Abyssinian Cat: The Smartest Cat Type

Are you ready to meet the world’s smartest cat, the Abyssinian Cat, whose stance is admired and looks very cute with its ears that are quite large for its face?

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Although the history of the Abyssinian Cat breed dates back to ancient times, they live in Ethiopia today. You can also understand that it dates back to ancient times: Pharaoh 2. Ramses asked the Abyssinian king of the period to send these cats to Egypt. The Abyssinian cat is also known as the ancestor of the Somali cat.
It spread all over the world after it was brought to France in 1927. The cat, which has a hunting character, is also known for its passion for high places.

Abyssinian Cat (Abyssinian) Physical Characteristics

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Origin: Egypt

Character: Hunter, Clever, Eneric

Feather Color: Dark Brown , Brown

Body: Weak

Fur Structure: Thin and Shallow

Tail: Long and Thin

Eye Color: Gold, Green, Hazel, Copper

The Abyssinian Cat is a cat that belongs to the category we define as medium size. The male ones can reach up to 5 kilograms, while the female ones reach a maximum of 4.5-5 kilograms. Since they are very active social creatures, they do not easily experience obesity problems. Its body is quite muscular, its legs are small and it has slender paws. It has a delicate appearance due to these thin paws. However, they have evolved to be easily hunted.

Its head is relatively triangular, with a slight curve at the tip of its nose, and when viewed in profile, its chin and nose appear to form a straight line.

Abyssinian Cats mature in a very short time, and as they mature, their coat colors lighten.

Abyssinian Cat Character and Traits

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With Children: 9/10

Intelligence: 10/10

Mobility: 7/10

Need for Maintenance: 2/10

Acting: 8/10

Trainability: 7/10

If you want to have both a hunter and a game-loving cat in your home, you should adopt an Abyssinian Cat. Abyssinian Cats are highly intelligent, playful and friendly. They can also be easily trained. The Abyssinian Cat, who makes good friendships with children, is extremely fond of the family he has and can get along very well with other pets in the house due to his playful nature.

If you have adopted the Abyssinian Cat in your home, if you often see it in front of the window, it is because it is a complete hunter. Abyssinian Cat, which is also a very active cat, is also known for its passion for high places. For this reason, it is useful to check the cabinets when they disappear.

They don’t meow and make a lot of noise, they usually show their interest in you by touching them with their paws.

Perhaps the first thing you should do after adopting is to buy him a very comfortable cat bed. Compared to other cats, it is seen that cats of this breed often prefer cat beds because of their fondness for their comfort.

Caring for the Abyssinian Cat


Since these cats are short-haired, brushing their hair once a week will be enough to collect dead hair and provide skin care. It may be necessary to cut their nails between 10-14 days.

Although it is very difficult to brush their teeth because they are prone to gum diseases, it should definitely be provided. If tooth brushing cannot be done, it may be sufficient to get help from tooth cleaner sticks. When you visit your veterinarian, you should not neglect to have his ears checked. Since the ear structures are large and pointed, their cleaning should be done under the control of a doctor.

Let’s talk about feeding, since Abyssinian cats are a breed prone to hereditary kidney disease, it would be the best decision to consult a veterinarian and get advice while buying food.

This content of ours has been prepared to get to know the Abyssinian Cat closely. But, as always, we do not give up on our motto of “buy and own”. When you decide to share your home with an animal, we humbly recommend that you choose shelters and needy souls on the streets, not animal traders.


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