Fat Burning Exercises: Everything for a Healthier Body

Fat-burning exercises are essential for achieving a healthier body. The benefits of the exercise you will do to your body are not limited to losing weight or having a more shapely body. Fat-burning exercises offer you an increased quality of life as well as a regular life. It is a proven fact as a result of scientific studies that it also increases your creativity and critical thinking ability. Of course, in order to see all these benefits, you need to keep up with a regular schedule and adopt it.

fat burning exercises

Doing sports is a big deal for most people, because it seems unusual for people to take time for themselves in the midst of all this hustle and bustle of life. However, you don’t have to spend most of your day on fat-burning exercises. In fact, dedicating a part of your day to yourself will make a great contribution to your physical and mental health. But let’s say you don’t have 2 hours to spare for yourself during the day. No problem!

All it takes is 20 minutes a day for fat burning exercises. So you don’t know how to choose these 20 minutes? You can do this by waking up 20 minutes early on certain days of the week. You can’t imagine how good it will be to activate your body before breakfast. You can also do it right before the shower, and you can have a peaceful sleep by delaying your bedtime for 20 minutes. You will be very surprised when you see how far you have come, even with these little breaks you will take for yourself.


Unfortunately, most of the work nowadays takes place at the desk. With the increase in the method of working from home after the pandemic, people began to become more and more inactive. Get out of bed, go to work, go to bed, stretch the cycle of people’s body and mind is very tiring. It is in your hands to break this cycle and have a healthy, vigorous and at the same time wonderful body.

It is very important to do warm-up exercises before starting fat burning exercises. Thanks to the warm-up movements, both the mind and the body become ready for sports. After warming up, the blood circulation accelerates and therefore the muscles and tendons become ready for sports. Before doing the fat-burning exercises, we give you examples of warm-up exercises so that you can do a short warm-up tour.

Warm-up Exercises

1) Jump Rope – (Jump Rope)

fat burning exercises

You can repeat this movement for 2 minutes, which is perfect for warming up the arms and shoulders.

2) Walk Outs

fat burning exercises

I recommend not skipping this exercise, which is perfect for stretching as well as warming up. Try to stay in the kneeling position, which is the last part of the movement, for at least 3 seconds. You can do the movement in 6 repetitions.

3) Side Lunges

side lunges

One of the movements where balance and breath control should be provided in the best way is side lunges. You can work 25-30 seconds for each leg. When you have difficulty in balance and breathing control or when you feel that there is not enough strength in your legs, you can get strength by placing your hands on your knees.

4) Arm Circles

fat burning exercises

You can relax your arms and shoulders thanks to this arm twisting movement, which is the last of the warm-up exercises you should do before the fat burning exercises. It will be healthier for your arms if you try to draw small circles instead of trying for large circles at the beginning and increase the diameter of the circle as it warms up. You can do a total of 20 repetitions front and back.

Fat Burning Exercises

After the warm-up exercises, you are ready for the fat-burning exercises.

1) Knee Abdominal Pull

fat burning exercises

  • Press your stationary foot firmly into the ground to maintain your balance.
  • Hold your knee for 3 seconds, release gently, and then switch sides.
  • Your back should always be in an upright position.
  • Try to concentrate on the accuracy of the movement, not the speed.
  • Do not forget to tighten your hip and abdominal muscles.
  • Repeat for 1 minute.

You can do it in 3 sets.

2) Quadriceps Stretch

Quadriceps Stretch

  • Gently pull your leg upwards without forcing it.
  • Make sure your knee is pointing down!
  • Try to keep each leg elevated for 5 seconds.
  • Keep your balance.

You can do it in 2 sets.

3) Walk Outs

Walk Outs

It is a walking motion on the hands.

  • Stretch your arms over your head. Then bend forward from your hips to bring your body into a plank position. Try to stay in this position for a while.
  • When standing up, try to get up by placing your vertebrae one at a time, not suddenly.
  • Repeat for 60 seconds.

You can do it in 2 sets.

4) YTW

fat burning exercises

It is one of the most effective exercises among the fat burning exercises.

  • Open your legs at shoulder width.
  • Maintain an upright posture.
  • Try to make the letters Y, T and W with your hands and arms, squeezing your back and stomach, respectively.
  • Try to move only your shoulders, not your waist.
  • Keep your body still.

You can do it in sets of 4.

