Who is Rasputin? Interesting Life of Famous Russian Mystic Rasputin

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A man who lived in the Russia of the 1900s, who was the subject of movies and songs, and is famous for his mysterious personality. rasputin . We can actually call him a priest, a healer, or a love machine, as the song calls it, because it’s all true. In this content, we take a closer look at Rasputin’s strange and exciting life.

Who is Rasputin?


Known to have been born in Siberia in January 1869 rasputin He was born as the third child of farmer parents. His full name is Grigori, and his full name is Yefimovich Rasputin. Rasputin, who lost his two brothers, Maria and Dimitri, to diseases at a young age, lived a lonely childhood with the disease. He could not play with his peers, could not receive a very good education. It is said that he cannot read or write.

Even as a child, he saw himself as devoted to God and religion, and believed that he had supernatural powers and the ability to heal. After a fatal illness during his adolescence, the situation got better, which brought him closer to religion. The power he believed healed him was the Virgin Mary.

Rasputin’s early life:

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Deciding to become a clergyman during this period, Rasputin left home to become a priest during his adolescence. He went to Verkhoturye Monastery with the thought of becoming a monk. Rasputin, who later left the monastery to marry, married Praskovia Dubrovina. After leaving his family, he went a long way towards becoming a clergyman and made his first pilgrimage to the Verkhratsky monastery.

Rasputin, who traveled to Greece and the Middle East and continued to visit the holy places, also because it has the ability to improve was also talking. Of course, it didn’t take long for him to become famous as a healer. Grigori Rasputin, who started to establish political connections thanks to the clergy and monks he met during his travels, helped him step into one of the most important palaces of Tsarist Russia.

Rasputin’s Entry to the Palace

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Rasputin was quite famous in Russia for his healing ability. At that time, his son was struggling with hemophilia and seeking a cure for his son. Czar II. Nicholasinvited Rasputin, the owner of this talent, to the palace. The doctors of the time were Tsar II. They were helpless in the face of Nikolai’s son’s illness. His wife Alexandra Feodorovna and the Tsar were quite helpless in the face of this situation.

Invited to the palace in 1903, Rasputin managed to cure the boy. Thus, he succeeded in gaining the Tsar’s trust and, of course, the strong support of the Tsarina. The Tsar and Tsarina, who wanted his son to be cured as his illness relapsed, wanted Rasputin to stay in the palace permanently.

Rasputin had now become the most important and consulted person in the palace, even on political matters. Not just a healer in the prophecies Rasputin also begins to give ideas to the Tsar on political issues. In fact, it is also said that he has a political manipulator attitude that goes beyond giving ideas.

Rasputin and women:

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In the songs “ Big, strong man with a flaming gleam in his eyes for Rasputin, who is portrayed as “ love machine “It would not be wrong to say. Rasputin is known for his fondness for women as well as having a say in the palace. In particular, his relationship with the Tsarina began to be talked about by word of mouth during this period.

It was said that Rasputin was with other women in the palace and even aristocratic women were in line at their door. A teaching he met in one of the monasteries he visited had actually become his lifestyle, and he began to instill this teaching in people and women wherever he went. Women who adopted this view, which argued that people who committed great sins would be closer to God, were with him for the purpose of getting closer to God and partly because of Rasputin’s irresistible charm.

Rasputin was also deeply involved in sex and drinking during this period. It wasn’t long before drinking, sensuality, and days of women began to haunt Russia and the Tsar. Rasputin was loved by the Tsarina even. The Tsarina’s Beloved The fact that it was called as a tsar began to disturb the Tsar.

Rasputin and his prophecies:

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While all this was going on, the First World War had broken out. Rasputin, who had a say in the palace and over the army, said that if the Tsar went to war without the head of the army, Russia would not win the war. It is also said that Rasputin, who prophesied that the end of Russia would be with the people’s revolution, was also pro-German. Rasputin also argued that if Russia joined the war, it would end in disaster. Rasputin’s prophecies Of course, it wasn’t limited to that.

He predicted that the tsar and his family would be massacred by the communists. He even predicted that there would be uprisings in the country and the inevitable collapse of the Soviet Union after its establishment. As a matter of fact, after the war ended in disaster for Russia, Rasputin began to be seen as responsible for the regime whose balance was deteriorated.

He is no longer a priest or a healer, just a as a charlatan He was seen as a man and became a man to be eliminated. Rasputin knew, of course, that he would be killed by his enemies and before January, and he mentioned this in a letter to the Tsar.

Rasputin’s death as strange as himself:

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Rasputin’s death was planned, and Prince Yusupov and his friends were at the head of this plan. The prince invited Rasputin to a dinner at the Yussupov Palace and said that he wanted to discuss an important matter with him. Cyanide was added to the dishes and drinks on the banquet table specially prepared for Rasputin, who accepted the invitation. For Rasputin, who believes that he has supernatural powers, we can say that things are starting to get more interesting here.

While Rapsutin was enjoying the feast, seeing no signs of poisoning, the Prince experienced his first shock there. The prince, who sees Rasputin, who is not even dizzy despite eating so much poison, wants to shoot Rasputin with a gun with the help of his friends. Rasputin, who collapsed to the ground after several bullets fired by the prince, stood up as if nothing had happened and shocked everyone.

Rasputin, who never died, is almost without a bullet. He continues to run, jumps out of the window and is shot again in the garden of the palace. Now presumed dead Rasputin’s body is thrown into the waters of the river. As mentioned in his prophecy, Rasputin was killed by his enemies before January and on December 30.

We can say that his strange death, or rather the fact that he never died, is a part of Rasputin’s interesting and mystical life. So much so that when his lifeless body, which was removed from the river the next day, is examined, water is found in Rasputin’s lungs. In other words, Rasputin, who was understood to be still alive when he was thrown into the river, actually died by drowning, not from bullet wounds. Moreover, the corpse of the priest, who was exhumed after the February Revolution, was burned on the grounds that he had not served his sentence sufficiently.

Final word on Rasputin:

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Despite the fact that Rasputin’s prophecies were hidden from the public, all of his prophecies, which were known and spread from ear to ear, came true one by one, including those related to him. Was Rasputin a charlatan, a magician, or a truly visionary healer; it is still discussed and portrayed differently by many. However, it would not be wrong to say that he left an important and mysterious trace in Russian history for this strange priest, who had a high persuasion ability and was able to impress those around him from the moment he started to tell. The most interesting case about Rasputin is actually the posthumous cut and St. It is his penis on display at the Russian Erotic Museum in St. Petersburg.

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