivity of dopamine receptors, putting us in a bottomless vicious circle. Losing weight, albeit slowly, and approaching the ideal weight increases dopamine levels. If you eat foods rich in tyrosine when you are very hungry, it will be easier to get out of this vicious circle and lose weight.

17) Hobbies and Sociability

Socializing, chatting with people you love and can love; It makes you feel good by increasing your serotonin levels along with your dopamine levels. Taking up new hobbies has similar effects. It not only has a meditative effect on you because you stay focused while working, but also increases dopamine levels as you complete things by creating.
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