5) Side Lunge

side lunge

  • Place your hands on your waist and hold a stable position.
  • Spread your legs shoulder-width apart and maintain an upright stance.
  • Take a big step to the side and bend down so that the top of your moving leg is parallel to the floor. At this time, you should feel a burning sensation on the inside of your stable leg. If you don’t feel it, you can try to take a bigger step.
  • Take power from the ground as you return to your original position.

You can do it in 3 sets.

6) Fast Walk Sideways

fast walking sideways

  • Bend your knees and open your legs.
  • Keep your palms together at chest level.
  • If you have enough space, take 2-3 steps to the side.
  • Jump slightly as you take your steps, but make sure you don’t go too high or too low.

You can do it in 2 sets.

7) Reverse Lunge

reverse lunge

  • Keep your feet close together.
  • Position your hands on your waist.
  • Take a big step back and bring your knee closer to the floor. In this position, there should be about 3-4 inches between your knee and the ground.
  • Be careful not to let your knee touch the ground. Thus, thanks to your knee, you will not be getting power from the ground.
  • Avoid sudden movements during take-off, be careful not to strain your knees.
  • Take strength from the heel of your standing leg during take-off. So you can get up more easily.
  • Do the move for 60 seconds on both legs.

You can do it in 3 sets.


8) Push-ups


  • Place your hands on the ground shoulder-width apart.
  • Position your elbows to point toward your feet, not outward.
  • Bend down so that you form a straight line from your neck to your legs.
  • Get into plank position with support from your palms.

9) Plank


  • Lie on the ground. Position your body so that your elbows are at shoulder level.
  • Do not force yourself to raise your head up, it will only tire your neck.
  • Get into the position where your hips and back are straight.
  • Tighten your abdomen and buttocks.
  • If you want to strengthen the movement, you can slightly raise your legs in a row. But be careful not to raise your hips during this leg lift.
  • You should stand still, as if holding an object on your back.
  • Although it is one of the most tiring exercises that burn fat, plank is an indispensable exercise not only for your abdomen, but also for your entire body.

You can do it in 2 sets.

10) Squats

fat burning exercises

  • It is a very efficient exercise that you can do using your body weight.
  • Spread your legs shoulder-width apart and bring your body into an upright position.
  • If you wish, you can extend your arms forward to keep your balance. In this process, it will be easier for you to have your hands pointing towards the ground.
  • Get into a sitting position with your body back.
  • Bend down so that the tops of your legs are parallel to the floor. Going down further can strain your knees.
  • Be careful not to pinch your neck and keep your head still.
  • You can repeat the movement for 1 minute.

You can do it in 3 sets.

11) Burpees

fat burning exercises

  • Welcome to one of the workouts where you need to best control your breathing among the fat burning exercises.
  • Hop upward with your hands in the air.
  • Then place your hands on the ground at shoulder level and kick your legs back as far as possible.
  • Hop your legs over your shoulders to rise again and stand up.
  • If this exercise is difficult for you, you can do calm movements instead of big jumps. The important thing is that you never stop.
  • You can repeat the movement for 30 seconds.
  • Don’t forget to protect your strength!

You can do it in 2 sets.

12) Mountaineer Climb

Mountain climbing

  • As the name suggests, it is an exercise that requires a lot of effort.
  • Place your hands at shoulder level.
  • Once in a high plank position, take turns pulling your knees towards your chest.
  • Just bring your knees to the level of your hips.
  • Do not forget to tighten your abdomen during exercise.
  • Make sure your back is straight.
  • The important thing is not your speed, but the fact that you are doing the movement correctly, remember this and concentrate on your movements.
  • You can repeat for 40 seconds.

You can do it in 3 sets.

13) Gathering Power

fat burning exercises

  • Stand for 1 minute.
  • Get your breathing in order.

You can relax your body by lying down calmly on the floor. I hope you will successfully complete this workout full of fat burning exercises. In addition to all these exercises, there are also changes you can make to increase your fat burning.
By increasing your fiber consumption, you can strengthen your feeling of fullness, so you can control your weight more easily.
You can create a calorie deficit to increase your fat burning. Reducing your alcohol consumption rate will be one of the best decisions you will make in this process.

Regular sleep and regular water consumption will provide you with great convenience when provided with fat burning exercises.
A meal containing protein and carbohydrates together within 30 minutes after completing your exercises will do you good.

Your body deserves to be treated well, keep that in mind.

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