What are the British Cat Traits? British Cat Care

The British cat or British shorthair is one of the oldest known cat breeds and is thought to have been first brought to Britain by the Romans. With their soft, plush fur and rounded bodies, they are considered the most popular breed of cat among their kind, winning many awards.

What Are the Characteristics of the British Cat?

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The most distinctive features of the British cat are quiet, gentle and easy to get along with. It looks more like a teddy bear. British cats are good companions for their owners and easily adapt to life in the city or in the countryside. British cats get along well with other cats and dogs. Energetic, playful and very affectionate, but they don’t bother people. This breed, which can adapt to harsh environments, does not mature until it is 2-3 years old. Its development also begins relatively late. It is enough to comb your hair once a week. But it is necessary to groom once a day during the hair removal season.

Morphological Features

Appearance: Body very thick, chest full and broad, legs thick, length short-medium, claws rounded, base of tail thick, tail blunt. Head round, ears broad, cheeks rounded, chin strong, ears medium-sized, large round eyes wide open, and nose medium wide. The coat is short and very dense. Male cats have more developed gills than female cats and are larger in all respects than female cats. It takes three to five years for this breed to fully mature. Cats should show general symmetry and proportions and not overemphasize certain features so as not to cause neglect or excessive tendencies in the breeding process. Medium to large, the skeleton and muscles are highly developed. Short, thick neck and broad and straight shoulders match, suitable for hunting. The head is round and wide, and the most important feature is that the distance between the ears is very close and the tail is about 2/3 of the whole body.

Hair colour: A total of fifteen breeds are recognized, the most famous of which is the blue British Shorthair cat. Shady tabby patterns that appear in pure, smoky, shaded, shaded gold, bicolor and tricolor kittens are not considered bad. Hair quality: Flexible and dense bristles can tightly wrap the whole body. It is resistant to cold.
Hair type: Short hair
Eyes : Round, large, fully open, wide eyes and flat.
Eye color : Depends on body hair.

What Are Life Habits?

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Its adaptability is very strong and will not change due to changes in the environment. Therefore, if you buy this cat, do not worry that it will give you a headache due to the changes in the environment.

British Shorthair cats are brave and inquisitive, but very gentle, they don’t get angry let alone bark.

British Shorthair cats love to be close to their owners and sleep on their knees. However, cats that do not exercise for long periods of time tend to gain weight, and cats that are overweight may also have problems with their physical condition. So you have to accompany him to play for about half an hour every day.

Hair loss
The coat of British Shorthair cats is soft and thick, like flannel, rarely sheds and easy to care for. However, cats shed all year, especially during the shedding seasons in the spring and fall. Grooming a cat’s fur over time ingests hair and creates hairballs in the stomach. If they do not vomit in time and are not excreted through the intestines, they will be blocked in the stomach, affecting appetite and even endangering life. Therefore, if the person is in the epilation period, the owner can comb their hair several times a day or allow them to consume hair styling cream.

Domestication Method

1) Nutrition: Changes in exercise will change the digestive and absorption capacity of the intestines, as well as the filtration and detoxification functions of the liver and kidneys. Pay more attention to the hardness of the food suitable for cats, supplement with calcium, iron, vitamins and other trace elements.

2) Brushing teeth: If possible, brush your pets’ teeth to reduce the bacterial invasion caused by gingivitis.

3) Eye care: Usually use wet cotton to remove excess mucus and clean the skin around the eyes.

4) Ear care: Check the inner ear canal regularly.

5) Joint care : Joint pain is a common problem for older pets. If he cannot move regularly, you can gently massage the muscles or move the limbs and joints while at rest.

British Cat Care Method

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The cat’s claw is a tool for cats to catch mice, climb and defend themselves. If the owner feeds a cat to catch mice, of course, he will not be able to cut off his feet. If the owner keeps a cat as a companion animal, it will protect them from scratching people, clothes, furniture, floors, etc. should usually cut off the cat’s feet to avoid scratching. Trimming the claws should start from a young age, once a month or so. The specific method is as follows:

Hold the cat in your arms, grasp one cat’s foot with your left hand and gently squeeze with your thumb, forefinger and middle finger to extend the paw. Then hold the nail clipper in your right hand, carefully cut the clear part of the front end of the nail, and then use the small file on the nail clipper to polish the nail. When cutting, do not cut too much so as not to damage the cat’s feet. Then cut and polish the other paws in turn.

