15 Simple and Realistic Quotes About Life by Anton Chekhov

Emre Ülkem

Emre Ülkem

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One of the first names that come to mind the genre of story is undoubtedly the Russian writer Anton Chekhov. He produced the first and most influential works of this genre with the situation stories he wrote. So much so that situation stories are also called Chekhov style stories.
The stories that Chekhov wrote in 19th century Russia are so lively, simple, realistic and impressive that they inspired many people who lived after him and dealt with different branches of art. In his 44 years of life, Chekhov not only wrote short stories, but also wrote successful plays.

1) “First of all, life has to be passed through a prism. That is to say, just as light is divided into seven primary colors, life must be divided into the simplest elements, each of which must be examined separately.”

2) “I think that thinking people are sensitive and angry in every field. Maybe this is inevitable.”

3) “What did life make us lose while we were chasing the things we considered happiness, our ordinary desires?”

4) “Well. After us, the balloons will fly, the fashion of jackets will change… Maybe they will find and develop the sixth sense. But life, that tormented, that mysterious, happy life will remain the same as before. One thousand years later, one will always sigh like that: He will say, “Oh, how hard it is to live!” and yet, just as now, he will fear death and will not want it.”

5) “I’d rather have real hatred shown to my face than a fake smile made out of looking me in the eyes.”

6) “You show me a heart that doesn’t chase stupid dreams, and I’ll show you a happy person.”

7) “There is no absolute happiness. Every happiness carries a poison within itself or is poisoned by an external poison.”

8) “There is no wall that cannot be overcome.”

9) “The things you ignore when you’re happy hurt when you’re unhappy, because people realize their mistakes when they’re unhappy, not when they’re happy.”

10) “We have to accept the fact that trees can sometimes be empty and wait until they bear fruit.”

11) “Marriage without love is a despicable act like worshiping without belief.”

12) “Everywhere is a desert for anyone who feels lonely.”

13) “You will be as happy as the bond you can establish between the universe you live in.”

14) “Our first resentment towards life begins when we see people we think are next to us.”

15) “I have good and bad news for you. The good news is we’re not dead yet, the bad news is we’re still alive.”

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