Our Most Important Habit We Lost Over Time: Spending Time Alone

Arzu Dokuzoğlu

Arzu Dokuzoğlu

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We live in a world where people are always around us in some way, thanks to social media at work, in shopping malls, and on the phone. We cannot be alone because our society tends to label individuals who are lonely, who want to be alone, as terrible, depressed, or unloved. We forgot to enjoy spending time with ourselves in order not to be labeled like that.
When we look at the past, we see that some famous icons that arouse admiration were alone. The feeling of learning alone, exploring your strengths and weaknesses, reviewing your life, being alone with nature, and feeling grateful is invaluable.
Here are 4 activities where you can make your solitude fun and more productive:

1) Turn everything off.

It is obvious that we live in a digital communication world. If you really want to be alone for a while, you’d better not be logged into Twitter and Instagram. Even better, turn off your phone.

2) Reward yourself.

Go to the movies, eat your favorite food or buy yourself an ice cream cone. Time spent alone is not just for reflection, but also for pampering yourself. Pamper yourself with things that will make you feel good and happy!

3) Think about it.

You are alone; a moment to think about what you want, what you do and what you want to do. Silence or calm music may be good for you. Either way, one of the great things about being alone is that it gives you time to think.

4) Change the media.

You don’t always have to do this, but one way to enjoy your alone time is to take a road trip. Spending time alone with familiar faces can be difficult. This is one of the reasons why people go on vacation away from home. Go out and spend some alone time with yourself.

Now that you’ve learned how to make being alone fun and productive, it’s time to learn about its benefits. Here are 5 benefits of embracing being alone:

1) It helps your personal development.

Along with what we’ve learned from self-help books, being alone helps us build ourselves. In this way, we can make plans, see and direct our lives in different directions with critical questions. In order to grow, it is important that you take your life away from your friends, family, colleagues, and evaluate your life correctly.

2) It gives energy.

There are times when we are stressed out by work, family and friends, so being alone is a great way to replenish yourself with extra energy. It would be a great time to be away from the stress of the world, be nice to yourself, get plenty of rest and pursue your hobbies.

3) It increases the value you place on your relationships.

When you get to a point where you like to be alone, it makes you more mindful of your relationships. The more selective you are with the people you let into your life, the easier it is to remove the people who hurt you. Being alone helps you question and evaluate your relationships with others.

4) It increases your self-confidence.

Another great benefit of being alone is that it helps boost your self-confidence and self-esteem. The more alone time you spend with yourself, the more comfortable you will be with your skills, strengths and weaknesses.

5) Strengthens your empathy ability.

What sets you apart from your friends and people you have very close relationships with is your ability to empathize. The findings say the more time you spend alone, the more compassion you can show to a wider range of people.
There is a big difference between wanting to be alone and being alone. Sometimes we suppress our desire to be alone, so as not to be perceived as “lonely” by others. Loneliness is having a desire to communicate with other people but not being able to. It’s a burden you carry with you throughout the day, and it seriously affects everything you do. It makes the whole world seem frustrating. The death of a loved one can lead to loneliness after a while.

On the other hand, the desire to be alone is to deliberately decide to stay away from everyone, and while you shape your life and future, you also enjoy being with yourself.
Taking time to be alone can be a great thing for you. Get away from social media, take time for yourself as much as you spend time with your friends. Give yourself time to relax, analyze your habits, and see how they affect your life.

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