Bathing can not only keep the cat clean and beautiful, but also eliminate some parasites in the body, promote blood circulation and metabolism, play a role in disease prevention and wellness. It is best to develop the habit of bathing from a young age and the cat will be very reluctant to bathe the cat until it is an adult.
Before taking a bath, wash the tub, bath towel, detergent, comb (preferably sparse and dense), brush, etc. Prepare the bathroom utensils.
While taking a bath, the water temperature should not be too low or too high. It is better not to burn your hands, the detergent used should not be too irritating so as not to irritate the skin, British Shorthair cats should be combed their hair before taking a bath. The action should be fast, as soon as possible to wash off; after washing, you should use a bath towel to dry her hair immediately, when the temperature is low, it is best to cover a special towel, use a comforter or other warm products to prevent colds.

British Cat Care After Washing:

The British Shorthair’s tongue is rough and has a special spiny tongue nipple that looks like a comb. British Shorthairs often use the tongue licking method to comb their feathers. Comb non-licking areas such as head, shoulders, back and neck with paws. Still, it’s best to groom the cat once a day. Since cats shed all year round, especially during the spring and autumn shedding seasons, the cat swallows its fur while grooming on its own, and over time it forms a hairball in the stomach, and if it stays in the stomach, it will create a hair bulb blockage that affects appetite and is even life-threatening.

When combing, it is necessary not only to straighten the hair, but also to turn the hair inside out. When grooming British Shorthair cats, you can first moisten the hair with water and then rub it to make the coat wood for easy grooming. For British Shorthair cats, if their coats are tangled or stuck together, you can use your fingertips to open them or use a fine-toothed comb to comb them gently and carefully. If you have already rolled the felt, you can use scissors to cut the felt into thin strips along the direction of hair growth and then comb through it with a comb. If the felt is serious, you can trim the hairs on the back to make them grow back.

Healthy British Shorthair cats have bright and energetic eyes. British Shorthair cats are often afraid to see the light and shed tears when they are sick or in poor physical condition. In some cats, the nasolacrimal duct is easy to block and tear. Excessive tearing in cats, often accompanied by nasal mucus in the eye, rub gently with the existing cotton ball dipped in 2% boric acid aqueous solution.

British Cat Ear Care

Disinfect the outer ear canal with a cotton ball containing 75% alcohol, then dip a cotton swab in olive oil or edible vegetable oil to absorb dry earwax. Break it off to prevent infection and suppuration. When the cat’s outer ear canal is infected and purulent, rub gently using a cotton swab dipped in hydrogen peroxide, rub repeatedly until the swab is not stained with pus, and then use absorbent cotton to absorb the hydrogen peroxide in the ear canal. Infection can be cured by rubbing several times. If the cat’s earwax is too much and the cat is shaking its head and scratching its ears, a veterinarian should be consulted in a timely manner.

British Cat Feeding Method

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Food bowls and drinking water bowls are must-haves for raising cats. Generally, cats are very sensitive to their own flatware, and it is best not to change the cat’s flatware for the rest of its life. Some cats, especially older cats, refuse to eat or experience indigestion when changing the bowl. Changing tableware suddenly will make them feel very nervous and affect their health. Therefore, initially choose strong and durable tableware with sufficient capacity. The English short-nose has a short snout and a round and flat face. It is best to use a plate when choosing flatware for this. Because his big and flat face can’t eat food from a small bowl. Using a plate will make it feel. It is comfortable and prevents swallowing. Excess air intake can cause stomach bloating and affect health. The large bowl of water will wet the hairs on the cat’s chin and cheeks. In the selection of materials, attention should be paid to the hard texture, the thick base of the plate, the blunt and thick edges of the plate.

Litter box

The cat litter box is also called the litter box where the cat urinates and defecates. Never allow cats to use human toilets. It is also very convenient to go directly to the pet store to purchase a special toilet. The litter box is made of plastic and is easy to clean. In addition, there are two types of cat toilets: home type and sink. Sink-type cat toilets are more widely used due to their low price.

On the edge of the cat litter box sold in pet shops, there is a rim ring with an inward buckle that prevents the cat from removing the litter from the litter box while the cat enters and exits the litter box. The domestic cat litter box is fully enclosed, with an activated carbon filter at the top and a translucent two-way movable door, almost no sand comes out when the cat goes in and out. Since the house-shaped cat toilet is closed in summer, the smell inside is too much. British cats that love to clean will not like this and will dump their feces elsewhere. At this time, you can remove the movable door of the cat toilet or increase the frequency of cleaning the stool.

When buying cat litter, do not forget to buy cat litter because the British short nose is easily allergic to dust, so when choosing cat litter, you should take care to buy low-dust and quality cat litter. There are many types of cat litter. If you don’t mind the price, crystal cat litter or paper cat litter are good choices.

Cat Scratcher and Nail Clipper

Cats have daily nails, for this you need to prepare a special cat scratching board, which will reduce the chances of grabbing the sofa. Train the British cat to sharpen its nails on a special cat scratching board and let it develop good habits.
Learn how to cut short nails, it is best to use special nail clippers. When a kitten is three or four months old, you can still use a human nail clipper to trim your nails. When it is bigger, you will feel powerless.

Tips for British Cat Care :

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Bath: Cat and human skin have different pH and skin thickness, so a special pet bath should be prepared for it.

Comb: Combs are an indispensable product for the British cat. Many people think that British cats are short-haired cats that are less groomable. This view is wrong. The hair of the British cat is medium length hair, not short hair close to the skin. The reason it looks like a big ball is precisely because of the visual impact caused by short, fluffy and thick hair. Regular carding work is important. It is best to prepare a special medium-toothed pet comb and occasionally use a rubber brush (shorthair cats do not need to use a needle comb) for massaging, this will make your British cat feel very pleasant.

Bathtub: British cats are super obedient when taking a bath, prepare a special bathtub for them. Use a larger plastic sink. Don’t forget to rinse the tub after the cat has showered, it’s best to leave it out in the sun.

Cotton Ball: Cotton balls are an absolutely indispensable cleaning tool for feeding British cats. The short snout and large flat face of British cats make facial cleaning indispensable. Wiping the tear glands and face with cotton is a mandatory lesson for the master.

Toys: British cats are a breed that loves to play with themselves. Like all cats, she loves round colorful rolling toys and can make fabulous yarn balls and plastic balls for it. British cats love small toys that have the same fur as their fur. There are many such toys in pet shops and their prices are very cheap. Small mice, small plush toys etc. they are all good choices. Also, colorful fabric strips, paper strips, etc. He also likes to hang. You can also buy funny cat sticks to play with it. Of course, the most important thing in choosing a toy is not to look good, in short, as long as the thing you like attracts attention, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on it. Of course, toys must be constantly updated. Cats are animals more likely to like the new and dislike the old. Over time your cat will get tired of the toys available.

What Are the Genetic Diseases of British Cats ?

Individual cats always have some common diseases or genetic diseases related to their genetic heritage. British cats are a relatively common breed in our lives and there are many people who breed them. If you want cats to be healthy, it is also necessary to know the genetic diseases of British cats.

The genetic disease of British cats is a problem that cannot be underestimated in their breeding. This breed of cat is the most susceptible to disease, especially the one most prone to heart disease. There is a risk of sudden death. Since many animals have similar genetic diseases, genetic diseases in these cats usually appear between one and three years of age. Therefore, in the period from one to three years old, we should pay special attention to possible accidents and scientific feeding to reduce the chance of accidents for cats, so that our pet cats can survive.

Differences with American Shorthair cats:

1. Different origin
British Shorthair and American Shorthair are divided into different types as British Shorthair cats and American Shorthair cats. So even by name, its origin is pretty obvious. The British Shorthair is native to Britain while the American Shorthair is native to the United States. Now these two cats are the more popular breeds on the market and are known all over the world.

2. Separation of coating color
There are more than 80 species recognized by the CFA. However, there are only 15 color British cats recognized by the CFA. More common on the market are the silver tabby American cat and the blue British cat. It is naturally clear at a glance and very easy to distinguish.

3. Differentiation of the face
It is very difficult for people with face blindness to distinguish faces. Cats have two eyes and a nose. There is a small shape difference that many people can’t see. Although the British cat and the American cat are medium-sized cats, the British cat is relatively rounder, the face is larger and rounder, the limbs are thicker, and the neck is shorter. The length of the head is slightly longer than the width. Although its body is not as thick as a British cat, it is slightly longer than a British cat.

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